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Our intent is to give every child a broad and balanced Science curriculum which enables them to understand, through specific, clear-focused lessons, the material world around them, so that they have a deeper, holistic understanding of the world we live in. 

It is our intent to encourage children to be inquisitive about the world, nurturing their innate curiosity and enabling them to develop a range of scientific and collaborative skills that are useful across the whole curriculum.

Science is put into historical and contemporary contexts by studying a diverse range of significant scientists relevant to each topic.


In our Science there are two types of knowledge: Substantive knowledge (sum total of everything that is known – facts/figures – laws of nature etc) and Disciplinary knowledge (formally called ‘working scientifically’ – teaching skills of ‘how do we know’ eg. Knowledge of scientific methods – models/classification/patterns/fair testing, knowledge of apparatus – apparatus/safety/procedures, knowledge of data analysis – graphs/tables, knowledge of how science uses evidence to help develop explanations/evidence/conclusions.

Substantive knowledge + disciplinary knowledge = powerful scientific knowledge and a holistic and deeper understanding of the material world.

Our weekly science lessons now consist of 4 different components: 

1.  Recall – perhaps of previous years' vocabulary e.g. sedimentary rocks

2.  Recap – previous lessons on this topic’s vocabulary/key ideas

3. Substantive knowledge - be taught key concepts/ideas (following the new learning journey)

4. Do an investigation to learn/show disciplinary knowledge (this will be tracked)

Our sequence of learning:

Progression map:


The back of Science books are being used as glossaries.  Year 6
The back of Science books are being used as glossaries.  Year 2









Science books are to record new information/learning.
Display boards are used to reinforce vocabulary, show current key-ideas and allow children (using a post-it notes) to ask questions about the topic.













Science in EYFS


Forest school enables every year group to support their scientific understanding; from Year R minibeasts to Habitats in Year 1, How light travels/behaves in Year 6, Food chains in Year 4, animal timelines in Year 2, to name just a few.  The children learn respect and caring for the environment.
We teach explicit disciplinary skills

Year 6 Science data to follow shortly......

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