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Year 6

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Miss Jones & Mrs Slusarczyk

Friday 6th December: Mindfulness

"Being mindful can help you focus and calm down."

Class discussion: What should our art provision look like? 

  • What are the best things about art in our school?
  • How could we improve the creative art provision further?
  • What might help to make art more authentic in school?

Home Learning

  • Maths: Review your mental maths test from Thursday and practise any skills you had forgotten. You could also now complete the position and direction sections of your revsion guide.
  • English: Review you Grammar and Spelling tests with an adult - what are you secure with and where should you now put your efforts? Use Spellingframe or your revision guide to help practise the spelling patterns you found most challenging.
  • Technology: In preparation for Wednesday, collect useful resources for your fairground ride. Look in your recycling, have you got any small boxes, plastic lids, tubes etc which would help to make your structure more easily?

A Taste of Our Learning

Debating Success!

We were delighted to welcome back Councillors Oppenheimer and Burges today as they awarded Year 6 with a debating trophy! The recent 'National Takeover' event, hosted by East Hants District Council, included a debating challenge. Year 6 were able to use their recent learning in geography, and research about Greta Thunberg, to inform their contributions; the children were celebrated for their ability to build on points made previously and challenge opinions politely. Well done, Year 6!

Position & Direction

We've been having fun with shapes this week in maths, working on grids with 4 quadrants and using coordinates to explain the position of shapes before and after different transformations. Our learning questions have been: How do I plot coordinates in all 4 quadrants? Can you explain the translation? How is reflecting different to translating?

During the sessions, the children's independent work was generally confident and showed a secure grasp of the skills, so...can they give you a masterclass in position and direction?! Perhaps they could explain where vertex A would be in the photo if Isabelle's shape was reflected again into the 3rd quadrant.





Change begins with ME

Over the last couple of week's we have revisited the theme of bullying, using the Anti-Bullying Alliance's materials to support discussion. This year's theme is, 'Change begins with ME', so we have thought about the role of a bystander and how our actions can, unintentionally, make a situation harder for someone rather than better.  Through role play and more discussion we then considered how we can turn this around and be the instigator of positive change. The children all wrote pledges, which are now displayed on our classroom door, reflecting these ideas

Orca Talk

We enjoyed our talk on cetaceans on Monday when we learned all manner of facts about porpoises, dolphins and whales. It was fascinating to see how they 'measured up' to our children and to learn so many scientific snippets of information. Did you know that killer whales aren't actually whales? Can your child remember why?

National Takeover Day

On Tuesday we welcomed Lara from East Hants District Council, along with Councillor Oppenheimer and Parish Councillor Burges. The children learned all about different levels of democracy and how the councils work to support each other. After a question and answer session, we then held a debate over whether we should ban all cars that aren't electric from January 1st! The children drew on their recent geography unit to support their arguments before voting in a mock election.
























Year 6 enjoyed creating poems together that they could share as part of our Remembrance Service on Monday. Their artwork was also beautiful and helped to aid reflection during their assembly.

The Life Bus







On Thursday we enjoyed our decisions session on board the Life Bus. The children had to consider how we keep our bodies mentally and physically healthy and were guided to reflect on the power they had over this through their lifestyle choices. They then considered the importance of feeling safe and secure in order to make the right decisions, even when situations are challenging.

Through film, drama and discussion, they then considered why someone might be tempted to cave to peer pressure (accepting an alcoholic drink when underage) and how this would impact their mental and physical health.

Significant Person Day - Greta Thunberg









Year 6 created these great biography projects to show what they learnt about Greta Thunberg and to reflect her historical significance. Interestingly, when debating her significance alongside that of other historical figures, Year 6 overwhelmingly argued her importance as they felt without her, our future is in jeopardy.








We had a Year 6 had a great time at Thinksafe this week, working alongside Hampshire Fire & Rescue, the police, Dogs Trust, the RNLI, Southern Domestic Abuse Service and council litter enforcement officers. The children's knowledge and preconceptions were tested through variety of activities and role-play scenarios, which helped them to consider how they could best keep themselves, their families, pets and the environment safe. Can you remember what the fine is for taking a dog out without a collar and suitable name tag, or what the maximum penalty for arson is in this country?

World Faith & Philosophy                                                     Marvellous Maths

Conscience alley: Is ritual more important than prayer?
Paired puzzling in maths: can you make all of the pieces fit the puzzle?










House Captain Elections




Well done to all of the candidates in the House Captain elections today, you challenged yourselves and clearly presented some strong arguments for why you should be elected. Particular congratulations to the successful eight!

Fire Service Visit

Year 6 showed a good general knowledge of how to keep themselves safe from fire this week when they were visited by Hampshire Fire and Rescue. They had to assess the risk in various situations and justify their response. Some of the children were surprised to learn that the age of criminal responsibility is only 12 and that intentionally setting fire to something to cause harm or damage is arson. Through role play and discussion, they considered what they would do if they were a witness to such an event.

Singer Sargent Portraits

We began our unit on American artists this week by looking at some of the work Singer Sargent created. The children then had a go at 'filling in' the other half of a selected portrait with some excellent results!





Our Rights Respecting Charter

Setting the expectations

Welcome back! We have had a good couple of days settling into new routines and setting our expectations for the year ahead. The children have created a display to reflect their ideas of what will make them successful learners this year:

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Our Awards

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