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  • Merry Christmas!

    Published 16/12/16

    Twas the night before Christmas and at Langrish school,

    Mrs Elrick was still busy cleaning the pool.

    Mrs Wright and Miss Flack are all set to jump in,

    Just the moment the whole thing’s been refilled with gin.

    Miss Rhodes and Mrs Rigden are feeling quite faint,

    In a Year R explosion of glitter and paint.

    All the glue and the glitz-spattered walls surely mean,

    The last lesson was resourced and planned by Mrs Kean.

    Mrs S and Mr Hancox are in quite a flap,

    As they try to stick back up their giant World map.

    They’ve been banned from the ladder but now look quite mad,

    As they attempt it by trampoline (like the John Lewis ad).

    But look out the window!  Something just flew right by!

    Could it be Santa’s sleigh as he glides through the sky?

    With his sleigh bells a-jingling and presents all wrapped?

    No, it’s Miss Fiers’ laptop – she’s finally snapped.

    Along in year six there’s a strange sight to see.

    A duvet, a camp bed, a portable TV.

    “Why is Miss Jones in hiding?” I hear you all cry.

    Three daughters…at Christmas!  Oh, now I see why!

    Now Mandy and Caro are still getting emails,

    (They can’t take time off or the whole system derails).

    With such a full inbox, how will they get through it?

    Another mug each of mulled wine ought to do it.

    Across in year five a loud noise makes me jump,

    There’s a crash and a crunch and a whack and a thump.

    I peep through the door and there Mrs Jones sits,

    With a mallet, smashing gingerbread houses to bits.

    Down outside year two there’s a blue flashing light,

    Mrs Pruden’s got fake wings and is dressed in pure white,

    Being dragged off by two burly ambulance men,

    Screaming “WHOOPS-A-DAISY!!!!” over and over again.

    So as Miss Andrews and Mrs Baigent both snore,

    Still drunk from the Christmas do one week before,

    From us all here at Langrish and, of course, Mrs Wright,

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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  • Dance Showcase

    Published 09/12/16

    Thank you for coming to see our Dance Showcase this afternoon. For those who were unable to attend, here's a taste of what you missed! The children proudly showed off their PE learning from this half term in dances ranging from 'Banana, Banana, Meatball' to Street Dance.




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  • Santa Spotted at Langrish!

    Published 02/12/16

    Father Christmas swung by earlier this week to drop off the Langrish elf! Watch his flight here



    and see the Year R class page to see wht the elf's been up to since his arrival.

    Santa was keen to check out the parking situation for his sleigh and the toilet facilities for the reindeer - please ensure bays are left unobstructed for his imminent arrival and mind your footing on the school grounds in case of reindeer droppings.

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  • Phonics success puts us in top 3% of Primary Schools

    Published 04/11/16

    We were delighted to receive a letter of recognition from Nick Gibb (Secretary of State for School Standards) this week commending our school community for their achievements in the annual Year 1 Phonics Test. Congratulations to all involved for their hard work.

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  • Harvest Festival

    Published 14/10/16

    Thank you for joining us this week to celebrate Harvest. The children enjoyed sharing their performances with you and, with the help of Helen Mason, all of the wonderful shoeboxes have now been delivered to those in need in Petersfield and Portsmouth.

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  • Mayor's Visit

    Published 15/06/16

    Petersfield Mayor opens our new Year R outdoor learning environment.

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  • Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday!

    Published 10/06/16

    We've had a great day celebrating the Queen's official birthday!

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  • Enterprise Fayre

    Published 18/07/17

    Come and join us from 1.30pm this Friday afternoon for our school enterprise fayre!

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  • Charity Day 2017

    Published 10/07/17

    Langrish pupils raised £403.77 during their Charity Day which was in aid of Shine.

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  • Rights Respecting Award

    Published 11/05/17

    Congratulations to all of the pupils and adults of Langrish Primary School on achieving the Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award!

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  • Langrish Netball Success!

    Published 31/03/17

    Congratulations to our 'High 5' netball team who played Buriton this week and won their two matches convincingly. The squad worked with super sportsmanship and organisation, making Ms Fiers incredibly proud.

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  • Wear your  Spots for Children in Need

    Published 18/11/16

    On Friday 18th November, children and staff came to school looking a little different; the place was awash with spots to raise money for BBC Children in Need. Thanks to all of our parents who supported us with this, staying up late to sew and paint their children's spots - the kids looked great and we raised £272 for this great cause!

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