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Year 2

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Mrs Cave

Home Learning

For home learning this week, please read out loud to an adult every night this week. You could even try to finish off the Autumn Term Reading Challenge! Remember, you get 25 house points for completing the challenge, but if you don't manage to get all of the challenges finished, you will still get 2 house points each for the challenges that you have done. Please also try to finish off your projects ready to be presented in the last week of term.

You could also:

  • Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables OR
  • Practise spelling the Year 1 and 2 common exception words by putting them into sentences - remember your own target for this! OR
  • Practise adding and subtracting on a number line OR
  • Play a maths game on Purple Mash or

I do not expect you to do all of these activities but please choose one or two. Ask your parents to write in your home learning journals what you have done and make sure your books are back in school on THURSDAY so I can look at them. I will then give them back to you on Friday.

Talking points!

Here they are as a reminder of the talking point questions! Why don’t you have a chat with your parents tonight about our action-packed school days?

Autumn Term Home Learning Project!

Your home learning project this term is 'Kings and Queens of Britain'

For this project, I would like you to choose one or two Kings or Queens from Britain to research, then create something exciting about them. This could be a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, a leaflet, a filmed documentary or anything else you can think of!

Your project is due in on 17th December so you have plenty of time to make a really good project!

Autumn Term Reading Challenge!

Our new book challenge for Autumn is now out! This year, rather than publishing a physical list of books to support this, we are signposting you to a brilliant website where you will find numerous lists including the 'Must Have' books for each year group. It is from this list that we would like your child to select their recommended reads. Good luck and get reading!

7th December

Theme of the week - Mindfulness - we have been trying our best to concentrate and be aware of ourselves. We have been working especially hard to remember all of our lines for the Nativity and thinking about when we have to do different things in the performance.

In Maths this week we have been concentrating on our times tables and accessing them in different ways including the 'Sharp Shooters' game and many other Christmas-themed challenges. Can your child remember the answer to one of the jokes that they were trying to work out?

In English we have been finishing off our unit based on 'The Snowman'. We re-watched the film and decided on our favourite part, then re-told the story from James' point of view. We thought really hard about how to describe the setting and the action, using plenty of expanded noun phrases and wow words.

In Science this week we created posters about how to take care of ourselves, including healthy eating, exercise and the importance of rest.

The Greatest Snowman rehearsals are still going well. Please try to bring costumes in on Monday. Many thanks!

30th November

Theme of the week - Success - We have been thinking about how we can be successful people as well as successful learners. We can do this by always being proud of ourselves, always having a smile on our faces and by being a good friend.

We had a brilliant walk around Petersfield on Monday for our Geography Field Study. We had our 'Geographers head' on and were searching for physical and human features within the town centre. Can your child remember what we found? Here are a few pictures from our trip:























In Maths this week we have been thinking about multiplication and what it actually means. We have been linking it to repeated addition and using words such as 'lots of' and 'groups of' to help us. We have also made connections between the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, which we were looking at earlier in the term. See the home learning section above for our approach to working out times tables. Ideally we need to be fluent in the 2s, 5s and 10s by the end of Year 2, but this will come with time and practise!

In English this week we have been studying the Raymond Briggs story of The Snowman. We have been working really hard on our descriptive language and trying to include lots of 'Wow Words!' Can your child remember any of the descriptive phrases that they included in their description of the character from the story, or from the description of their own snowman?

Nativity rehearsals are well under way and we have been practising the songs and the words! We look forward to sharing our performance with you on Tuesday 19th December. Ticket letters have been given out, please contact the school office if yours has been misplaced.

23rd November

Theme of the week – Respect – We have been showing this by thinking about other people, being kind and respectful to them and holding the door open for other people.

On Tuesday this week we took part in the NSPCC Danceathon. We had great fun dancing every hour, on the hour, to a variety of songs. Baby shark was a big favourite! Thank you to those of you who have managed to collect sponsorship money so far. Remember to put your forms and money in the box on the classroom. The deadline for this money is Wednesday 28th November, so please make sure all sponsorship money is in school before this date. Thank you!

On Thursday of this week, we also watched a production called ‘The B Word’ all about bullying. The children really enjoyed this performance. Why not ask them what they learned from it!

In Maths this week finished off our unit on money. We did this by thinking carefully about solving ‘word problems’ involving money e.g. I went to the shop and I bought a crayon for 32p and a ruler for 45p. How much did I spend? Or how much change would I get from £1 if I bought an apple for 63p? Can your child explain how they would answer this question?

Christmas has very much begun in the Infant department. We have all been given our parts for the nativity production ‘The Greatest Snowman’. Also, in English this week we have been writing letters to Santa. However, these are not your average letter! We have been thinking about problems that Santa might have over the busy Christmas period and have written to him with advice about how to overcome these solutions. We will be posting these letters off to the North Pole in due course and I will also be sending a copy home, as these letters are brilliant and I know the children are proud of them and would like to share them with you.

We are excited about our field study visit to Petersfield this coming Monday. We have planned our route and have predicted which physical and human features we are going to see in the town. Please remember to bring coats on Monday as we will be going on the trip regardless of the weather!

16th November

Children in Need

We all had great fun wearing our pyjamas into school on Friday!
Well done for raising so much money for children in need.











Reminder – we are having our NSPCC Danceathon next Tuesday. Please bring your sponsorship money in from Wednesday onwards.

On Thursday we were excited to meet a professional athlete, Amaya. She talked about her life as an athlete and how she is always challenging herself. She shared with us the message that although something may not be easy, she will always push herself as she knows she can achieve anything that she sets her mind to.

In Maths this week we have been learning about finding the difference between two numbers and two amounts of money. We learnt that to find the difference you should take the small number away from the big number. Can your child demonstrate this for you? We were using a number line to help us with our subtraction. We also looked at finding the difference between two amounts such as £1 and £1.37.

In English we have been writing our own version of  The Day that Gold Crayon went to Italy. Can your child re-tell you their version? Have they created any actions to help them remember their changes?

In Geography we finally found out where Denise was from – St Lucia! We spent some time looking at the map of St Lucia and identifying features such as towns, villages and mountains. Can your child remember any interesting facts that we found out?

9th November

Theme of the week - Remembrance - we have been showing this and exploring World War 1 day and paying attention during Year 6's Remembrance assembly on Thursday.

World War One Day









We had a very interesting day on Friday learning all about World War One. We started with a short introduction about World War One, when it was and who was involved. We then spent some time thinking about the role of women during the war and how their lives would have changed. We have started making some posters to help encourage women to go to work in different roles while the men were at war. We also helped out Petersfield Museum by making 3D poppies for their Remembrance celebrations. They were trying to make 500 poppies and we helped them to reach their target! To add to the creativity, the whole school worked together to act out some key events of WW1 and some beautiful war poetry. Our section was the Christmas Day Truce. Can your child show you what we did? It was lovely to get together as a whole school at the end of the day to see all of the other classes' drama pieces. We also observed the one-minute silence at this time.









In Maths this week we have started our new unit of money. We began this with the 'Great Langrish Shape Exchange' in which we had to trade, buy and sell shapes to collect a whole set. We then spend some time recognising the different notes and coins and choosing which coins would be used to buy things in exact change.

In English this week we have been learning and writing the story 'The day that Gold Crayon went to Italy' based on The Day The Crayons Quit. Can your child tell you the story with the actions?

In Geography we got our next clue from our friend Denise - the average monthly temperatures from the country that she lives in. We compared these to the average monthly temperatures for Petersfield and decided that we live in a temperate climate, whereas Denise lives in a tropical climate. Can your child remember what this means? How did we know that Denise's climate was tropical?

In P.E. we learnt a dance to Firework by Katy Perry. 

We had a very informative assembly from the NSPCC on Tuesday, all about how to speak out and stay safe. We learnt about what to do and who we can speak to if something upsets us. Can your child show you the actions to help them remember the telephone number for Childline?

2nd November

Theme of the week – Democracy – we have been showing this by trying to make sure everyone’s voice is heard during group tasks and that decisions are made by the whole group, not just one or two people.

On Friday this week, we had the first part of our 'World Faith and Philosophy' day with a focus on ‘belonging’. The children had a lovely, creative day where we were considering what it means to ‘belong’ to a group and what it means for Christians to ‘belong’ to Christianity. We thought about baptism and what it symbolises for Christians, and why each step of it is important to those who believe.









Also on Friday, we had a brilliant whale workshop where we learn some brilliant facts about whales. Can your child remember any of these facts?

In Maths this week, we have been practising and applying our skills of addition and subtraction by solving problems or varying difficulty. This was quite challenging but we showed excellent perseverance!

In English, we have been studying a new story called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt. In this story, a boy called Duncan’s crayons decide they have been mistreated and quit their job of colouring things in. We really enjoyed studying this book through a rotation of activities where we had to think of how the characters might be feeling and we also developed our understanding of grammar.

We have started a new Art unit this term, where we will be using nature as inspiration to create difference pieces using different mediums. We started this week by going out into the copse to find some beautiful examples of nature (leaves, feathers etc) and sketched them in detail, thinking carefully about the textures and the different shades that we should be using to create a carefully drawn picture.

We have also started a new and very exciting Geography topic! We have started to look about the life of a girl called Denise, who has challenged us to work out where in the world she is from. She has given us a picture of herself, a picture of her school and other features of the country that she lives in. We started looking at the photographs and identifying physical (made by nature) and human (made by humans) features. We also looked at the climate in Denise’s country compared to Petersfield. Then we got the clue that she does not live in the continent of Europe. We spent some time on Monday looking through atlases at the different continents and the countries within them. We are looking forward to Monday’s geography lesson, when we hope to get another clue!

On Tuesday in PE we took some inspiration from Strictly Come Dancing and learnt the ‘Thriller’ dance. This was great fun and the children performed it brilliantly!

19th October

Theme of the week - Challenges - We have been challenging ourselves with our learning by trying to include as many adjectives as possible in our writing and by trying to answer lots of tricky questions. We have also been challenging ourselves by using new skills with the computers. We think that 'easy is boring' and that 'if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you'!

In Maths this week we have been concentrating on subtracting numbers using a number line. This strategy is similar to adding, but the numbers and jumps start at the other end and the jumps go backwards as the numbers get smaller! Can your child show you how this works? We have found that counting backwards crossing the 'tens boundaries' (i.e. 31, 30, 29 etc) can be quite tricky - perhaps you can practise this as you take a lovely Autumnal walk over half term!

The children worked together with some of them playing the role of 'teacher' to consolidate our understanding of adding using a number line.
The children enjoyed having new 'teachers' and felt more confident with addition after their lesson. Thank you to all of the 'teachers' for your help!











In English we have been thinking more about the ending of The Highway Rat and the parts of the story that are not told. We focused on the conversation that the duck would have had with the villagers to explain how he was able to trick the Highway Rat into the cave. We had great fun acting this out and then wrote the conversations out, concentrating on using capital letters, full stops, question marks and expanded noun phrases correctly.

We have been learning more about computers this week, including how to copy and paste and how to create a PowerPoint presentation as well as our typing skills. This was through our space projects, which we researched using the internet, books and printed out pieces of information, then used PowerPoint to make presentations. We were also lucky enough to be loaned Mr Hancox's virtual reality headset, which took some of us to the moon! This was fantastic and it is wonderful to be able to introduce the children to such inspirational technology.










12th October

Theme of the week - Going for goals and aiming high - We have been trying to do this by including lots of exciting adjectives in our writing and by trying our hardest to do lots of work and making it as neat as possible.

In Maths this week we have been using a number line to add. Can your child show you how this strategy works? We started by adding multiples of ten to a two-digit number, then added ones and finally put the two skills together by adding 2 two-digit numbers (but we had to partition them first!) Here is an example of the strategy that we used:

In English we have been studying The Highway Rat. We started by taking a look at the front cover and seeing what information that gave us about the characters and the possible plot. We worked on our expanded noun phrases by writing descriptions of the main character, put ourselves in his shoes to write a diary entry and had a go at summarising the ending of the story. We will continue to look at this story until the end of half term. Can your child remember the plot of the story? Do they know any other famous Highway Men?

In History we put the important events of Florence Nightingale's life in a timeline and tried to decide which was the most important event of her life. We also drew our topic to a close by discussing the long-term impact of both Florence and Mary and discussing who was more significant and why. The children had some brilliant arguments for this and the discussion was very interesting! Why don't you ask your child their opinion of this? 

The children forming a human timeline of important events in Florence Nightingale's life.

We had some 'spare' lesson time so I asked the children to think about something they would really like to learn about and we settled on the topic of Space! We have started to do some research into this topic, with a focus on the planets, the sun and moon and famous astronauts or significant discoveries. The children are raring to go with this mini-topic and I am looking forward to seeing what they produce in the next few Space-themed lessons!

5th October

Theme of the week - Appearance - We have been thinking about our appearance and trying to make sure we are smartly dressed at all times. We have been using the phrase 'Be smart, think smart' to help us to remember.

Our Class Assembly

















What a fantastic performance!

I am extremely proud of the children to have put on such a confident performance so early in the year. They all spoke clearly and confidently and they are all little superstars! Thank you to all the parents that were able to join is for the performance, and for the 'open classroom' afterwards. I hope you enjoyed sharing your children's learning with them.

In Maths this week, we have been continuing with our addition and subtraction unit, thinking about how our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 can help us to solve larger calculations. We have also talked about inverse operations and how we use them to check our answers. Can your child remember what 'inverse' means? What is the inverse of addition?

In Science we were thinking about the three basic needs of all living things. Can your child remember what they are?

Our 'Goalie Dance'

In Games we have continued to develop our skills in football, taking different roles in game situations including out-field players, goal keepers, referees and coaches. We also learnt the 'Goalie dance'!

In History we learnt about what Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole did during the Crimean War. Can your child remember what they learnt about these two people? What were the similarities and differences?

28th September

Theme of the week - Positivity - We have been showing positivity by being proud of ourselves and our work. We have also been making an effort to say kind things to other people to make them feel positive.

In English this week we have been writing poetry! We have been learning about rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia. Can your child remember what any of these terms mean? They are quite tricky! We were inspired by the poems of Michael Rosen, especially 'The Rhythm of Life' and we wrote our own version:

We have been learning other poems in English too, but we don't want to spoil the surprise before our assembly!

In Maths we have started looking at addition and subtraction. We started the unit with an open-ended challenge:

Sophie says there are only 10 ways to add numbers to get to 10. Is Sophie correct? Prove it.

The children were really enthusiastic about this task and they were able to prove that Sophie is indeed incorrect. Please ask your child what other calculations they used to prove that Sophie was wrong. We also practised using our number bonds to 20 and writing addition and subtraction facts, recognising that in addition, numbers can be added in any order but in subtraction, the largest number has to be first (unless we want to go into negative numbers which is so far beyond the Year 2 curriculum!). Can your child show you the 6 addition and subtraction facts that can be written using this bar model?




We had a brilliant DT lesson on Tuesday as we enjoyed making our 'Lighthouse sandwiches'. The results were varied, but we have evaluated our designs and decided on a new-improved recipe which we will be making next Tuesday!









In Science we conducted a practical experiment with the help of Year 6. We were trying to decide if we get faster as we get older, so we timed ourselves completing a series of activities, then timed our Year 6 volunteers doing the same activities to compare the times. Can your child remember the results of this investigation? Thank you to our Year 6 volunteers for all of their help!








21st September

Theme of the week - Resilience - We have been showing resilience in all of our lessons, especially in English where we had to edit and improve our work and in Maths when we were marking our own work and had to change anything if we got it wrong.

