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Year 4

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Miss Coston & Mrs McCulloch


Friday 22nd September:


This week we have continued our work on place value by focusing on the value of all the digits in a 4 digit number. We have practised partitioning 4 digit numbers in to thousands, hundreds, tens and units. For a potential Home Learning Task, follow the link to an Online Partitioning Game that will test their knowledge of place value. We have also started work on estimating where numbers should be placed on a number line up to 10,000. Your child could create some number lines to 10,000, you can give them a number and they could estimate where it should be placed!


Our work on the video ‘Taking Flight’ concluded this week with the children finishing, editing and improving their work. Each child has been given a target based on this piece of writing and now it’s time to do it all over again! The children will be writing another narrative based on a photograph next week with their target in mind. This week has been spent getting in to the minds of their characters and planning their stories. I am very much looking forward to reading their adventure stories 'Through the Door’. Our primary focus this week has been on editing and improving pieces of writing for punctuation and vocabulary choice. This week, I have given the children a short piece of text to take home and they can edit and improve it if they would like to practise for Home Learning.

Picture stimulus we have used for our writing.
Stimulus for our writing this week - 'Through the Door'

Times Tables:

As some of you may already know, by the end of Year 4 children are expected to know all of their times tables. We have already started practising these in class with activities such as loop cards and quick fire recall. Practising these at home will be beneficial for children when we come to assess their progress. All children will learn these in different ways so you could try oral recall of times tables, writing them down to establish any patterns or playing a game this will enhance this learning. Use this link to take you to ‘Hit the Button’, a quick fire times table game.


Our spelling focus this week is taken from the Year 3/4 spelling list. Words have been chosen that have been noticed as ​being commonly misspelt in the children’s work (peculiar, particular, sentence, minute and separate). We talked through strategies to practise spellings such as to pyramid writing, rainbow writing or Look Cover Write Check. See our display below and your child may want to show you some of these spelling strategies as part of their Home Learning!



The children also finished the week by starting their gymnastics unit. Mrs Pruden has been teaching the children stretching, tucking and balancing and how to do so successfully. The children all enjoyed their session and it looks as if they are showing their skills as gymnasts in the making!