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Miss Jones & Mrs Elrick

Red House representatives purchase new titles with Jumble Sale proceeds

Friday 18th February

I hope you have had a relaxing, if a little soggy, half term break and are looking forwrd to returning to school on Monday! Well done to those few who have continued to access diagnostic questions over the break, all questions are still available if you've been enjoying your week off and would be well worth a look over the next week if you've not yet attempted these. The assessments completed during the last week of the half term (reading, SPaG & maths) were sent home before the holidays too,  remember to keep referring back to these as we restart term in order to inform revision and home learning over the coming weeks.

If you were lucky enough to borrow one of our new library books for the holidays I look forward to hearing how you got on - 'Nevermoor, The Trials of Morrigan Crow' was a delight and will be ready to borrow first thing Monday morning! Now, what should I read next....

Friday 2nd February 

Our Mr Benn stories are now in production. We have spent some time revising the conventions for punctuating direct speech and considering how we can include our own writing targets in our stories. We will continue to write next week and hope to have these ready to share during our Open Classroom next Wednesday (3.15-4.15pm).

For home learning, keep working on your WordBlaze or personl spelling targets. Remember to check that you are confident with the list of homophones from a few weeks age (practice/practise is still causing particular problems) and to check you can spell our 'ough' words.

In Maths we have been having fun with algebra! So far we have considered how we can express a calculation using an algebraic expression, interpret an algebraic expression and prove our understanding by substituting a known value into an expression. Today we began to look at how we can generate formula to explain a sequence. For those who would like further practice, pages 74 & 75 should now be accessible. We will continue with this unit next week alongside our next round of assessments - look out for completed test papers coming home towards the end of next week.

Friday 26th January

This week we have begun our narrative unit on Mr Benn! The children are thinking carefully about cohesion and the subtle details they can plan into their own stories to help the reader. Ask your child to explain their Mr Benn story plan to you focussing on how they will resolve the adventure in a clever way with help from an object or character introduced earlier in the dilema. We have also been revising word classes this week - can your child explain and name examples of: adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions? There are some good questions on ixl to help with this if needed.

In maths we have been working with percentages. The children are confident to find a percentage of an amount and are beginning to apply their skills to solve problems involving percentage increase and decrease. Revision p.35 has some examples to practise, or your child could have a go at some real life problems from the supermarkets: 10% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine, how much will you pay for your selection?!

Streetdance Showcase














Well done to Year 6 on a great performance this week, their streetdance was high energy, fun and full of atitude!

Friday 19th January

We have now completed our playscript unit in English and the children have been very successful at both portraying character through dialogue and using a range of punctuation for clarity and effect. Please continue to support their Home Learning by talking to them about their individual writing targets (in Reading Records) and encouraging some independent practise of these. 

Well done to all of the children whao have made such a positive start to their Spring Reading Challenge, lots of great baking and poetry recitals this week! Keep ticking off those challenges!

In maths we have now completed our unit on decimals by working with fraction/decimal equivalents. Power Pods can be found in our 'Fractions' folder on Interactive Resources and gives good practice of this skill. Next week we are moving on to look at percentages in more detail which will also be supported by this game.

Virtual Reality Learning

Watching the heart beat!
Blood flowing through the vessels








We ended our topic on the circulatory system by using a virtual reality app to scan a member of Year 6. By wearing a special t-shirt, we were able to look inside our model to uncover the heart beating behind the ribcage and lungs, cut into the heart and even see the bloodcells flowing through his veins and arteries. A great way to summarise our learning and help to remember the key concepts!

Friday 12th January 2018

This week we have begun our unit on playscripts. We have used clips from 'The Jungle Book' and then written the corresponding script with consideration for the adverbs and progressive verbs used in the stage directions to ensure each character knows what to do as well as what to say! We have also been thinking carefully about the punctuation that is needed to guide the actor and how our choices might effect the meaning. In spellings, we have looked at the list of homophones displayed to the right and begun targetting those which we are not as secure with. For Home Learning, continue to practise any pairs which you find confusing (p. 32-33 in revision guides).

Testing out our playscripts!

In maths this week we have been working with decimals, particularly multiplying and dividing with these. Having now learned how to express a remainder as a decimal, today we have begun to think about what to do with remainders in the context of different problems - rounding up, down or using the decimal to express accurate answers to questions involving measures. Have a go at pages 26-29 in the revision guide, especially the word problem sections, if these have not already been completed. Alternatively, answer the IXL questions for maths objective D.12.


Don't forget the new Spring Term book challenge has now begun. Click here to browse and get working on your first challenge this weekend!

Friday 5th January 2018

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all! We started term with a visit from our local PCSO officers on Thursday morning who came to speak to Year 6 about e-safety. This visit was planned as a timely recap to prior learning in light of new technology that the children may have received over the holidays. Year 6 were excellent at responding knowledgeably and honestly to the questions and are now working on their recounts of the main safety points for their Home Learning task this week - look out for these in the upcoming Nutshell. 

Congratulations to our Year 6 Head Teacher; a great impression was made at the school gate and it was a privilege to have you with us once your official duties were over today!

For home learning this week, in addition to the PCSO recount/top tips, have a look at p.33 in your maths revision guides to practise the decimal place value we have been doing.




Thursday 21st December


We made it! Congratulations to all of Year 6 on their hard work and progress over the last term; every member of the class has really come on and should feel incredibly proud of their efforts.

Until then, have a wonderful Christmas and well deserved break! Best wishes for the New Year,

Miss Jones and Year 6

Merry Christmas!

Friday 15th December

All assessments (reading, maths and SPaG) should now have come home to be shared. The children worked hard during these practice tests and are proud of the progress they have made this term. We have gone through the papers together and you should see 'red pen' corrections in your child's papers to reflect this. Any time that can be spent looking at errors from these tests would be helpful, especially the areas which have already been covered this academic year and that children should therefore be more confident with - they will be able to tell you which these are! Our Meet the Teacher on the first week back will address common issues arising, what we are doing in school to support this, how you can continue to support this at home and a more in depth look at the real SATs that the children will take in May. Please feel free to bring your child's assessment papers along to this if you have any further questions.

Friday 1st December

As part of our assembly on Monday, Mrs Wright has set the challenge of submitting a healthy recipe for our whole school cookbook. If you have any family favourites, please take some time to record this over the weekend with due consideration to your layout and presentation.

For Maths, pages 60-65 in revision guides will give further practice of the work done this week on position and direction. If you are already confident in answering our learning question from today (Can you explain the transformation?), spend some time working on your individual maths targets to build fluency and confidence.

For English, keep working on your Autumn Term book challenge - 2 weeks to go! It may also be timely to self-assess your knowledge of the Year 5 and 6 spelling words and set yourself some targets for the coming weeks (it became apparent that we are struggling with environment this week). Pages 4-9 in your revision guides may provide some useful support in further developing your word power and spelling strategies too. Finally, if you were inspired by Puffin's 'Virtual Live' illustrators' live stream this afternoon, why not have a go at their competition using the information above?

Street dance

'We came up with our own routines, working with classmates who we don't normally choose to work with, using the moves learnt in previous weeks. At the end of the session, we performed our routines to the rest of the class. It was really fun because we learnt different ideas from our new partners which made the dance more interesting.' Caitlin and Jess H

(UNCRC Article 31: Every child has the right to take part in a wide range of artistic activities)


This week we began measuring, sawing and assembling our DT projects - working fairground rides.

Friday 24th November

For Home Learning this week, review your fractions mini-assessment from Thursday and use your revision guide or to practise your target areas. For an added challenge, why not also have a go at today's Barvember problem? Remember to think about the trial and improvement strategy we used in class today.

Our persuasive writing unit has started well this week with the children considering how they can use language effectively to convey viewpoint and persuade. As part of this, we have revisited different ways to expand noun phrases or embed a relative clause to expand descriptions. Have a go at a piece of your own writing this week which shows some of these skills or complete pages 76-77 of your revision guide.

Trialling new technologies

We enjoyed an interactive quiz to start our Geography lesson yesterday: the children each had a special code which they orientated to show their response to multiple choice questions posed through a website called Plickers. We then scanned their responses using a mobile device with the app installed to gather instant data and record their responses. The web page was then used to reflect response range across the Claus and celebrate the correct answer. The children loved using the technology and are keen to revisit it with other subjects soon!

Friday 17th November

Year 6 had a great time during their anti-bullying workshop on Thursday afternoon. (UNCRC Article 19: The right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated).They worked in groups to freeze frame a range of scenarios where bullying may occur then thought about how they would feel if they were really in that role. In this frame, set on the playground, the 'bully's' response was "Should I be doing this?" 

The children also played a number of games to develop their confidence in dealing with difficult situations: they learnt the importance of regulating your breathing, striking a power pose and using your voice to trick your body into feeling more positive. 

Using your confident voice to assert yourself
Power posing!









Pedal Power

Congratulations to Year 6 for their excellent effort this week in learning how to cycle safely on the roads around school. Our Pedal Power instructors have been blown away by your behaviour and attitude! Keep cycling and remember what you've learnt to keep safe!


Friday 10th November

Thank you so much for joining us this morning for our Remembrance Assembly; Year 6 did a super job of leading the school in remembrance and it was lovely to have so many of you with us to share the occasion. If you were unable to make it, the artwork and poetry which was shared will be in display in the foyer for the next week so please pop in and take a look.

Freedom Friday!

Today in English we enjoyed the opportunity to write about whatever we wanted, uninterrupted and without constraints! (UNCRC Article 13: Freedom of expression.) While for some this degree of freedom was a little overwhelming, the majority of the children were immediately excited and engaged in their work. The idea is to allow them the space to be truly creative and apply their learning independently whilst reminding them of the joy of simply writing. Opportunity will be provided next week for children to share their work if they wish, while their writing will also provide the basis for the children's next Learning Detective conferences with Miss Jones.


Don't forget it's Bikeability next week and all children will need to bring their bicycles and helmets in on Monday morning (unless you have requested to borrow from the team). Children may also need gloves, waterproof coats and suitable trousers depending on the conditions - they will be given the opportunity to change before and after their sessions. Bikes may be left on site overnight but will need padlocks provided by you.

Friday 3rd November

Welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful half term. The children have settled back in well and I am delighted to announce that our first three prefect badges were awarded this morning: congratulations to Leonie, Eleanor and Amelia! There are a number of children who are incredibly close, and I look forward to announcing their success soon; keep working hard Year 6! (UNRC Article 29: Education must encourage the child's respect for human rights).


by John


In English we have begun our poetry unit, asking how figurative language can help evoke atmosphere and emotion. Some of our work will be showcased during our Remembrance Day Class Assembly on Friday 10th November, please come and join us at 10.45am if you are able to.



Friday 20th October

To complete our North American artists unit, Year 6 painted watercolours of a place they like to read. We then took still images of them reading which were printed and layered on top to create these beautiful pictures (UNRC Article 31: Every child has the right to take part in a wide range of artistic activities). More images will be displayed in our class gallery; please come and join us on Friday 3rd November for our next Meet the Teacher to see them.

Friday 13th October

Diwali Dance



We enjoyed an awesome day of dance on Wednesday when we were visited by Kayleigh from West End in Schools, who hosted a series of workshops around the theme of Diwali. Her launch assembly, in which she spoke about her career to date, was inspirational and the workshops did not let us down either.



Think Safe

We had a great time at Queen Elizabeth Country Park this week, taking part in East Hampshire's Think Safe campaign. The children took part in quizes about their consumer rights and issues around domestic abuse, role-play to identify stranger danger (well done Barney and Ryan!) and what to do in the event of a house fire and presentations from the Dogs Trust and RNLI.








Friday 6th October

Maths: Please have a go at 'All Kinds of Number' (pages 20-21) this week. Everyone is making great progress with their multiplication and division fluency so keep up the good work with this too; for those now taking the challenge assessments, these are in bags to use as a basis for your home learning.

English: We have been working hard on proof-reading and editing our work independently. The children are making progress but still find identifying their own errors challenging. With this is mind, I have set the 'Proof-reading' section of their English revision guides (p.60-61) for this week's home learning. We will mark this together in class so discussions can take place around any errors or misconceptions; please ensure all English revision guides are in school for Thursday next week.

Friday 29th September

Circuits, singing and safety

Making series and parallel circuits
Strings and glockenspiel accompaniment to 'I'll be there' in our music lessons.









In addition to our practical work in science and music this week, we have created a class e-safety agreement which can be found at the bottom of this page. The children considered their right to seek and receive all kinds of information (Article 13) while thinking about the possible risks involved with being online. Please read this through with your child then sign the copy in their Home Learning Journals to acknowledge their agreement.

Friday 22nd September

Football Friday

Year 6 have been working hard during lunch times this week, and during their games session with Mrs Wright, to practise their football skills. We have been really impressed by their teamwork, peer mentoring and sportsmanship; fingers crossed for the teams' first matches in the coming weeks!




Rights Respecting Charter

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter is finally on display! Year 6 wanted to create the impression of a book with pages falling from it, each one highlighting a different right which is relevant to them whilst at school. To see a copy of the wording, look inside their Home Learning books or click the link at the bottom of the page.

Friday 15th September


Reading Challenge

The Autumn Term Reading Challenge has been launched and challenge cards can be found inside Home Learning Journals. As part of our on-going review into Home Learning and response to parent feedback, the expectation is now that all children attempt to complete this. The 'Recommended Reads' list referenced can be found at the bottom of this page, why not make a start with your first challenge this weekend? Good luck!

Meet the Teacher

For those of you unable to attend the meeting today, please see the Home Learning and Recommended Reads documents at the bottom of this page. Your child should have brought home a small red Home Learning Journal (with their new Reading Challenge stuck in) and a Maths workbook (English to follow next week). The children should be in charge of logging their own Home Learning weekly and handing this in on a Thursday (workbooks need not be handed in, answers are included). Please sign Journals to say you have seen these and check the web page weekly to see which workbook sections should be completed along with any further suggestions for Home Learning activities. Thank you!

Welcome back!

Year 6 are settling in beautifully and making a great start to their final year! We have had the House Captain elections this week and the standard of presentation given was superb; congratulations to all of our candidates for standing. I am pleased to be able to announce the new House Captains as:

Red House - Belle and Ryan                                                Yellow House - Max and Leonie

Blue House - William and Nina                                          Green House - Eleanor and George


Use the links below to access useful websites:

Interactive Resources                        Mangahigh                          Scratch                      IXL

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