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Balanceability - Scooterwise

   Listening intently before starting the programme


On Friday 29th March, seventy- five pupils took part in a dedicated training programme led by qualified instructors from the Balanceability programme. Pupils from Reception to Year 4 learnt how to control their scooters near main roads and how to ensure that they were safe at all times. The instructors explained the importance of checking scooters and helmets before starting a journey so that everything was fitted correctly and safe. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session. Look out for the link on our Twitter feed to find out more.




New Headteachers arrive at Langrish!

After winning the annual FoLS raffle, seven new headteachers arrived at Langrish on 8th January to step into Mrs. Wright's shoes for the day. They all looked very smart and were keen to experience what a Headteacher's typical day might contain. Of course, this did include hot chocolate for everyone as that is the Headteacher's favourite drink!

Headteacher for a Day - an amazing group of children!
               Singing assembly

Mr. Saulet (Year 4) started the day by ensuring that singing assembly was perfect. He shared a notice with the school about changes to copse days and then kept a watchful eye on the children to make sure they were all singing beautifully. Mrs. Jones was very complimentary about how professional he looked and behaved during his brief headship.

" I thought it was a great singing assembly for the school and could not be better." (Mr. Saulet)

Miss Savage (Year 1) and Mr. Cunliffe (Year 2) worked together to oversee Maths data which is coming out to parents tomorrow. Each child from Years 2 and above needed a data envelope and these two headteachers did a grand job of sticking labels on straight! When returning the envelopes to classes, the headteachers took the opportunity to talk to each class about their learning and are pleased to report the school was calm with everyone enjoying their day.

"I thought that year 2 tried hard but they need to use rulers" (Mr. Cunliffe)


            Sorting stickers out on data envelopes

Mr Gifford (Year 3) worked alongside Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Langan to check that the budget was on track and the first aid supplies were up to date. He checked the medical room resources and then he needed to order some equipment.

"I am pleased to say that the budget is good!" (Mr. Gifford)

The afternoon finished with Miss Baker (Year 6) and Mr. Kershaw (Year 5) analysing the results of a recent pupil questionnaire concerning the playground and how safe the children feel in it. The utilised their Excel skills to produce a data table to share with Governors and have also written a piece for assembly to share with the children. This includes points which are being considered together with a celebration of what is already working well. They were a pleasure to work with and  certainly earned their hot chocolate!

Calculating data

Thank you to all of the headteachers today. You were all amazing and certainly have helped me out tremendously. My thanks also go to FoLS for organising the raffle and to all of you who bought tickets. I look forward to working with another set of pupils next year!

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday 11th November, pupils from Langrish School attended the remembrance service at St. John's Church. Pupils shared poems that they had written, sang songs and Sophie and Ryan laid a wreath on our behalf. Thank you to all the pupils for behaving in such a respectful manner during the service.





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