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Year 1

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Mr Hancox, Mrs Slusarczyk and Mrs Thompson

Welcome to the Year 1 class page. Look around for half termly overviews of our curriculum coverage and updates on what Year 1 have been up to recently, including details on our current learning.

Home learning for Friday 17th November 2017

The Langrish maths bags are full of fabulous resources for honing the children's maths skills alongside a booklet of ideas about how best to use them.  The bags cost £12.50 each to put together, so if you'd like to keep it beyond the end of Year 1 please see the office about making a payment.  If you don't wish to buy the maths bag, simply use it for this year then hand it back with all its contents intact at the end of the summer term.  We hope you enjoy exploring all the activities and resources.

Continue to read daily, including any reading that counts towards this term's Reading Challenge.  Completing the challenge will earn 25 house points!  To help with the book review element of this term's challenge, there's a simple book review template attached to the bottom of this page.

Phonics this week concentrated on the sounds er (her / term), ai (rain / paid) and ng (song / ring), as well as the tricky words, writing simple picture captions and exploring the concept of syllables .  It would help to practise reading, writing and recognising these words in a variety of contexts.  Some tricky words flash cards will be coming home soon but there's also a list of them attached at the bottom of this page.

We've been learning about position and movement this week including clockwise and anticlockwise, and quarter, half and three-quarter turns.  This Turning Man activity will help to reinforce the terminology around this subject but I'm sure you'll also find plenty of real-life opportunities to discuss position and movement with your child.

You can also explore Purple Mash for maths games or Serial Mash and Oxford Owl for extra reading.  The children's home learning books can be used to record any work you choose to do.

P.E. Days

Tuesday: Dance (indoors) for which the children will only need a T-shirt and shorts.

Wednesday: Games (outdoors if weather permits, otherwise in the hall) for which children will need a T-Shirt, shorts and outdoor trainers.  They will also need dark coloured jogging bottoms and a hoodie as the weather gets colder.

Please ensure children have the correct kit so they can be safe and comfortable in both environments.

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to everybody who attended the most recent Meet the Teacher afternoon.  One of the main topics we discussed was safeguarding and in particular the importance of keeping children safe when using the internet.  You can visit the safeguarding section of our school website by clicking here and get more information and advice on internet safety via the CEOP thinkuknow website.

Week 10 - Anti-bullying week, jolly hockey sticks and computational thinking

It was anti-bullying week this week, which is particularly important to Langrish as a Rights Respecting school because Article 19 of the UNCRC states that children have "the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, in body or mind".

The children all took part in a drama workshop, where Laura from Perform taught them all about being confident in themselves and using their voice and body language in a positive way.

We then looked at this year's anti-bullying  theme of 'Different but Equal' by celebrating our differences and comparing ourselves to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - all individual but each a vital part of a bigger picture.

Can your child explain to you what bullying is and what they can do if they see or experience it?

In P.E. we've been practising our hockey skills out in the playground.

We started with the basics of holding the hockey sticks correctly, and soon moved on to controlling, dribbling and passing the ball between partners.

Finally, we had some relay races in which the children had to dribble the ball between cones before passing to the next player in their team.

The children have loved learning these skills and get very competitive during the relay races!



You don't need computers to teach ICT, and to prove it the children were exercising their computational thinking skills this week with some puzzles and problems.

They required the children to use strategies such as breaking problems down, thinking through logical sequences and debugging algorithms.

The class worked together in groups and really enjoyed the challenge of solving these problems before sharing their solutions with the rest of the class to see if they agreed.

Ask your child which problem they solved and how they came to the solution.


Week 9 - Polar puzzles, paper plates and Christmas cards

This week, we were trying to work out why the Polar regions are so cold.

Using the incredibly hi-tech combination of an inflatable globe, a shoelace and a hair dryer, we were able to demonstrate the way in which heat energy from the sun reaches the Earth.

We learnt about direct and indirect sunlight, and all of the children got to hold the whole World in their hands and explore which areas were warmest and which were the coolest.

Can your child explain what they learnt from the experiment?  Maybe you could even try it yourself at home.




Christmas came early this week when the FoLS brought in this year's Chrismas card designs for us to paint.

The children loved making their Christmas stars as colourful as possible and can't wait to see what they look like when they're printed up as cards.

We even had some Christmas music on and a crackling fire blazing away on the big screen to get us fully into a festive mood.

You'll soon be able to order Christmas cards featuring your child's design so look out for more details coming home soon.



In maths, we continued our learning around shape and position through a range of activities including 3D shape sorting and the paper plate challenge.

In the sorting activity, children had to place as many 3D shapes as they could into the correct trays based o how many faces they had.

They also took on the paper plate challenge, cracking the secret code words by turing the pointers clockwise or anti-clockwise by a quarter, a half or three quarters.

Can your child remember which words they managed to decode?  What ways of practising clockwise and anti-clockwise turns can you think of at home?


Week 8 - Super shapes, spooky tales and show-and-tell

In maths this week, we've been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

The children have been exploring the names and properties of many different shapes through a variety of tasks and activities.  These have ranged from making shape dinosaurs and building shapes out of straws and lollipop sticks, to using a Beebot shape mat and solving a shape-based word search.

We also went on a shape hunt around the school to see which shapes we could find in our everyday environment.

Which 2D and 3D shapes can you and your child spot around the house?

With Halloween on Wednesday, our writing took a spooky turn this week when we wrote our own creepy tales.

First, we went into the copse to read 'A Dark, Dark Tale', and even found a dark, dark box hidden in the leaves with some mysterious contents!

Inspired by that, we then wrote our own versions of 'A Dark, Dark Tale', with settings ranging from vile villages and terrifying towns to a spooky schools and creepy classrooms.

We had a great time being storyteller, authors and illustrators, so why not ask your child if they can tell you their spooky story...but don't have nightmares!

Reading 'A Dark, Dark Tale' in the copse.


Though not in the official timetable, children are welcome to bring items in for show-and-tell which we takes place - time permitting - at the end of the day.

It can be anything from some home learning the children are particularly proud of to something interesting they've found in the garden.

This week, we've been treated to some stories the children had written together, a bird's nest one child found at her house, and a performance by two girls who've been learning the ukulele.

It's a great way for the children to build their confidence, share their interests and exhibit work or talents their particularly proud of.


Week 7 - R.E., weather presenters and making tornadoes

Our R.E. unit this half term was all about the concept of God.

It's a big subject for little children, so after sharing and discussing our own individual ideas of what God means to us, we were lucky enough to have the Reverend Ball pop in to answer any questions the children had about the Christian idea of God.

Later on, we compared the Christian concept of God to that of the Hindu faith, learning about many of the different Hindu gods and what they represent.

Which of the Hindu gods does your child remember?

English, Geography and our weather topic combined this week as we wrote and performed our own UK weather forecasts.

The children not only had to point out England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on a map, they also had to explain what the weather would be like in each part of the UK.

The story map we created together helps them remember what each sentence will say - can your child use the story map to read you their weather forecast?

Talking of the weather, we were also learning about extreme weather conditions as part of our 'Weather Around the World' topic this week.

We heard about floods, drought, heatwaves and blizzards, as well as hurricanes and tornados.

We even created a tornado in a jar with just some water, a squirt of washing up liquid and lots of vigorous swishing!

Maybe you and your child can try this experiment at home and make your own tornado.

Week 6 -Firefighters, Diwali dancers and making rainbows

We’ve had lots of visitors in Year 1 this week.

On Monday, the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service caused great excitement by bringing a fire engine to school for us to look at!

We got to sit inside, switch on the blue lights and sirens, and even squirted the hose to put out a make-believe fire.

As well as showing us around their fire engine, they also taught us all about how to stay safe both at home and when we’re crossing the road.

Can your child remember any of the rhymes we learnt to help us stay safe?


On Wednesday, West End in Schools came to Langrish and gave us a Diwali dance workshop.

We heard the story of Rama and Sita before splitting into groups and retelling the story through drama and traditional dance.

The children loved playing their different roles and really got into the story.

Can your child remember the story of Rama and Sita or which roles they played?  Maybe they can teach you some of the dance moves they learnt.






As part of our weather topic, we were learning about rainbows this week.

We talked about when rainbows can appear and how the raindrops split white light into the seven different colours we can see in a rainbow.

We also created our own rainbow in the classroom by spraying a fine mist of water into the sunlight coming through the window – can you see it in the picture?

Ask your child about the weather conditions that can cause a rainbow.  Can they remember the seven different colours that make one up?



Week 5 - Harvest assembly, handsome hedgehogs and programming Beebots

Thank you to everybody who came along to our Harvest Festival assembly this week.

It was wonderful to see so many people there and also to see the number of donations that were brought in for the Petersfield Food Bank.

We shared our favourite fruits and vegetables, read some Harvest acrostic poems, told the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' and shook our bushy tails to 'The Grey Squirrel Song'!

It was a lovely opportunity so share our learning about the Harvest Festival and we hope you enjoyed watching our assembly as much as we enjoyed performing it!


In ICT we're learning about lists of instructions - algorithms - and how they can be used to program simple devices such as Beebots.

The children created their own Beebot worlds - including a home, a school and a park - before undertaking a series of challenges, programming their Beebots to travel to and from different points within their Beebot worlds.

If their routes don't work first time, the children have to work out where their algorithm went wrong and debug their program.

If your child is enjoying programming the Beebots, why not try downoading the free Beebot app.  That way they can practise their programming skills at home and try lots of different challenges.


As well as all our English work around the Harvest Festival we also got crafty, creating these handsome hedgehogs out of salt dough and decorating them with eyes, noses and prickly spines.

They came in all shapes and sizes as the children were encouraged to get messy and try different materials in order to create their own, individual hedgehog.

Look out for hedgehogs in your garden at this time of year and ask the children if they can remember any of the hedgehog facts they learnt as they were making their creations.




Week 4 - Experiencing autumn, e-safety and building our maths skills

We were writing about autumn this week, so we started off by going outside to experience the season first hand.

The children had to make a note of what they could see, hear, feel and smell now that the days are getting colder and the evenings are getting darker.

We then wrote about what autumn means to us, with ideas ranging from picking and eating juicy blackberries to skipping our way through piles of fallen leaves.

What's your child's favourite feature of autumn?




We met Smartie the Penguin this week who helped us learn about using the internet safely.

We talked about how to stay safe when we're online and the children came up with some simple rules to follow which we put into our Year 1 E-Safety Charter.

The charter is attached to the bottom of this page and will also be coming home with the children this week.


In maths this week, the children were given a number of challenges to practise their counting in twos.

They had to build their own two times table out of LEGO (and take a photograph of it); programme a Beebot to travel to the correct doubled dice answer; and match up the pairs of shoes to the correct number card.

We were also learning about odd and even numbers, and there's a particular way of telling if a number is odd or even using Numicon - can your child explain how to do it?





Week 3 - Keeping active, planting beans and meeting the Big Bad Wolf

We started our science work on plants this week by learning about what they need in order to grow.

Hearing all about it is one thing but we decided to investigate for ourselves by growing our own beans in the classroom.

We'll be keeping an eye on them over the next few weeks and recording their progress in our bean diaries.

Ask your child what they did in order to grow their own bean and what their bean will need over the next few weeks so it can thrive.





We never sit still for long in Year 1 and find any excuse to get up and get moving.

From dance routines between lessons to story-based yoga sessions in the classroom to impromptu conga lines during music lessons (this week to 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' by Will Smith), the children love being active and we're keen to encourage that as much as we can.

Which is your child's favourite song to dance to?  And what do they really think of their teacher's dancing?




In English this week, we heard the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and used it as an opportunity to go on an adjective hunt in the copse.

The children had to find adjectives written on sticky notes and stick them on to whichever character they thought they applied to.

Later on, the Big Bad Wolf sent a text explaining he'd changed his ways, become a vegetarian and wanted the chance to convince the children he wasn't that bad at all any more.

Did your child believe the Big Bad / Good Wolf?  What adjectives would they use to describe him now?






Week 2 - Place value, knowing our rights and an enormous crocodile!


In maths this week, we were learning about place value - which digits in any given number represent tens or ones - and identifying one more or one less than any given number.

We were also practising our counting by building Lego towers and making play-dough teeth for The Enormous Crocodile, and solving number sequences by filling in the missing numbers.

Ask your child which activities they enjoyed the most this week.







As a Rights Respecting school it's important that the children are involved in creating their class charter, containing the rights they think are most important to them.

We discussed the most relevant articles on the Unicef Convention on the Rights of the Child and drew some pictures to illustrate the ones we thought were most important before choosing which ones we thought should go on our charter.

You can see which ones we chose to include in our class charter attached at the bottom of this page.



It was Roald Dahl day on Wednesday and we celebrated by having a week of activities based around 'The Enormous Crocodile'.  We even had a visit from the Enormous Crocodile himself which sparked numerous sightings around the school!

We came up with lots of different adjectives to describe the characters and even wrote a new ending for the story which was much kinder to Enormous Crocodile than the original ending which sees him sizzle up like a sausage.

The children talked about which Roald Dahl stories they loved and we even listened to a clip of the man himself being interviewed by some primary school pupils.

Can your child remember any of the Enormous Crocodile's secret plans and clever tricks?




The Enormous Crocodile visiting the classroom!

(Don't worry - he turned out to be very friendly and only wanted to eat our left-over fruit!)




Week 1 - Welcome Back!

Welcome  back!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday with plenty of fun and relaxation.  Year 1 have spent this week settling into their new classroom and, as you can see, have made themselves very much at home!

We've got plenty of exciting things planned for the coming year so keep watching our weekly website updates to see what we've been up to.


Curriculum overviews can be viewed below by clicking on the attachments.

Our Awards

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  • Music Mark
  • Offsted
  • RRSA Level 1
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