In Maths this week we have been continuing to work on number and place value, though we are starting our new topic of addition and subtraction next week. Our challenges this week have included writing numbers in digits and words, comparing objects and numbers using the < > and = symbols, ordering two-digit numbers from smallest to largest (making sure we look at the tens digit first), counting in 2s, 3s and 5s from zero and working out 10 more and 10 less than any one-digit number. Can your child demonstrate any of these skills to you? Which areas do they feel more or less confident in?

Taking our learning outside - ordering numbers from smallest to largest. Can you child remember our explanation of how to do this?

In English we have been finishing off our work on The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by writing our own Lighthouse Keeper story called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Adventure'. In our story, Mr and Mrs Grinling find a trapdoor when they are cleaning the lighthouse floor one day and they decide to go through it. The children continued the story from this point on, taking the characters to some wonderfully creative places. Can your child tell you about the story they created?

In P.E. we have been developing our understanding of balances and how to create a sequence of movement in gymnastics. Here are a few examples of the balances that we created:









In Games we have been looking at dribbling and passing in football.

In D.T. we have designed our 'Lighthouse sandwich', as eaten by Mr Grinling in 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and are very much looking forward to making it (and bringing it home to eat!) next Tuesday. The children decided that in order for it to be a lighthouse sandwich, it should be layers of red and white/yellow ingredients to make it look like a lighthouse. We have been discussing healthy foods, so the children have tried to consider this when designing their products. Keep an eye on the website next week for photos of our sandwich making!

We enjoyed gathering information about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole in History on Monday afternoon. We conducted some research about the two important figures after hearing their stories. Can your child recall any important facts? We used our research to create posters, which were judged by Mrs Rawlings (the history expert) and here is the winning poster:

Congratulations to the winners - orange table!


14th September 2018

Theme of the week - New Beginnings - We have been thinking about the start of a new school year and how to make sure we are going to enjoy Year 2.

We have had a very fun-filled second week in Year 2, complete with acting as seagulls, thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods and making some marvellous medicines!

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of number and place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones and estimating where numbers go on a number line. We have also been practising writing the numbers from 1-100 in digits (e.g. 43) and words (e.g. forty-three). 

In English we have been continuing our work on The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and thinking about the problem that Mr and Mrs Grinling faced as they tried to get Mr Grinling's lunch over to the lighthouse. We tried to think of different solutions to their problem and acted out what might happen of we tried them. There were some very creative solutions including painting a scary face on the picnic basket, sending down two lunches as the seagulls will fill up on the first, leaving the second free for Mr Grinling, or rowing Mr Grinling's lunch over on a boat rather than sending it across a wire. We then wrote our own versions of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch with our creative endings.









Thursday was Roald Dahl Day and we celebrated the work of this wonderful author by investigating George's Marvellous Medicine. We decided to create out own medicines for different reasons, including making never-ending, healthy chocolate and a medicine that does your homework for you. We then made our potions which was great fun!

In History we have started our topic for this half term about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We had a suitcase of items that gave us clues about who we were studying and what they are famous for. We appear to have heard of Florence Nightingale before, but not Mary Seacole. It will be interesting to find out more about both of these ladies over the next few weeks to find out who was more significant and why.

7th September 2018

What a brilliant first week!

I have really enjoyed starting to get to know the children and I am sure that we are going to have a fantastic year together. 

In Maths this week we have been starting to think about number and place value. We started by counting objects up to 100 and trying to decide if there were easier ways of counting. For example, we were counting the apples in the fruit basket and we realised that there were 6 bags of 10 apples! Counting 6 lots of 10 would be much quicker than counting 60 apples individually. We also used out number bonds to 10 to help us in counting Numicon.

In English this week we have started out unit based around the text 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We read all about Mr and Mrs Grinling's problem with pesky seagulls stealing Mr Grinling's lunch and started to develop our vocabulary by looking up the meaning of new words in dictionaries. We also linked English to our DT unit, which is sandwich making! We are going to help Mr Grinling by designing some new healthy sandwiches for him.


Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • Offsted
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark