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Year 5

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Mrs Jones

Home Learning 14.7.17

Our theme of the week has been 'Confidence'.


Keep working at your Bookopoly; the deadline for completed cards is Wednesday. Remember, listening to someone else read, including audio books, can also contribute to your Bookopoly chart.

This week we had an assembly by the Library Service introducing this year's Summer Reading Challenge. Why don't you head off to the local library and register?


We have started to learn about Measure by looking at how to convert between different metric units of length (kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres) and have also touched on imperial units of length too. When are metric and imperial units used in everyday life? Do you notice any pattern? Why is it important that we learn about units of measure?

Preparing for next year

What are your expectations for Year 6? How will it be different? How are you prepared for life in Year 6?

PE reminder

Our swimming lessons this half term are on Tuesdays so please bring swimming kit to school. Please ensure that you have both indoor and outdoor PE kit in school on Thursdays (weather allowing we will go outside but if there is heavy rain we will be in the hall).

Winchester Science Centre

Year 5 had a fantastic day out last Friday. There are many super photos which will be on display at the Open Evening on Monday 17th July.




Mindball champion

The Visitors!

During our English lessons we have studied the poem The Visitor by Ian Serraillier. The children read the poem to the point where the husband puts the skeleton's ring onto his wife's finger. Afterwards, they used improvisation to explolre what might happen next!


Can you find any other poems by the same poet? How do they compare to The Visitor?

Does The Visitor remind you of any other stories or poems that you have read?







Guided reading

This week in Guided Reading we have been listening to the winners from the Radio 2 500 words competition. Afterwards, we wrote about the using these questions as prompts. The top fifty stories are avaible on the Radio 2 website for you to listen to. Which is your favourite and why?




Amazing Amazon topic

The shoebox rainforests are flooding in and it's clear that everyone has given lots of thought to the project. Well done!

Here is one example in case you haven't started yet and need some inspiration.



We have learned about about how to draw 2D representations of 3D shapes.

Can you make the 3D shapes ( using Lego or coloured blocks) that are represented by these 2D perspectives?




As we came to the end of our topic Animals including Humans, the children were given a suggested home learning task to produce a poster explaining the changes that happen during old age. We had some fantastic work produced, well done. Here is just one example.




Golden Mile

As part of our commitment to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, the whole school is taking part in the Golden Mile initiative from Monday!  This involves children walking, jogging or running around a pre-set course and each of their completed laps being logged and recorded.  The children will be able to keep track of how many laps they've completed individually as well as seeing how their laps have contributed to our overall school total.

Children will need their outdoor P.E. trainers to take part, and Year 5 will have the opportunity to do their laps during morning break on Wednesdays and Thursdays and lunchtime break on Fridays.

Class Assembly

The children devised, planned, prepared and rehearsed their fabulous class assembly this week. Congratulations to you all. Thank you to the parents who came along to watch and for those who couldn't make it, here are a few photos.











We are continuing to develop our understanding of main and subordinate clauses and, in particular, how we can combine them to make complex sentences.

Here is an example of a quick activity that the children completed. They were asked to match up the clauses to make complex sentences. Ask them to explain the activity to you.

Science As part of the Animals Including Humans topic, we have been learning about changes that happen during old age. Make a poster to explain these changes. After a class discussion, the children identified the success criteria for this activity.

  • Use your English skills
  • Pictures and captions or labels
  • Facts (including mythbusters)
  • Title/headings
  • Show understanding of the changes


The new Bookopoly challenge has been launched and we would strongly encourage all children to have a go as it is linked to the Book Trust's top recommended books for 9-11 year olds. While there are a number of familiar titles on the list, we hope this helps those struggling for ideas to select some modern classics they may not yet have met.

Marvellous Maths

On alternate Fridays we carry out investigations, in pairs or groups, into a particular area of maths. This might be to review an aspect of learning from earlier in the year, reinforce current learning or prepare the children for something to come. Today we investigated the interior angles of polygons. Some children investigated which polygons can be drawn on a grid made of equilateral triangles (using their knowledge of the angles and side lengths of particular shapes). Others investigated the link between the number of sides a shape has and its total interior angles.

This shape proved to be an exception to our rule. Can you work out why? (We haven't been able to yet!)












We worked out that the total of the interior angles is equal to the number of sides minus two multiplied by 180. We worked this out by investigating the minimum number of triangles that fit into each shape.





Last week we attempted to make plant prints on fabric although we encountered quite a few challenges!

Hebe had another go at home and produced this gorgeous tea-towel. Why don't you have another try?









Year 5 had a fabulous time taking part in the first of the cricket coaching sessions which will continue for the rest of this half term.






Day or Night?

In Science we have been investigating why we have day and night.













Sports Day at TPS

Year 5 took part in a sports event at The Petersfield School. All the children participated brilliantly in teams with children from other local schools. As always, they were fantastic representatives of Langrish School. Well done!

For more photos see the Gallery.



Petersfield Music Festival

The children had a fabulous time singing in the choir and performing in the orchestra at the youth concerts. They were superb ambassadors for the school! Thank you to parents for supporting them with this very valuable experience.


Rights Respecting Schools Award Class Charter Competition

Following the home learning competition, I am pleased to announce that the winning class charter was produced by Max. Congratulations! His new charter is attached below and will be displayed in the classroom.

Maths peer teaching

As our work on fractions drew to a close, the pupils worked in groups to try to fill in the gaps in their learning. Thank you to the expert learners who did a great job of teaching for the lesson. We are now learning about decimal numbers.


World Book Day activities

We have looked in more detail at the books highlighted in the West End production on Tuesday. We focussed on the themes within each book and researched and shared book titles with similar themes.

A Child of Books- theme 'Imagination'
Huge Bag of Worries - theme 'Face your fears'
The Darkest Dark - theme 'Dreams come true'

Darkmouth - theme 'Courage'








We have been learning about how to make stretched and tucked shapes in gymnastics (standing stretch, back tuck, shoulder tuck, front support, dish, back arch, front arch and squat). Practise these shapes at home to improve core muscle strength.









In our Science topic Forces, we have been investigating the effects of air resistance and water resistance.


Class Assembly

Year 5 pupils did an amazing job of performing their poems which they had practised and rehearsed at home. Thank you  parents for supporting them with this and being a fabulous audience too!


Performing our poems

May the force be with Year 5

As part of our Forces topic, we have been learning about the effects of gravity and the difference between gravity and mass.

Archaeological dig

We have kicked off our History topic by digging for artefacts in the Indus Valley and explaining what the relics tell us about the ancient civilisation. What do you think we may have found? 

Cheeky monkeys!

Last week in Art we made clay monkeys after being inspired by the animals in the paintings of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

New PE days

From January, our PE days will be Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that indoor and outdoor kit is in school on these days including our first day back, Wednesday 4th January.

Gingerbread designs

We had a fabulous time designing, constructing and decorating gingerbread houses, boats, trains and trees this week. Visit the Gallery to see more photos.


Immigration presentations

It was fascinating to hear all about the children's research into immigration. They covered diverse topics and were all presented really effectively. To view more images please visit the Gallery.


Separating Mixtures

As part of our Science topic, Materials, we have been investigating how to separate out different substances within mixtures. Visit the gallery to view more photos.





Science Solutions

Go to the Gallery to view some pictures of the children investigating dissolving. You could investigate which substances dissolve at home.


What success means to us

These are the class' ideas about success.

Pizza Express visit

Twisting away to our new dance topic.

Year 5 spent a fabulous morning at Pizza Express, Petersfield. For more images and information, click on the photo to visit our gallery.

Behaviour Charter

Year 5 discussed the UNICEF Rights of the Child. The class then created, through discussion, our own behaviour charter linked to some of the articles in the UNICEF document. The class charter is attached below for you to see.

Autumn Term Meet the Teacher

It was lovely to meet you all during our first 'Meet the Teacher' of the year. For those of you who were unable to join us please find a quick summary below of the main points:

  • Tour of the Classroom - how the learning environment has been designed to support your children's learning and independence, including the creation of 'Class Charters' based around the Rights of the Child
  • Housepoint update - clarification of the new housepoint charter as outlined in the Pupil Passports at the end of last term
  • Changes to class website page
  • Bookopoly - new challenge sheet out Friday 16th September, please check book bags or click the link
  • Headlice - Please notify the office of any cases
  • Autumn Curriculum overview discussed - see below

Curriculum overviews can be viewed below by clicking on the attachments below.

Our Awards

  • Arts Council
  • Sing Up
  • Offsted
  • Music Mark
  • School Games
  • RRSA Level 1