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Creative Arts

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We are a creative school that nurtures our children’s creativity. We value art, music, design and technology, dance and drama as part of our broad and balanced creative curriculum. The skills and knowledge our pupils develop throughout each creative subject are mapped across each key stage to ensure progression of skills. We champion the positive power creativity has in supporting learning, mental health and resilience in our children.

Art and Design

Throughout our Art curriculum, we provide children with a wealth of experiences by using a variety of different mediums.  This provides them with skills that are transferable to other subject areas for example, their observational skills when drawing could be applied to an experiment in Science.

If a unit is focused on a particular artist or piece of artwork, children will start by discussing and evaluating this with their peers. Children understand that artwork can result in differing points of view and they are able to listen and respond to the comments of their classmates. Langrish children are encouraged to become critical thinkers and pose questions as to the intent and purpose of artists’ work. We aim to have a balance of both structured and open-ended tasks for children to complete. This is achieved by giving a specific stimulus or artist for children to base their work on, but also giving them freedom to create a piece of art that is unique.

Design Technology

Through our DT curriculum, children at Langrish are encouraged to make links with the wider world whilst simultaneously developing their expertise in different skills. By giving children a real life problem to solve, they design meaningful products and are encouraged to think about the needs of the wider community or ‘filling a gap in the market’. This is evident in many of our units such as The Great Bread Bake Off in Year 4, where children evaluate existing products before designing their own.

Within our carefully planned curriculum, children develop transferable skills in textiles, cookery and mechanisms and structures. A wide range of experiences are offered to promote children’s enthusiasm for DT, from choosing appropriate flavourings for smoothies in KS1, to understanding how to strengthen and stiffen a bridge structure in KS2.

Children work collaboratively to think outside the box and take ownership over their learning by designing and creating something entirely unique from their classmates. No two products are the same and this gives children a sense of pride and achievement over their creation. Children are reflective thinkers across every unit and will evaluate their product after completing the designing and making process. They understand the importance of the review process as a way of thinking critically about improving their practise for future designing and making.


We use the Charanga music curriculum to develop key knowledge and skills through the primary years. Each skill is revisited annually. We aim to give the children as many opportunities as possible to perform to different audiences, in order to develop their confidence and to experience, appreciate and appraise performances. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through playing instruments, composition, improvisation and performance. The progression of skills document is attached at the bottom of this page. The Model Music Curriculum within Charanga allows our children to explore a range of music to excite and engage them.

As part of the curriculum, significant, diverse and influential historical and contemporary artists and composers are studied to place their music in a global context. Many extra-curricular opportunities are on offer to students during their time at Langrish, which support and extend their musical education.


Implementation and Impact


Music sessions are taught across the school by class teachers using the Charanga software.

In addition, teachers access a vast library of resources, songs, instrumental courses and creative apps. Throughout all year groups, there are frequent opportunities to perform. Our KS2 children even perform at the annual Petersfield Music Festival. 


Choir club is open to both key stages and is run by our specialist after school. If a child would like to learn a particular instrument they are able to access individual music lessons provided by the Hampshire Music Service. We are a Music Mark school who support quality music education for all and aim to offer a collective voice for all those involved in music education. 





At Langrish, we love taking part in wider community projects. In 2021 Years 3 & 4 took part in the Climate Crisis Project run by Hampshire County Council and created an art installation, alongside other schools in Hampshire, to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. The piece was called 'Our Climate Crisis Forest'. The children had such a sense of pride in our totem poles, which were even featured on ITV News!

"We only used recycled materials that we bought in from home to create our totem pole to raise awareness of plastic pollution"

"I liked how much effort we put into our project, we kept coming back to it and making improvements"

This year, Year 5 have taken part in the evolution of this project: Climate Unity. Their first piece of artwork has been delivered to Calshot Activities Centre and will be on show until October 2022. One side of the piece represents the world the younger generation will live in if we don't do anything about climate change; the other, 'good' side, represents the world Year 5 want when they grow up! The pupils have been true advocates for climate unity and preservation.

We have also taken part in the David Shepherd Global Canvas international art competition. This gave our children the opportunity to find out about endangered species, their habitats and threats they face. This also allowed the children to express themselves through their creativity. We won Michael O'Mara Books Personal Choice Award too!

Our after school Art Club provides an opportunity for our budding artists to engage with art and express their creativity further. They enjoy experimenting alongside our specialist volunteer across a range of projects.

Every year our children look forward to Take One Picture Week which aims to inspire a lifelong love of art and learning. We take one picture each year to inspire our cross-curricular learning across all year groups. Our Arts Ambassadors meet to discuss and choose a picture from a shortlist and provide feedback to their classes and gather ideas.


“Art and design is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality." Quentin Blake, Illustrator and Children's Laureate.


Drama & Dance

Children take part in a wide range of annual performances to audiences including our KS1 nativity. The children love acting, singing and retelling the Nativity story. 

We also enjoy a variety of dance units in each year group which also provide an opportunity for us to perform. In KS1 our children take part in maypole dancing and UKS2 particularly enjoy their unit on street dance!

Each year group invites parents along to their class assemblies as an opportunity to showcase the exciting topics they've been learning about! Year 1 invited parents along to watch them perform their poems based on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright and the children had to imagine what they'd put into their own magic boxes.  The ideas could be as fantastical as they liked and had to feature alliteration, onomatopoeia, bizarre opposites and magical creatures.  They even painted and decorated their own magic boxes in which to keep a rolled-up 'scroll' version of their finished poem. Performance poetry spirals throughout our curriculum and Year 6 lead our Remembrance Service this week, sharing some history of the event before reading out a selection of their own poetry.

We enjoy going on a wide range of school trips to museums, cathedrals, theatres and inviting special visitors to our school to let our creative side shine! These experiences help our children build their confidence, concentration and develop their speech and communication skills.

Design and technology

The subject of Design & Technology has transformed in recent years, aiming to put opportunities for innovation and creativity at the heart of the curriculum.  Gone are the days of narrow and prescriptive projects where every child would make an identical Viking longboat; instead we see children creating useful and functional items, but also being encouraged to think outside with box with their designs and to add their own creative flair in the execution.  By evaluating existing products first, the children get to magpie their favourite ideas, then spin them in whatever direction they can imagine.  This could be in designing a page of pop-up book, a family photo frame, or even a moving fairground ride, but it could also be in creating a new flavour combination for a sandwich or a mind-blowingly original bread recipe.  Having this opportunity to be creative is what gives the subject real meaning for the children, as they endeavour to create exciting and functional end products that are as individual as they are. 


Expressive arts and design is one of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is used to develop a child's imagination, creativity and their ability to use media and materials. Children do this in range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures and design. All these approaches to expressive arts  help children to represent and understand their own feelings and ideas. In Reception at Langrish, children will be exposed so songs, dances and opportunities to create with materials every day in order to develop skills that they will continue to improve and apply in the older age groups.


Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • RRSA Silver
  • Platinum Sports Mark