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Year 6

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Miss Jones & Mrs Slusarczyk

Friday 23rd October - Happy Half Term!

  • Manga High: choose from the assignments set to support your new maths target and Spelling Shed: rules 1-3 as needed
  • Go through your mental arithmetic and tables tests from this week and work on your mistakes using the revision guides/online games
  • Keep reading! I will be awarding Bronze certificates and reviewing Reading Records during the first week back.

A Tate of Our Learning

Rights Respecting Charter

Each week we have a Rights Respecting Assembly which gives us a chance to discuss different articles in detail and consider how these are affecting the lives of other children around the world and our own life here in Langrish. We have used these discussions to help us complete this year's Rights Respecting Charter reflected in this display. Every child has either decorated a leaf or provided the wording for an article; see if they can explain which 3 articles they have chosen this year?

The stunts are getting higher...












Week 3 of our cheerleading coaching and things are progressing nicely: our routine is coming together, the spirit is building and our stunts are climbing ever higher! 

World Faith & Philosophy: Ritual







Through the Islamic ritual of wudu, Year 6 reflected on the concept of ritual this week. They discussed the symbolism of water in religions, drawing on their own experiences and previous learning to compare wudu with baptism in the Christian faith. Their learning culminated in a debate around the statement: my rituals make me who I am. 

Orphans of the Tide

We have finished writing some fantastic myths and legends based on our class reader this week. Today we even had a go at storytelling by thinking carefully about the plot and structure of the story and just using notes to support us. Have a look at Seesaw over the weekend to see your child's efforts and discuss any next steps identified.

Marvellous Maths

Some great work today applying this week's learning. Year 6 had to find a way to fit the 10 labels and 25 numbers into the grid so that they were all correctly sorted. Lots came close but only 2 pairs found a solution; congratulations to Noelle, Sylvie, Brodie and Reuben.


Pom poms and pyramids!

As a result of our commitment to sport, we have been gifted six week's of cheerleading sessions! Gemma joined us on Wednesday for our first class and took us through the basics: our first positions, tuck and pike jumps, formation and, most importantly, spirit! The routine is already building up beautifully, we look forward to sharing a video once we get a little further.



We have started to display our self portraits which aim to share our characters in a visual form. The children used watercolour paint to create their background, selected the ose they wanted to be in and then typed some statements about themselves to complete their mixed media projects!






Please keep the wellies coming in. We now have our own class rack on which these will be stored Monday - Friday, hopefully making access to the outside space smoother as the weather continues to change!










We are sitting in rows now to minimise face to face contact during lessons. When we use the ICT Suite, we split into 2 groups so we can have a computer each, avoid crowding and sharing keyboards/mice. To help reduce cleaning, we are bringing our own headphones from home.



As we wash our hands when we leave/enter the classroom, we have created an extra hand washing area outside our door. It's set up and maintained by a class monitor.




How will we be successful this year?


We reviewed what it means to be successful in our learning and have changed the existing display by adding to or modifying the wording. Through our discussion, we considered the different strengths we would need this year as we return to school after so long and prepare for the challenge of secondary school next year.


Useful websites:

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Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark