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Year 6

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Miss Jones & Mrs Elrick

Friday 14th July

Charity Day was a great success on Monday with the children raising in excess of £400 for Shine. Thank you for all of your support with this, click the photo below to see more pictures of the stalls in action!

Just a reminder that Wednesday is the deadline for this term's Bookopoly challenge. Please ensure any completed cards are submitted on time to ensure your 25 housepoints count towards final totals and certificates.

Don't forget we have an Open Evening on Monday 17th July when you will be able to look at: classroom displays; examples of some of our recent work; a slideshow of photos taken throughout the year and much more.

We will have our dress rehearsal on Monday so would appreciate any final costumes are in for this. Remember, on Wednesday the children will need to be back in school between 5.15 and 5.30pm to give them time to prepare for a 6pm start. The performance is expected to last approximately  one hour and a half.

Next week is Enterprise Week which culminates in an Enterprise Fayre on Friday 21st July. We hope to see many of you during the afternoon to visit the various stalls and see what we've been up to.

Friday 7th July

We had a fabulous week at Osmington Bay last week, if you haven't already done so, click on the photo below to take a look at our gallery!

SATs results arrived back in school this week and we are all incredibly proud of the children for their excellent efforts and super results, look out for full end of year reports in bags tonight

We have been rehearsing hard this week and beginning to make our props, no more scripts will be allowed during rehearsals from Monday so any extra support with learning lines this weekend would be much appreciated. Letters regarding costumes and ticket requests went out this week so if you haven't received these, please shake your child or come and see the office.

The children have been busy preparing their Charity Day fair for Monday. Congratulations to Freja, Pheobe and Mia whose chosen chairity, Shine, was voted as the worthy recipient of the fundraising. Please do come and join us from 8.30 on Monday morning to visit the stalls and support your children.

Friday 23rd June

We've started thinking about Charity Day this week with the children planning and creating their presentations to persuade the school to support the charity of their choice. We will be giving these presentations and voting for the charity on Monday 3rd July so make sure you have everything prepared by then. Charity Day will then be on Friday 7th so get thinking of ideas for your stall and gathering any necessary resources ready for the first week back from Osmington.

Year 3 enjoyed learning how to play draughts with us this afternoon, now we're all ready for the up-coming tournament!








Congratulations to our mathmaticains who attended the Primary Maths Challenge at Horndean College today.

Get packing and we look forward to seeing you on Monday morning for our residentai visit - check back regularly for updates next week!

Friday 16th June


Proud winners!

What a great afternoon of competing we've had today, thank you to everyone who came along and supported us for Sports Day.

We have had a great week getting messy with paper mache modelling and beginning to stage our performance of Robin Hood. Keep learning lines at home for Home Learning and practising your scenes, remember you need to know when to come on and off as well as when to speak!

On Thursday, it was interesting to meet David Fuller, the author, who told us how he became a writer and talked about his inspiration. We are continuing to write our own versions of the Jolly Postman, which we will finish next week, turning them into completed books too.

Friday 9th June

Pupil questionaires have been sent home this week. For home learning, please take some time to reflect on the year and complete this, returning it to school by next Thursday.

We were delighted to get into the pool for the first time this season on Wednesday! Keep the kits in school for next week please.

General Election

General election on the left, Year 6 perspective on the right

This week we have been following the General Election closely, looking at the main parties' manifestoes and carrying out a mock-election in class to see who we would support. We then used the results of our own ballot and the real results from Thursday to create pie and bar charts. 

The children had a go at creating a synopsis of the party manifestoes, do you think they included the main points?

Friday 19th May

We have been busy solving Maths Mysteries and a range of puzzles this week in our maths lessons. The week ended with the pentomino challenge:

Why not keep trying to solve this over the weekend, there are thousands of possible solutions but we are yet to find one!

In English, we have written texts inspired by dragons and first person recounts from the point of view of a small robot. Next week, we are going to have a go at journalistic writing so have a look at some newspapers over the weekend for inspiration and to remind yourself of the style and features of an article.

New Bookopoly titles came into the library this week and were snapped up by a number of the class; keep reading and logging any titles completed on your Bookopoly board.

Friday 12th May

Celebrating the end of SATs weeks!

Congratulations to all of our Year 6 children for their hard work and positive attitude this week. It has been a pleasure to watch you handle the tests with such confidence and maturity; you have done yourselves proud - now on with the rest of the term!


Year 6 enjoyed their first game of Rounders this season on Wednesday afternoon before going on to coach Year 3 in their first EVER game! It was lovely to see the older children acting as mentors to our younger pupils as they played in their House Teams to get a feel for the game.





Golden Mile

As part of our commitment to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, the whole school is taking part in the Golden Mile initiative from Monday!  This involves children walking, jogging or running around a pre-set course and each of their completed laps being logged and recorded.  The children will be able to keep track of how many laps they've completed individually as well as seeing how their laps have contributed to our overall school total.

Children will need their outdoor P.E. trainers to take part, and Year 6 will have the opportunity to do their laps during morning break on Fridays and lunchtime break on Thursdays.

Friday 5th May

What a short, but busy week! In History, we had a fascinating discussion about democracy (stemming form the Ancient Greek legacy of an early democratic civilization) and who should be entitled to vote in our upcoming General Election - ask your child what they think and why. We have also been busy building our confidence for SATs this week by practising different style questions and playing lots of quick-fire games using our reading, writing and maths skills. All that remains now is for the children to have a fun, relaxing weekend in preparation for their tests next week. Please ensure that PE kits are in every day next week as you never know when we may need an impromptu game of rounders to blow off some post-tests' steam!

Friday 28th April 

Welcome back to your final term at Langrish! We are working hard already and have begun our new Art, History and Science topics this week. Please take a look at the new curriculum overview at the bottom of the page which outlines our learning intentions for each of these. Home Learning should continue to focus on revision for the upcoming tests with lots of opportunities to discuss their work and check they have answered the questions fully. We are working hard to encourage the children to make jottings and use the inverse operation to check their answers in maths and to read the question back to ensure answers match in reading. The new Bookopoly challenge launches today and I would strongly encourage all children to have a go as it is linked to the Book Trust's top recommended books for 9-11 year olds. While their are a number of familiar titles on the list, I hope this helps those struggling for ideas to select some modern classics they may not yet have met.

Friday 7th April

Congratulations to Year 6 for all of their hard work this week with their mock tests. All papers have now been marked, discussed and should have come home to be shared with you and inform any Home Learning over the Easter Holidays. The children have also stuck thier Spring Term Gap Analysis into their Home Learning books (or in an envelope if books were missing). To further support those who need it, I have added some short reading challenges and a Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary document at the bottom of the page to be used as necessary.

Making Easter nests on Thursday

We have completed our tennis unit this week with some doubles matches in glorious sunshine. The children have definitely developed in confidence over the half term and have enjoyed playing umpire for each other to develop their sense of fair play! Yesterday afternoon Year 6 completed their car park safety lesson, in response to parent feedback. We hope that they will now be able to support each other in remembering how to conduct themselves safely before and after school; please look at our guidance and discuss this with your child so we are all following the same routines.

Enjoy your holidays and have a very Happy Easter; we look forward to welcoming you back for the children's final term at Langrish!

Friday 31st March

Thanks to all those who attended our SATs information meeting on Thursday afternoon. If you were unable to join us, a letter covering the main points of the meeting should have come home with your child yesterday accompanied by an information leaflet - please let me know if you did not receive these. At the bottom of the page, I have posted a series of spelling and mental arithmacy fluency drills, which you may wish to use with your child as part of their SATs preparations. Please note, these are intended to support the core curriculum and should be approached as an accuracy and speed activity for those already working within mastery of the Year 6 curriculum (see your child's current gap analysis for further guidance).

Friday 24th March

The children looked great dressed in red for Comic Relief today, thank you for your support with this; Year 6 also won the School Joke competition in assembly this morning with Fin's entry - I'll leave your children to retell the winning joke!

This week we have had fun working in groups to design  and create board games that will support our revision! The games look great and are generally now ready to be played, ask your child about their design concept and for some of the questions you would have to answer if you're brave enough to play... we will have them out for you to try next Friday afternoon during our Art Gallery!

In Maths we have now finished our coverage of the curriculum, having looked at coordinates on a grid and transformations of shapes (reflections, rotations and translations). We are now going back over the areas which the children have found more challenging and focussing on reasoning style questions. This week we have revisited finding percentages of amounts (see Mental Arithmetic papers in book bags for example questions).

In English we have continued to focus on passive voice and using the complete range of punctuation in our writing for clarity and effect. Today we had a go at using the mnemonic DADWAVERS to help us start sentences in different ways, thus creating interest and variety in our writing; it would be great to read some example DADWAVERS texts in Home Learning next week!

Friday 17th March

For further practice of SATs style questions and revision of prior learning, click the image below to find a problem solving question of the day (for those parents on social meida, it is possible to follow 'White Rose Maths hub' to automatically see the new question of the day!) This is the example we tried on Thursday:


World Book Day: West End Productions

We really enjoyed the performance on Tuesday afternoon which focussed on the themes of four different picture books: The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside; Darkmouth by Shane Hegarty; The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield; A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. 

On World Book Day, Year 6 then had a go at describing their own happy/safe place, inspired by Tilly's in the production. During the afternoon, they created a watercolour to illustrate their writing and used calligraphy pens to annotate this with key phrases from their writing (see examples below).

by Mia
by Josie
by Max

Internet Safety Visit










Year 6 enjoyed a visit from two of our local Police Community Support officers this week. Their visit built on the children's existing knowledge of Internet Safety: balancing the children's right to access information (Article 17) whilst respecting their right to privacy (Article 16) and their right to protection (Article 19). 

Are you aware of these age restrictions?

Many of the children were surprised to learn that their favourite apps and websites have age restrictions of 13 and above in order to support them in keeping safe and making informed decisions - including having an account on Youtube.


Can they tell you anything else that surprised them or which they were advised to do to improve their own online safety? 

For more information, visit the Unicef website.




With a focus on core strength and precision, Year 6 were challenged to use their bodies to create different letter shapes. Can you tell which letters are shown in these pictures?

Article 13

Ancient Islamic Civilizations

In History recently, we have been working in groups to research and present different aspects of life in Ancient Islamic Civilizations. This week we had the opportunity to read each others' work and learn from them. It was interesting to see which posters taught us the most, it wasn't what we expected!

Friday 20th January

This week we have been consolidating our learning in English, having a go at writing recounts which show how well we can now use punctuation for clarity and effect. This would be a great activity for Home Learning: create a piece of writing of your choice which shows all of your new skills - can you edit for accuracy of punctuation and tense choice? Our spelling pattern this week is tial/cial. How many words can you remember that end with this pattern, can you spell them with the correct ending?

In Maths we have moved on to revise area and perimeter, including thinking about how to find the surface area of a cuboid. There are lots of great challenges set on Mangahigh to consolidate this learning - see if you can get some more medals over the weekend! For those wanting some further practice, I have attached a pdf document at the bottom of the page which may be printed and completed.

Thank you for joining us for our Grammar Assembly this week, the children did a great job teaching the rest of the school about the hyphen! We have already been inundated with keen Year 4s sharing their own examples.

Music Making


Year 6 have started their Jazz unit in music this term and are enjoying using the new glockenspiels to follow the melody.


Congratulations to the new Year 6 Prefects!

Abstract Art

Inspired by the work we saw at the Royal Academy, we have had a go at creating our own abstract impressions of 'Winter'.


Come and see our Street Dance performance next Friday afternoon to see how we've been doing with our performance art too!

The visible spectrum

This week we have been busy exploring the visible spectrum and learning how to use a prism to refract white light as shown. Can you explain how this works? Why do we see objects as different colours?

Have a go at the 2Do tasks on Purple Mash to continue to explore these ideas or try some more experiments of your own by clicking on the picture!


We've had a great week, dodging the rain storms, learning all about bike maintenance, the Highway Code and putting our cycling skills to the test on the local roads. Well done Year 6, a super successful bunch of cyclists!

The Highway Code in action!
Safe signalling

Friday 11th November


The children have found identifying whether they need to use the noun or verb tricky and could do with some more practice! Try writing some sentences with the correct spelling or creating a crossword to show your understanding.

 Royal Academy Trip

Big Art - Getting creative inside the gallery.
Royal Academy Visit: Year 6 are excited to start their workshops!

 Fairground Rides

Year 6 have been applying their circuit knowledge to design and create a working fairground ride. Ask them about their ride, what was successful in their build and what didn't't go so well.






Year 6 had a great morning at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, taking part in Thinksafe. They had to participate in fire safety role play scenarios and explain how to keep SAFE on the beach.

Other workshops included 'Safe Strangers', a trading standards quiz, learning about domestic abuse and considering how to keep safe around dogs.




What other words can you think of? Do you remember the 'rules' to help you decide on the correct suffix?


RE, ritual: How would you feel if your ritual was disrupted? Year 6 carried out role play to explore their emotions.









Our Rights Respecting Charter

This is the Year 6 Class Charter, developed by selecting the Rights we believe are most relevant to our time in school and discussing how we will behave in order to ensure everyone is able to access these. 


Class Assembly: Roald Dahl' Dirty Beasts

Year 6 demonstrated great team work, self-organisation and independent learning in their poetry recital this week, well done!

World's Largest Lesson

MALALA'S STORY: exploring through drama


We have taken part in the UN's World Largest Lesson this week, looking at the issue of gender inequality. If you have not already completed the questionnaire and data presentation task, please do so over the weekend ready to hand in on Monday.

Why is Malala a powerful role model for gender equality? In what ways did she overcome adversity? Discuss her story with your parents and the issues arising - can you think of any other strong female role models?



Autumn Term Meet the Teacher

It was lovely to meet you all during our first 'Meet the Teacher' of the year. For those of you who were unable to join us please find a quick summary below of the main points:

  • Tour of the Classroom - how the learning environment has been designed to support your children's learning and independence, including the creation of 'Class Charters' based around the Right's of the Child
  • House point update - clarification of the new house point charter as outlined in the Pupil Passports at the end of last term
  • Changes to class website page
  • Bookopoly - new challenge sheet out Friday 16th September, please check book bags or click the link
  • Head lice - Please notify the office of any cases
  • Autumn Curriculum overview discussed - see below
  • e-readers - Should you child wish to bring their e-reader to school, please complete the letter below and return to the office

Use the links below to access useful websites:

Interactive Resources                        Mangahigh                          Scratch                      IXL

Our Awards

  • Arts Council
  • Sing Up
  • Offsted
  • Music Mark
  • School Games
  • RRSA Level 1