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Year 4

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Ms Fiers and Mrs Pruden

Friday 22nd January 2021

Lockdown Learning Timetable

Start the day off with a wake and shake whether it be Joe Wicks workout, stretches, a run round the garden or an early walk with your dog. 

To celebrate reaching the end of a rather strange week, shall we celebrate by coming to the TEAMS meeting tomorrow with either strange hair, in your onesie or with a pet (if you'd like to!).  Well done for all your hard work this week!

9:00 Early morning starter: 

Spellings/Dictation - find a member of your household to read this out whilst you write it down:

The future adventure is a mixture of wonderment and torture. In nature, vultures often venture long distances for food.
The temperature of the cinema was very warm when I watched the feature film.

Now check spellings and identify those words that need to be learnt.  Please add 'which' to your list of words to learn - many of you have mis-spelt this in your writing.

9.35 - TEAMS meeting welcome and expectations for the day. Do raise your hand if you have any questions about today's or yesterday's learning.  The resources needed for today's learning are on this link to the onedrive:

 9.45-10.15 English: 

Today there are going to be 2 parts to the lesson:  Part 1 -  'editing NEW' you are going to be the teachers and mark a piece of work.  Being able to edit our writing is SO important, which is why you are going to edit the piece on the one drive.  Have a go - how many mistakes did you find?  I included a checklist to prompt you! There is also an information sheet about using inverted commas and punctuation for direct speech, if you want to refer to it.

Part 2 - 'Writing task' using the photo, you need to write 5 sentences. 

Please send in your pieces of writing from Wednesday if you haven't yet done so.

10.15-10.30 Break

10.30- 11.30 Maths: As this unit ends, today children will solve more complex problems building on their understanding from Year 3 of when n objects relate to m objects. They find all solutions and notice how to use multiplication facts to solve problems.  Please use the onedrive link to find today's fluency questions and answers

The video to help support your learning is here

Here are the reasoning and problem solving questions for you to try: The answers are on p.37 from this link:

If you have completed the set learning for today and have maths time spare, here is a link to a daily problem solving question which I challenge you to have a go at:   

11.30-12.30- History:  Mrs Rawlings has created for you a series of lessons on Anglo-Saxons. Complete one each day for the next two weeks. You are always welcome to do additional research on other aspects of Anglo-Saxon life. I have attached the learning below and sent it to you on the OneDrive. I'm sure you will enjoy this learning.

12.30- 1.30 Lunch

1.30-2.00- HSG Challenge: This week's HSG challenges are attached at the bottom of the page and saved on the OneDrive along with a new warm up activity. Please keep a diary/log of when you complete these as well as any other exercise you do during the week.                                                                                         


Other daily/weekly tasks:

Reading - 

I have added a new book called 'Around the world in 80 minutes' along with a quiz per chapter.  There are 8 chapters and the expectation is you read a chapter a day (this can be part of your English lesson if you finish before the 1 hour, or part of your 30 minutes daily reading).  Well done to those of you who read and completed the quizzes on 'Animal boy' .  Doing the quizzes is a really quick and easy to check your understanding - and I know they only take a few minutes.

Please continue to read and record your books - send me a photo on seesaw of your blooms answers - if you need a new book to read, let us know and we can leave one for you in the foyer at school. 

 An email has been sent about the Hampshire Library winter reading challenge - has anyone signed up yet?  Do let me know!

Spellings - to give you time away from screens please use any of the strategies we've taught you in class (pyramid writing, using colours, underlining the 'difficult' bit, look/cover/write/check etc) and practise words from the Year 3/4 word list in the back of your reading record, choose 5 a day to learn.  Or choose some words which you've misspelt in your writing this term.

Times tables - here is a link to a website that generates times tables quizzes.  Try and complete one at least once a week to  ensure you  return to school with really quick recall of multiplication:



What an amazing array of Christmas jumpers today!  We've had a Christmas-tastic day, including a delicious festive lunch! 

Pulling crackers before our Christmas meal!

The children's resilience and hard work this term has been amazing and we wish them all a very happy and healthy Christmas break!  

We look forward to seeing all their smiling faces back on 5th January for another busy term!  To ensure they return prepared, please continue to allow them to read daily (perhaps as part of the bed-time routine, or when some quiet time is needed!) and record the completed 'blooms' in their reading diaries, keep practising times tables and ensure pencil cases contain: sharp HB pencils, handwriting pen, rubber, ruler, red biro, glue , scissors, etc

Much love to you all, Happy Holidays!

Playing our board games
Seeing other board games
Amazing jumpers









A Taste of our Learning

"It was so much fun having Rev Jane Ball  to visit on Thursday, she answered our questions about our topic on 'Holy' as well about how Christmas can still be a special time, despite Covid." Year 4 child.

Today your child will have brought home several tests that have been quarantining, some tests were done back in September and the tests they have taken this week shown very positive progress (this week's maths tests are in quarantine so we have taken a photo on seesaw, so you can see their progress - the tests will come home next week).

In English we drummed our tables and chanted to add tension

In English we have been learning about how authors create tension, so we used our tables as drums and chanted to build tension - it was very noisy!

In PE we enjoyed the strenuous 'circuits' activity cards in the sunshine! 

Doing circuits in PE in the sunshine!