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Year 5

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Mrs Jones & Mrs Slusarczyk

Have a very happy and restful half-term holiday!

Spring Term Maths Challenge!

This term there is a Maths Challenge instead of a Reading Challenge. There are eight activities for you to have a go at and record in your home learning books. Make sure you tick your challenges off on the sheet when you have completed them. There are still 25 house points available for any completed challenges, or two house points for any tasks that you have had a go at if you haven’t been able to complete the whole thing. Good luck!

Friday 15th February- Theme of the week: Self-control


Year 5 will be swimming on alternate Thursdays starting from Thursday 10th January. During these weeks one of the other PE sessions will not go ahead. (Next swimming session is 28th February.)

Home Learning


Use some of the words from the list in rules 41 and  42 (-ible, -able, -ibly and -ably suffixes) on the website and write them into sentences.

We have completed the book 'Seven Hours to Save the World' from the serial mash sapphires collection in our guided reading sessions. Complete a book review (there are templates on Purple Mash).

Carry on reading each evening and try to record three new words in the 'Increase your vocabulary' section of your Reading Record.If you need inspiration for your reading material visit the 'must have' books for Year 5 at Reading Records will be reviewed after half-term to check to see that they are being completed comprehensively.


Recent times tables and arithmetic assessments have been sent home for you to review together. Develop your arithmetic skills by practising the types of questions that you didn't get right first time around.

Continue to use your Maths Gap Analysis and current targets to focus your Maths home learning.

The children have been comparing and ordering fractions as part of their 'Fractions' topic . Practise these skills by using the attached worksheet at the bottom of the page or go to on the interactive resources website.


Keep practising the songs for the Petersfield Music Festival Youth Concert. Some of the songs are quite challenging (particularly the African songs) so it would be beneficial to practise at home. The children have the song words. They could also search for the songs on Spotify or Youtube to familiarise themselves with the melodies.

A Taste of our Learning

Take One Picture week

This week, the whole school has been focussed on the painting 'The Castle at Muiden in Winter' by Beerstraaten. One of the activities involved the children creating music to accompany their suspense writing set within the castle.




Safer Internet Day

The children took part in role play activities to explore ideas around personal information, permission and consent, as part of our work on Safer Internet Day, this week.

How would you feel if your friend shared some personal information without your permission?

Circus workshop

The children had a great time learning new circus skills in their workshop to celebrate Chinese New Year. They needed balance, core strength, focus and perseverance to succeed. Well done all of you!


A specialist PE teacher from Perins School came into Langrish to deliver a special PE lesson for year 5. The children tried out a number of inclusive sports, including seated volleyball. We will be looking for opportunities to squeeze some of these sports into our busy PE curriculum time.

Cultural days

All the children enjoyed the two cultural days, as they completed a whistle stop tour of Europe. The children took part in a variety of activities, in mixed age groups, to help them learn about seven different European countries. Look out for more information and photos in The Nutshell.


We kicked off the year on Monday by making clay monkeys, inspired by the work of artist Frida Kahlo, as part of our South and Central American Art topic.

The Snowman book project

The children have worked so hard to publish their Snowman books. Once they were all completed, they shared their books with Year R, Year 1 and Year 2. Their stories were fantastic and the finished books looked superb.

Christmas market

Thank you so much to all the buskers  who added to the festive atmosphere and raised money for FOLS

Gingerbread House

The children had a fantastic time designing, making and decorating their gingerbread houses. There is an album of photos in the Gallery.

Mindfulness meditation

We are meditating for five minutes at the beginning of each afternoon in order to refocus for our learning. You could also try this at home, maybe just before bedtime. There are lots of short videos for meditation for children on You Tube.

Pizza Express

Year 5 attended a pizza-making workshop at Pizza Express where they learned about food from around the world from the restaurant manager, who has worked at many top restaurants around the globe. He also talked about his experiences training to be a pastry chef for Gordon Ramsey, at Claridge's in London, and the commitment and hard work that it takes to make it in the restaurant business.

Investigating Materials

The children have been working scientifically during various practical sessions this half term. They have been investigating reactions, dissolving and whether lemonade is the same mass before and after it has gone flat.

Shakespeare workshop

The children were lucky enough to attend another workshop this week- this time 'Romeo and Juliet'. They used freeze frames to explore different aspects of the play.

Year 5 World War I Day

The children looked great in their costumes and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the The Great War. They have written some superb war poems, produced very effective silhouette art and took part in a drama workshop. The day ended with a minute silence and each class performed their section of  the whole school production.


Shakespeare performance

We enjoyed a fantastic time at Ditcham park's performance of 'Comedy of Errors' this week. The children really enjoyed it and were super ambassadors for Langrish.

Open Classroom

Thank you so much to all the parents and grandparents who came to support the children at their class assembly about Diwali. The children planned and prepared it themselves in just three days! So a magnificent well done to them all. The class room was buzzing afterwards with conversations about the children's learning. This support is so important for the children's progress, so thank you once again.




Shakespeare workshop

Thank you much to Head of Drama, Susie Wey, for coming into school to run the workshop. The children were amazing; confident and resilient.


Well done to all the children on the presentation of their immigration projects. They were amazing; very informative, well researched and all so different!


We have been investigating the suitability of different materials for different jobs this week. For example, which materials would be most appropriate for a black-out blind, switch or insulating cup holder.







During our gymnastics lessons we have been learning about shapes and balances. Which shapes and balances have we practised? Which ones are shown here? Practise them each day to improve your core strength.


At the start of each new unit, we complete an 'Anchor Task'. These are concept based investigations which allow us to assess the children's understanding of the new concept. This week, we completed a task using the part-whole model to check understanding of addition and subtraction.




Have a look at our 'Immigration' topic learning wall. What can the children tell you about what they have learned so far. Can you find definitions for the keywords?









Year 5 joined Year 3 this week to investigate whether they could run faster than Usain Bolt. Do you think they can?




Our Class Charter

We have completed our class charter, which is up on display in the classroom. The children decided upon the articles from the UNICEF rights of the Child and then thought about how adults in school will ensure that all children access these rights. The charter formed a starting point for a discussion about what our learning environment should be like. Ultimately, this has resulted in our Class Rules.




Roles of responsibility


Well done to all those who put themselves forward as candidates this week. You all gave superb speeches. Many of the class have been chosen to be librarians and we also elected our School Council Rep, Arts Ambassador and Rights Respecting Reps.


Fire Service Visit

The children enjoyed the workshops with the Hampshire Service this week. They learnt about fire safety in the home and road safety too.









Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • Offsted
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark