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Year 6

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Miss Jones and Mrs Baigent

Friday 21st September: Resilience

Home Learning: We've been revising able/ably and ible/ibly words this week. The children were pretty good at identifying which ending to use but had trouble with some of the more irregular examples that don't follow the guidelines (flexible, reversible, changeable) or more ambitious vocabulary which end with these letter strings. Using your Spelling Logs as necessary, see if you can remember the guidelines we identified and practise some of these spellings. Feel free to create a piece of writing with some if you fancy being more creative!

After the great effort you've put into improving your times tables, we wre now moving on to focus on other mental maths skills including all 4 operations. Interactive Resources, ixl and Mangahigh are all great for practising this, have a look at the relevant folders, objectives and challenges or create some of your own in the style of those we've been doing in class (999 x 5; twice 508; if a regular hexagon has a perimeter of 54cm, what is the length of one side; 20 x 50)

Circuits, djembe drumming and gymnastics








We began our science unit on Wednesday afternoon and got our hands on the electricity kits! The children were challenged to show what they already knew and soon the classroom was full of the sound of buzzers going off and motors whirring! 

Also this week, we have started to get to grips with the skills fo djembe drumming, making the most of our newly updated class set of instruments. We're pretty good at keeping a steady beat, maintaining the tempo, and even changing pitch; now we just need to work on stopping in time! On Thursday we were visited by the School Nursing Team who spoke to us about the importance of eating a balanced diet, keeping hydrated and enjoying at least 60 minutes of exercise a day so we can grow healthily. In gymnastics we were very keen to get the wall bars out and had a great time turning the hall into a jungle gym although these monkeys were pretty good at balancing on command in a range of shapes! 


Friday 14th September: New beginnings

Another excellent week with Year 6 beginning to show their true colours as the curriculum has kicked in and the challenge ramped up. We have been working hard on rounding and negative number skills this week and come to the end of our unit on Place Value. For Home learning, continue to play the relevant games on Mangahigh, Interactive Resources or IXL along with practical application of the skills - can your child approximate the shopping bill by rounding and adding mentally as you go around the supermarket?!

In English the biographies we have been working on are complete and looking good! With the launch of our new book challenge for Autumn, this week I would recommend this as a good place to start with Home Learning this week. This year, rather than publishing a physical list of books to support this, we are signposting you to a brilliant website where you will find numerous lists including the 'Must Have' books for each year group. It is from this list that we would like your child to select their recommended reads. Good luck and get reading!

Fire Service Visit

'The fire service brought their van for us to visit on Wednesday and we had to spot the dangers on board in the fake apartment. They reminded us to check our smoke alarms weekly and to fasten seat belts for EVERY journey no matter how small.' Year 6








Pupil Voice

Over the last fortnight, Year 6 have discussed what they believe makes a Successful Learner and thought about how the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child supports this. As a class, they debated how they could ensure they are accessing these rights and what they would like adults to do to support them with this. The displays below show the outcome of this work:



















Our new House Captains

Friday 7th September

Welcome back! Year 6 have made a great start to their final year at Langrish this week! They have already demonstrated many of the qualities we are looking for in our Prefects and some pushed themselves even further on Thursday by standing for the position of House Captain. Congratulations to all of our candidates, you did a great job and showed real maturity and strength.

It's early days but to set up positive routines I have set some Home Learning this week; journals, logging the activities undertaken, should be handed in each week by Thursday, signed by an adult at home. The children have been given their Managhigh accounts (an online maths programme) and are invited to complete some of the set assignments to help improve their speed and accuracy of multiplication and division fact recall. They took the 'Ultimate Test' on Wednesday (144 questions in bags) and now have targets to improve upon in round 2 next Friday!

Reading Records are up and running with all children aiming to complete their 'Bronze' award this term - look at the back of the books. Keep reading, try answering some of the questions from the Blooms wheel together and log any new vocabulary you come across - perhaps you could even share some with me in your Home Learning Journals!

Revision Guides for Maths and English have been ordered and will be coming home soon to support further Home Learning, I will notify you when this happens. In the meantime, please have a look at the attachments at the bottom of this page for additional information.

Use the links below to access useful websites:

Interactive Resources                        Mangahigh                          Scratch                      IXL                      Diagnostic Questions

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