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Year 4

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Ms Fiers and Mrs Pruden

Thursday 1st April 2021

Our Learning

We have really been making the most of the sunshine this week - with lunches outside and PE lessons on the field.

Enjoying the outside space

We had a special visit from Rev Jane Ball, from St John's church, to talk to us about Easter and as we were doing our World Faith and Philosophy unit on 'Rituals'.  Ms Fiers was very impressed about the quality and maturity of the questions they asked her.

Year 4 would like to say a huge thank you to FOLS for the Easter Eggs - we really enjoyed the 'treasure hunt' game we played in order to 'win' an egg.

Thank you FOLS for our Easter eggs - we can't wait to eat them
Searching for the illusive 'tokens'


There are individual spelling lists for your child to practise on spellingshed - these words have been taken from their recent school work and identified as words they need to learn, please know these by our return.  Please continue to keep up with the daily reading and recording of your books with Blooms questions - most children have chosen to take a few books home to keep them busy!  Finally, the children have been given a times table sheet to do. IXL remains an egg-cellent (!) way to check understanding and support their maths target.  

In readiness for next term, please ensure your child has the correct 'equipment' in their pencil cases e.g. a pen that works (lots of writing has been achieved and ink is low!), rubber (clean, not coloured in), sharp pen and pencil sharpener, red biro, glue (lots have run out), ruler, green & pink highlighters, a few colouring pencils.

Thank you for all your support this term - it certainly has been a term of ups and downs!  Wishing you all a happy, healthy Easter XXX


From all the assessments we've been doing, we now all have new targets for English and Maths.  For those that brought in their reading records (please bring in everyday as they are essential for our access to computers, spelling lists, targets, as well as recording all our reading), they are written in the front.  These targets give our school work and homelearning, focus.

In English, we've learnt about rhetorical questions and have used our research to start a leaflet on how to be a responsible dog owner. 

We use the computers for research as well as computing skills.

In maths we have nearly finished decimals - looking at how to write tenths and hundredths as fractions and decimals.

Next week there is a change to the PE timetable again; PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday next week.  It will be on  Thursday afternoon, so if you are choosing to withdraw your child after lunch, they will miss this session.  On Thursday morning we are hoping to hold our 'Easter Egg hunt'.  On Monday we are looking forward to Rev Jane Ball visiting the school and sharing the Easter story with us.

Please use the maths target (written in the front of the reading records) to explore specific questions on IXL (every child was able to find relevant questions this afternoon on this website - you get 10 free questions a day).  Edshed/spellingshed still has games to improve spelling memory of 3/4 statutory words.  In the back of their reading records are the un-highlighted words your child still needs to learn - this could be 'traditional' look/cover/write/check or any of the colourful ways we use in class - pyramid words, shape of the words, rainbow letters etc.  Most importantly please keep up the daily reading, it really is making a HUGE difference to their reading scores!


 We've had another brilliant week back in the classroom.  Lots of Bronze and Silver certificates have been handed out - well done for recording all your housepoints Year 4!  We enjoyed all the jokes in aid of RED NOSE DAY - they made us all laugh.

We enjoyed the jokes in aid of Red Nose Day - some jokes were recorded on SEESAW, some were live!

In English we've been watching a short film clip called 'The Present' where our first impressions of a character are challenged.  In our writing we are trying to develop our writing by showing what the character is feeling rather than telling.  

In Maths we continue with decimals and how they look on a place value grid.  Please continue to read daily and keep those reading records up to date.

Working on our fitness challenge - how many skips can you do in 1 minute?


Working on our Gross motor skills - total flexion 
Working together, giving each other guidance 









 What an amazing array of Christmas jumpers today!  We've had a Christmas-tastic day, including a delicious festive lunch! 

Pulling crackers before our Christmas meal!

The children's resilience and hard work this term has been amazing and we wish them all a very happy and healthy Christmas break!  

We look forward to seeing all their smiling faces back on 5th January for another busy term!  To ensure they return prepared, please continue to allow them to read daily (perhaps as part of the bed-time routine, or when some quiet time is needed!) and record the completed 'blooms' in their reading diaries, keep practising times tables and ensure pencil cases contain: sharp HB pencils, handwriting pen, rubber, ruler, red biro, glue , scissors, etc

Much love to you all, Happy Holidays!

Playing our board games
Seeing other board games
Amazing jumpers









A Taste of our Learning

"It was so much fun having Rev Jane Ball  to visit on Thursday, she answered our questions about our topic on 'Holy' as well about how Christmas can still be a special time, despite Covid." Year 4 child.

Today your child will have brought home several tests that have been quarantining, some tests were done back in September and the tests they have taken this week shown very positive progress (this week's maths tests are in quarantine so we have taken a photo on seesaw, so you can see their progress - the tests will come home next week).

In English we drummed our tables and chanted to add tension

In English we have been learning about how authors create tension, so we used our tables as drums and chanted to build tension - it was very noisy!

In PE we enjoyed the strenuous 'circuits' activity cards in the sunshine! 

Doing circuits in PE in the sunshine!

I have added our music unit to YUMU (information was shared and access information was shared earlier in the term), just in case you need to access it from home.

We have had a brilliant 'Children in Need' day - well done Year 4!

Children in Need activity - benchball

Our chosen activity for children in need was benchball- which was fast and furious! 

Our new Charanga Unit is :

Glockenspiel Stage 


It has been a very exciting start to the new half term with a performance of 'The Wizard of Oz' in the hall, "the best bit was the witch singing 'Let it go'.  We all  loved it!".  In the performance theme, we have learnt and performed poems this week in English - keep an eye on seesaw for some videos!  I was very impressed with the range of poems and the children's enjoyment when performing.  

Enjoying the space in the hall to sing

We have had a couple of days using the hall as a classroom and have made the most of using the extra space - we have enjoyed singing again as well as our 'usual' lessons.  

During 'Take One Picture' week, we have created some fabulous 3D work using clay, paper, acetate, wooden sticks and tissue paper.  See SeeSaw for pictures. 

When the weather allows, we use the field as much as possible, even in the eerie mist....

Enjoying our open spaces in the mist!


Our class charter








We have worked hard on our class charter over the last few weeks and decided to display it using emojis .  We chose articles 2, 23, 24 and article 30 as our focus.

The end of our Mamma Mia 








In music we were sad to finish Mamma Mia as our music unit, but left it on a high using Glockenspiels.

We have spent this afternoon 'doing' our science investigation, see SEESAW for photos!

Wishing you all a safe and happy half term XXX


Donating our Harvest items

Another busy week has passed; we've been learning about persuasive writing, counting in negative numbers, using Roman Numerals to name just a few! Thank you to all of your generous Harvest donations, I know how much the charities will appreciate your items.  We have been discussing our mental health and giving to others is an easy way to help us feel good.  To help our mental well being we are conscious that we have been enjoying playtimes and lunchtimes outside in our wonderful school grounds, surrounded by the countryside.  Do enjoy any outside activities this weekend to help boost mental health for the whole family!


In Science we have been learning about food chains and how nutrients are passed from one producer to consumers - perhaps your child can tell you an example of one in YOUR garden or the local park!

In computing we have been using Purple Mash LOGO to help us code - using correct language and codes to create algorithms.  I have been very impressed with their problem-solving skills.

Coding our way through the 'rapid rapids'
Our fabulous new library!

We have been enjoying a short video clip as inspiration for our Literacy work this week.  We have learnt lots of different ways to start sentences, to help improve our writing as well as features of a diary.  In Maths, we have used number lines to 10,000 and partitioned 4 digit numbers.  

In science we considered why we have different teeth and how animals teeth help their specific diet.  Good news... we all won a £1,000,000 on Who wants to be a millionaire  - asking only digestion questions!

In Computing we had fun finding out how to use the commands of LOGO in a Minataur's labyrinth  - some children didn't quite complete the challenge, so can do this at home if they wish.



A visit by Rabbi Zvi


We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon visit from Rabbi Zvi, who came to tell us all about Jewish living and answer some of our questions.  This information will help us understand our Jewish concept of Sukkot later this term.

In maths we have been using a numberline to plot numbers and have rounded numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

In English we are understanding ways to improve our writing, including 'the power of 3' and DADWAVERS to try and vary our sentence openers. Can your child find any good examples in their reading books?

In Science we have learnt about what happens to our food when we eat it!






We have used basic gymnastic moves on the apparatus.

This has been a busy week, we've continued to learn new routines and started learning new things and reminded ourselves of things we'd forgotten we knew!  There have been tests on: Spellings, Times tables, Arithmetic and Reading comprehension, to help inform our planning for the next few weeks and see where/how we can support your child.  

We like to get outside as much as possible and we start the day with a 'Wake and Shake'. Here we are running,walking and jogging round our field in the glorious morning sunshine.









We have been very impressed by their beautifully formed handwriting with a pen, so we will be issuing pen licences over the coming weeks.

We have agreed Year 4 Internet safety guidelines, which your child has brought home - please read, sign and return to school ASAP.  If you don't have a copy, I attach one to the bottom of this webpage.

Following on from the letter, username and password that was brought home last week, we have now attached our Music unit to the YUMU website.  If you find yourselves at home for days or even weeks, please do use this to keep up to date with the music unit.

We have started our science unit and for our first experiment have put an egg in a range of liquids, see their effect - we will then relate this to their teeth.  We have talked about good dental-care and the danger of sugary drinks that cause the plaque on our teeth to create acid, which damages the teeth.

An example of the posters we have made to help us remember how to keep safe in Year 4

PE days for September will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please remember that you need to come to school in your PE kit on those days. Please wear your shorts under your jogging bottoms, thank you. You will stay in them all day and go home in them. Your PE kit bag will stay at home.

Useful Websites:

Try out your yoga moves:

Cosmic kids

There are lots of way to feel calmer.

Child line calm zone

Don’t forget the usual websites if you want to use them:


Interactive resources


Purple Mash

Spelling Shed

BBC Bitesize

Oxford Owl

Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark