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Headteachers at the ready!

New Headteachers arrive at Langrish!

As a result of the recent fundraising raffle arranged by FoLS, seven fresh - faced new headteachers arrived at Langrish on Friday, ready to learn what was involved in a typical school day.

Miss Hudson, looking very smart in a striking blue suit, started the day by greeting people at the gate. This was followed by leading the morning assembly where she awarded bronze house certificates and announced the attendance award. After that, she even had time to pop into all the classes and sort out the first of the finances for the day. She said:

" I like it because it's different from just sitting in Year 6 doing lessons!"

Miss Ledger was our second outstanding headteacher. She completed a health and safety walk around with Mrs. Graham and found that there was a broken tile on the roof. Hampshire contractors will come out and mend that for us. After the check, Miss Ledger wrote the agenda for the staff meeting tonight which included health and safety issues from the morning. She finished her hour by writing up the attendance figures for December which showed that Year 1 had the highest attendance for the month.  She said:

"Being a Headteacher is much harder and a lot more complicated than I thought!"

Mr. Slinn was the final headteacher for the morning. He started by going outside and checking the health and safety arrangements for playtime. He found that people kept stepping on the grass and so he decided to make some signs to remind childen to play on the playground and not on the mud! After that, Mr. Slinn undertook an observation in Year 2, looking at the learning displays. He is pleased to report that all is well in Year 2!

"Now I know what a Headteacher does during the day and I think it is quite fun!"

            Lunch with Mr. Greenwood

Miss Christmas started her time as the Headteacher by undertaking a book scrutiny in Year 2. She decided that the books were neatly presented and that the children were all trying very hard. She fed this good news back to Miss Flack who was very happy with the outcome! Miss Christmas then met Mr. Greenwood who joined the headteachers for lunch at a specially prepared table in the dining hall. She welcomed him with a particularly firm handshake and led him to the canteen.

"I like being the Headteacher because of the jobs you do."



The afternoon started with Mr. Savage adding up money with Mrs. Graham and checking the figures. Then he was in charge of processing the accounts and agreeing the spending. After a tasty biscuit and a drink, Mr. Savage paid a visit to the kitchen team to compliment them on their excellent cooking.

"Being a Headteacher is very good and I really like the jobs!"


Miss Shaltot was our next headteacher. She started her session by going into Mrs. Graham's office to generate even more orders. Then, she checked the first aid boxes and cupboard with Mrs. Langan and found that we needed some more ice packs, tissues and little plasters which she ordered. After that, Miss Shaltot checked the first aid book and signed off the accidents although luckily, there weren't many! Her afternoon finished with sorting some paperwork for teachers and popping it into their pigeon holes.

"Being a headteacher is the greatest thing in the world!"


Our final headteacher, Mr. Elsden carried out a uniform check around the school. Being  smart in schoool uniform is very important and Mr. Elsden is pleased to report that all classes passed his check with flying colours! He even awarded house points to children whom he thought were particularly smart.

I would like to thank all of the children who have joined my team today. They have been so polite and very professional and their help has been invaluable. Perhaps there is even a future headteacher in the making..!




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