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Year 5

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Mrs Jones

Reminder: Tuesday 3rd March Petersfield Music Festival rehearsal at TPS. We will travel by coach to TPS at 1.15pm. Please collect children from TPS at 4pm.

Friday 28th February

Theme of the week: Exploration. 'Exploration is about finding new things, places and species.'

Class Discussion: Why is exploration important?

Home Learning Menu:

Please record the date and underline it at the start of each week's log. Choose items from the Home Learning Menu and/or activities which reinforce personal targets which are written in Grammar glossaries and Maths Journals.

Children, please record the home learning that you have done each week. Presentation in your Home Learning Log should be neat, as it is in your school books.

Parents, after they have completed it, please read over your child's log with them each week. Ask them to check that they have edited for spellings, simple punctuation at the end of sentences and capital letters for proper nouns. These are some basics that some of the children are forgetting to do.

Maths:  Each morning, as part of their early work, all the children complete their Fluent in 5 task which consists of 5 arithmetic questions revising previous learning and embedding current learning. Every Friday, they will bring these sheets home to share. Please review them together weekly. Celebrate successes and use any questions which were answered incorrectly to generate similar questions in order to practise that particular skill.

We have continued our Fractions topic this week by learning about how to add and subtract mixed numbers. Use sections T14 and T15 on the ixl website for revision:

The children should bring their Maths Journals home each evening and bring them back to school for the following day.








Use your Grammar Glossaries to help you complete these activities. You can add to your 'Adverbials' page if you need to.The children should bring their Grammar Glossaries home each evening and bring them back to school for the following day.

Spelling focus : This week's focus has been  words from the Year 5/6 statutory list. This list of words can be found on page 40 of your Reading Record. Choose unfamiliar five words and find out their meanings. Use these words in conversation and, once you are confident, use them in your writing at school.

Next week we will revise root words and our new learning will be proofreading our writing for errors.

All of the children now have their login details for the Spelling Shed website New word lists, which are linked to Year 5 spelling foci,  will be put onto the site each week. Most of the children have already had a go and are busy collecting points and honey pots so that they can personalise their avatars. Where are you on the class leader board?

The children should bring their Spelling Logs home each evening and bring them back to school for the following day.

A Taste of our Learning:

World Faith and Philosophy

This half-term's concept is 'Symbols' which the children have learned about through the church service of Eucharist or Holy Communion. The Rev. Jane Ball came into class to speak to the children about the service, explaining the symbolism of the bread and wine.

We also learned about the story of the last supper in relation to the Eucharist and the children created their own freeze frames, after which they discussed the feelings and thoughts of the different characters involved.

Safer Internet Day Workshop

Everyone had fun learning about Internet safety through role play, rapping and dance. 'Zip it! Block it! Flag it!'







Take One Picture Week

As part of Take One Picture week, Year 5 put themselves in the place of one of the characters in ‘A Village Square’ by Lowry. In character, they wrote some imaginative, engaging and emotional diary entries. There have been house fires, lost dogs, and pick-pocketing going on- just to mention a few plot lines.

We took this opportunity to use a variety of media (pencil, ink, charcoal and oil pastels) to investigate how Lowry created his famous matchstick characters.

We also investigated perspective by drawing Lowry style buildings.

Bringing these ideas all together, we used Petersfield scenes to explore how to use perspective and brought all our learning together to create a final piece in the style of Lowry but inspired by our local area.


As part of our Forces topic, the children were investigating friction. How did the ancient Moroccans move such large rocks using couscous? (I have to confess now that this isn't quite true- in fact it's a complete fib!). They certainly learned a lot though and developed their Working Scientifically skills as well.


Another Art update!

I'm sure that you'll agree that the completed clay monkeys look amazing. Well done year 5; you persevered and were very resilient.





Art update

The children have now used their designs to create their very characterful clay monkeys. They will be drying over the next few days and then it will be time to paint and varnish them. Look out for photos of the finished artworks.



