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Jabisa School

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We are very proud to be involved in supporting our friends in The Gambia. Through links with pupils currently at Langrish, we have been learning about families who attend Jabisa School. Have a look below at how we have helped the families and also, what we are planning for the future.

   Pupils with Mr. Njowe, the Headteacher


Our fundraising event in July 2019 was an Enterprise Fayre. We were hoping to raise enough money to fund the supply of rice at lunchtimes for the pupils. The Langrish classes worked together and we were able to donate £350.00 which was sufficient to fund the school for lunches for a number of months. The school were truly thankful for this donation and assured us that it would make an immense difference to the daytime routine for the children. 



And where did our old uniform go?

Thank you to all of our parents who chose to recycle old uniform. It was immediately collected together and shipped out to Jabisa. We are told that the climate varies greatly and during the evenings it can get quite chilly, so the Langrish jumpers and sweatshirts were very well received. Even the Jabissa teachers were provided for!

Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • Offsted
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark