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Year 5

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Mrs Jones & Mrs Baigent

13th July 2018 Theme of the week: Confidence

We have come to the end of a thoroughly enjoyable year. It has been a pleasure for us to spend time with this group of youngsters. We hope that they have enjoyed it as much as we have. We wish you a pleasant end to the year and a relaxing summer break.

Home Learning

Keep reading over the summer (don't forget there are house points available to those who complete the Hampshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge).

On Monday, please bring in an image of a person who has had an big impact on you (for our RE learning).


A taste of our learning


The return of the recitals! Well done to the two boys for their super performances.








The children have really enjoyed publishing their stories in the style of children's author Lauren St John. The full collection will be on display at the Open evening on 17th July.


We were lucky to have Hamza visit us again today to talk about how the British Values (last week's theme) of tolerance and respect link with his Muslim faith. He was incredibly interesting and it was an honour to hear his first hand experiences of life as a Muslim in Britain.  The children listened very respectfully and had many relevant questions for him at the end.


Year 5 enjoyed investigating reflecting shapes outside this week.


Year 5 and Year 3 got together this week to share their learning about plants. Year 3 explained about their 'What if ... ' investigations ( e.g. What if we cut off the plants roots? What if we cut off the plants leaves?). They then observed the plants over a number of weeks. Year 5 were surprised by some of their results. Year 5 talked to Year 3 about their understanding of pollination and their learning about the differences between insect pollinated and wind pollinated flowers


The children have embarked on their first swimming lesson of the season. It was great to see so many of them competently swimming lengths. Well done to all!






It was fantastic to see all the children's rainforest on display this week. The children shared ideas about their learning and what they enjoyed most about the project. They also self and peer-assessed the projects, awarding housepoints.









Year 5 assisted Year 2 in their Science investigations 'Do you get faster as you get older?' They talked to the younger children about how to control variables and helped develop key skills , such as using a stopwatch.


As part of their 'Bridges' topic, the children used spaghetti and marshmallows to explore what makes structures strong. They discovered that a wide, stable base, several pieces of spaghetti rather than just one and triangular shapes all contributed to a more stable and stronger structure.



The children enjoyed a fun afternoon exploring what makes a healthy friendship. The workshop was run by the charity Southern Domestic Abuse Service.


Pupil Voice

This week we listened to the pupils' views about home learning. They overwhelmingly relish the responsibility of being able to choose the activities they complete and having the freedom to choose how they learn about specific skills (e.g if the suggestion is to practise using apostrophes, some complete worksheets or workbook activities, others practise using online resources whereas some might prefer to complete a piece of writing to demonstrate their learning).

They remarked that they enjoy 'Find out about..' tasks and requested more investigative style maths activities (this I will endeavour to do but appropriate resources are scarce). They also requested that tasks  reflect the whole curriculum, so each week I will attempt to continue to include a suggested activity from a subject other than Maths and English on a rotational basis.

St George's Day assembly

The children showed off their talents this week as they entertained and informed the rest of the school and parents about St George. They devised, wrote and researched the assembly themselves- so a huge well done to you all!

Dance Showcase

Sheet Primary School joined us this week to showcase our dances on a theme of 'The Movies'. All the Year 5 groups choreographed their own James Bond routines and performed brilliantly. The Year 5 Sheet pupils performed one dance altogether to a montage of film music.






Class Art exhibition

Thank you to all of you who came along to celebrate the fantastic art that the children have been doing this term. It was spectacular!

Sponsored Skip for Sport Relief!

This week Year 5 skipped until they almost dropped in aid of Sport Relief. Don't forget to collect your sponsor money and bring it into school on Monday.


The class rounded off the busy week with a multi-sports day at The Petersfield School. All children displayed superb attitude and teamwork. Well done! The winning team was 'Light Blues'. Congratulations!








This week, Year 5 pupils took part in the Petersfield Music Festival youth concerts at the Festival Hall as part of a choir comprising of students from a variety of local schools. What an amazing experince for the youngsters! They sang their hearts out and gave a spectacular performance which was acknowledged by the chairman of the festival when he visited our dressing room after the final performance. Ella commented that participating in the choir was 'extraordinary'  and many of the children have also been inspired by the young musicians in the various instrumental ensembles who performed alongside the choir. Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who were thoroughly entertained, as they supported the children, as part of the audience.


Year 5 and 6 were lucky to have a training session with coach Rob from the Harlequins club. They all participated with 100% effort. The club is running a camp in Petersfied over the Easter holidays for children of all ages, abilities and experience. See their website for details.


Anna and Alice F reported, " On the microbit website, we decided that we wanted to programme it to play rock, paper,scissors. We did this by coding 'when 'a' is pressed a picture of a rock appears, 'b' for paper and 'shake' for scissors'. We learnt that if something seems hard at the start, find other easier ways of doing it that still work in the same way. Sometimes things aren't as hard as they seem'.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, the children participated in a workshop, run by a professional actor, based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. They had lots of fun during the workshop and then performed their part of the play along with all the other classes at the end of the day. They also created a miniature stage set  for the play which will go on display at the class art exhibition at the end of this term.





Year 5 investigated which material would make the best brake pad as part of their Forces unit.






We started our new topic Who Decides? this week. The children decided what they would like to learn about and which of the UNICEF Rights of the Child articles they would like to feature most prominently in their learning.



Open classroom afternoon

Many of the children came together, with their parents, in the classroom to talk about the children's learning and next steps. It was fantastic to hear all of the amazing learning conversations. The learning questions (which could prompt these conversations) that were displayed for the session are attached below should you wish to continue to talk at home.



As part of our Forces unit, the children have been investigating air resistance by trying to find out how they can make the most efficient parachute. You could build on this understanding by designing your own racing car or speed boat. Think carefully about its features and why you have included them.


The pupils were enjoying a short break during our first rehearsal, at Churchers School, for the youth concerts which form part of the Petersfield Music Festival event. The children sang beautifully and behaved impeccably. Well done!




In PE we have been learning to use the ribbon in rhythmic gymnastics. The children investigated different arm movements and positions in order to make different shapes.






The method that the children have been using is called the 'bus stop' method.





We have begun our topic by thinking about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. The children also discussed UNICEF's Article  24: Every child has the right to the best possible health.



            A guide to our written methods for multiplication:












Isabelle commented, 'This week, I have learned that you must make sure you carry numbers and don't let your times tables let you down.'

The Rapid Stationery Shop reopens for Christmas with an advert putting their own twist on a festive classic












The children have successfully designed, made, assembled and decorated their gingerbread structures. They have really impressed with their creativity, teamwork and resilience. More photos to follow.



Year 5, joined by Year 4, were lucky enough to be invited to an inclusive sport event at Bohunt School. The children participated in many events including guided athletics, seated basketball and goalball. They had a fabulous time and were commended for their creativity, team work and empathy. (Rights Respecting article 23: A child with a disability has the right to a full and decent life with dignity and independence, and to play an active part in the community.)













We were lucky enough to receive a visit from civil engineer Becky Cusworth this Friday. She talked to the children about her visit to the Antarctica research centre. She is designing a wharf for the British Antarctic Survey's new boat and will return there once construction is underway.




Class Learning Assembly

Thank you to all of you who came to support the children this week by watching their 'Immigration' learning assembly. They did a fantastic job, as always. They planned and prepared all the material themselves in their groups, showing excellent teamwork. In addition, they embodied our theme of the week 'Bravery and courage in our learning' by presenting their learning so clearly.







Anti-bullying week workshop

The theme for this year's anti-bullying week is Everyone different, everyone equal. The class enjoyed a fabulous workshop this week where they learned about: controlling anxiety; positive poses; and confident speaking, amongst other things.



The Rapid Stationery shop opens with an eye-catching advert!













Once again, we have been thoroughly entertained by our brilliant music recital this week. Well done to all our musicians. This week we grooved along to a very jazzy version of 'When the Saints Go Marching In'.

All the children who are learning to play instruments have been invited to perform during our music lessons over the coming weeks.


We have begun our topic about 'The Swinging Sixties'. The children have been learning to twist and do the hand jive. Can you explain to someone else, or write a set if instructions, about how to do the dances?

Stationery Shop

Rapid Stationery Shop has been very successful. The stock has flown off the shelves. Well done again to the pupil team. Updates on takings and profit made will be available after the half-term holiday. Look out for information about our next sales in the week running up to the Christmas holidays.









All of the children presented their Immigration topics this week and it was fascinating to see the diversity of their subjects, approaches to the research and how they presented their findings. Well done!



We were treated to a super sing-a-long performance of Away in a Manger which was composed by  William J. Kirkpatrick who emigrated from England to the USA.





We have completed half-termly arithmetic tests this week. Afterwards, we made corrections and discussed our learning. 'Expert Learners' were on hand to help out.



We have been investigating the properties of materials ( magnetism, transparency, hardness, permeability and flexibility) and linking them to the materials' uses.



The children have also been learning about e-safety and have completed posters advising others how to keep safe online. These are displayed in front of the computing suite.






Practising these basic shapes will improve your core strength - have a go!


Rights Respecting School

The children have created their own charter by voting for the UNICEF articles on which they would like to focus this year. After that, they made suggestions about what children should do and adults must do in order to ensure all children at the school access their rights. The resulting work is displayed in the classroom. I am very proud of the children for showing their understanding of the articles and the mature way they approached the task. They are starting to independently consider the rights during all aspects of the curriculum.

Our class representatives

Our newly elected Arts Ambassador, School Councillor and Rights Respecting steering group members.

Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • Offsted
  • RRSA Silver
  • Sports Mark