As part of our topic 'Central and South American Art' we studied some of the works of Frida Kahlo. She often included wildlife in her pictures, especially monkeys. This has inspired us to create clay monkey sculptures. The children have produced some amazing designs, showing front and rear views and close up details of faces and hands.




'The Snowman' books.

Year 5 have all become published authors this week! They have thoroughly enjoyed producing illustrated children's books and reading them to Year 1 and 2 pupils.








Christmas Jumper Day

We wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for the charity Save the Children. It got us into the mood for our Christmas lunch and Christmas fayre.






Gingerbread Houses

The children have had a very exciting time making gingerbread and assembling and decorating their houses.















Performance Poetry

As part of our English topic we have been studying Junk: The Story of Jasper O'Leary. The children rehearsed and performed their versions of the poem in pairs and small groups. They focussed on expression, clarity, hand gestures and facial expressions. Some amazing performances. Well done! We are currently experiencing technical difficulties when attempting to upload the video to the website. Everyone can view the performance on Seesaw whilst we attempt to rectify the problem. Thank you.

Image result for seesaw app logo



All the children have access to the app Seesaw in class. They can share learning that they are particularly proud of with parents and other invited adults who have registered. If you haven't signed up, please do so as it is a great way for the children to share instantly their learning with you.


Children in Need

This year the whole school raised money for Children in Need by supporting a non-uniform day and spending money at lots of stalls at break and lunch times. A fun day was had by all.




The Life Bus


Year 5 visited the life bus this week where they learned about what the body needs for their physical and mental health; making healthy choices; peer pressure and being assertive.





The Butterfly Lion at Chichester Minerva Theatre

Wow! What a fantastic day! The children (and adults) were absolutely gripped throughout the whole performance. We were treated to a workshop during the morning when we met some of the actors who talked about the production and the rehearsal process. We were also introduced to one of the puppets, a dog called Jack. The workshop was very useful as it explained the fact that some of the main characters would be played by three different actors at different stages of their lives - sometimes all on stage simultaneously.

Volunteers from our class were lucky enough to get up on stage (during the workshop) to perform with the cast.

Some of the children have expressed the wish to go to see it again.




Significant People Day

Year 5 learned about Dr Thomas Barnardo's life and work and then they produced a magazine article explaining his significance. They looked at the postive contributions he made as well as the controversy that he created at the time as well as more recent scandals associated with the Barnardo's charity in the mid 20th century.

The following day, they looked at the other classes' learning and then debated the relative significance of each of the six significant people studied.


Fourteen children from Year 5 attended a Playleading course at Bohunt School where they: learned about leadership and communication skills; designed games; and carried out risk assessments, taking into account the equipment, space available and participants . They were all impeccably behaved and the course leader commented on their resilience and 'have a go' attitude.



Before we begin each topic in Maths, we carry out an 'Anchor Task'. The children do this in pairs or threes and it gives the teacher an opportunity to assess the children's understanding of the concept rather than the knowledge and skills which would be assessed in a more traditional test. There is no input and limited guidance from the teacher so the children really enjoy having the freedom to explore the concept freely - with no right or wrong answers! The powerpoint that we used for this task is attached below.


Year 5 pupils have been developing their 'Working Scientifically' skills by identifying and controlling variables whilst investigating the most suitable material for a blackout blind.







Fire Service visit

The Fire Service visited this week to talk about fire safety in the home. The children have all taken home a plan of their home which they can use to discuss an evacuation plan with adults at home. Tracy, the fire Leader, was really impressed with our knowledge. Can you explain to an adult at home the meaning of the following words?

  • arson

  • guilty by association

  • spontaneous combustion

  • toxic

School Parliament

This week Year 5 elected their new School Parliament representatives (School Councillor, Rights Respecting representatives and Arts Ambassador).

Well over half of the class put themselves forward for these positions and there were several rounds of voting before the final candidates were elected. Well done to everyone who went for these roles. It's not easy to stand up and make a speech but all the children should be proud of themselves.


Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark