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Year 6

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Miss Jones, Mrs Pruden and Mrs Baigent

Friday 5th April

Home Learning: The children have an English and maths Easter revision booklet to dip into over the Easter holidays. It is important that they find time to relax and enjoy their break with plenty of time to have fun, however a little revision never hurt! Use the booklets as required/desired to keep skills fresh and maintain confidence. The maths comes with a smaller (yellow) answer booklet so the children can self-assess and try to fix their mistakes. The online websites remain active and Spellingframe will be of particular benefit to many. Keep reading all of those lovely books too, I look forward to hearing about any new titles you discover on our return!

Friday 29th March

Writing in Science

What does a science writer do?

Many thanks to Mrs Wighton who came and spoke to Years 5 and 6 this afternoon about being a science writer. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I think we may well have a few budding journalists in our midst now. For those keen scientists amongst us, she also mentioned this exciting festival in June:




Click the image for more information.

Friday 22nd March

Home Learning: This week we have been learning about volume: using a formula to calculate the volume of a cuboid and understanding that this is measured in cubic units. We have then also had a go at applying all of our learning so far through different problems. For home learning, find the area and volume sections of your revision guide and any other pages which link to the challenges you have found tricky this week (mean, mixed numbers, shape). Next week we are looking at angles and practising using protractors so if you have one feel  free to bring it in!

For English, keep working on those spelling errors from your personal lists and talk to someone at home about your writing from this week (see below). Why was the 100 word challenge so tricky? Could you complete another 100 word challenge on a subject of your choice or have a go at a piece of artwork or poem (under 20 words) to enter into 'The Boat' competition?

The Boat - a refugee's story (UNCRC Article 22)



This week we have used 'The Boat' as a stimulus for our writing. The children began by sequencing some of the images from the story to make their own narratives before reading the original story together. They then plotted emotions and thoughts of the characters for each section. Images of refugees were used to create character profiles, allowing the children to probe further into why refugees may be seeking sanctuary and what this means. In computing, they wrote short, powerful diary entries as characters from the story then copied these into wordle to create emotive word banks. Their final challenge was to continue the story of 'The Boat' in no more than 100 words. Please come and join us next Friday for our Open Classroom to see all of the powerful work created. The children are entering their writing into a competition so we'll keep you posted with how the get on!







Friday 15th March

Maths Day

What a great day we had on Tuesday: a whole day of maths!! 

In the gift shop at the theme park, Bertie Bott’s every flavoured beans had been causing concerns: customers were receiving boxes full of only one flavour! Year 6 were tasked with creating new guidelines for the production line to follow. Firstly, the beans needed to be sorted into categories before a ratio of flavours could be decided upon. To further support the workers, they calculated how many of each type of bean would be needed in different sized boxes.

Secondly, packaging had to be redesigned to ensure the new beans would fit inside. Dimensions were drawn up for each product and sample boxes created to show the production line what was needed.

Finally, costing. Groups had to calculate the surface area of their packaging and the amount to create the beans before deciding how much profit to make on each product and calculating the final prices.

An incredible day with brilliant maths being used; Year 6 would like a fortnightly maths day!

Whole School Writing Challenge: TROLLS!

Today we had all had a go at the same writing challenge: from Year R up to Year 6, classes looked at the picture below, discussed the questions and then had a go at writing something amazing. Year 6 did some great work and then enjoyed hearing some of the Year R stories. Some of them also visited the younger children to share their work and help them with their ideas.

Friday 8th March

World Book Day: Detectives

We had a great day on Thursday when we became detectives for the day and worked in teams to solve 'The Mystery of the Golden Pen'. With some children dressed up as their favourite fictional detective to help get into role, they worked together to gather evidence, sift through the 'red herrings' and draw conclusions. Excellent lateral thinking was in evidence and the enthusiasm for the challenge was outstanding! Well done Year 6, keep reading those detective stories!!


Friday 1st March

Royal Academy of Art





Year 6 had a great time in London on Wednesday: they received private tours of the gallery and took part in still life workshops using charcoal and clay. Their behaviour was exemplary and Mrs Pruden has reported feeling incredibly proud of them all, especially in their mature attitude to dealing with a challenging subject. Well done Year 6, some great work!




Tennis and Tumble Turns

We started our tennis coaching this week with a session on ball control: challenges included bouncing a ball with hands and racquets, switching from forehand to backhand by rotating the racket between bounces and rotating through half a turn before making contact with the ball again.

In swimming, all children are progressing really well and our most confident group were even learning to complete tumble turns this week!

Friday 15th February

History - Who were the Ancient Scholars and what was their significance?

To enrich our History topic this term (’A beacon of light in the dark ages?’ An enquiry into the early Islamic civilisation – 900 CE) we will be researching some Islamic scholars.  After researching and presenting to the class, we will be voting on which Islamic scholar was the most significant because of their contribution that changed or improved life at the time.

Over half term, you may want to get ahead and start researching your chosen scholar (below is a suggested list to chose from). Please bring this research with you after half term; we will have time to finish researching/presenting during lesson time. 

How will you show your person is the most significant?

The 5 Rs should help you develop an argument to show that your Islamic scholar or innovator is significant. You do not need to show they fulfil every category, but the more the better!

Remarkable – They were remarked upon at the time or since.

Remembered – They were important at some stage in history.

Resulting in change – Their actions had consequences for the future.

Resonant - It is possible to connect them with experiences, beliefs, situations across time.

Revealing - Of some aspect of the past


This week we were working in pairs to create a short skipping routine. We used the ipad to film sections of our work so we could see how successful we were and to improve.



Friday 8th February

Home Learning: Now that we have competed our algebra unit, have a go at the relevant pages of your revision guide and log any areas you still feel less confident with. Our next unit in maths is measure so why not play some of the 'Measure Match' games on Interactive Resources to check you can remember all of your conversions. In English, keep practising your spelling errors from recent work (in your Spelling Logs) and practice the tial, cial words on spellingframe (rule 38).

Reminder: Next week is Take One Picture week, we will be sharing our work produced during the week with an Open School on Friday afternoon from 2pm. If you are free on Monday at 2.30pm, we would also like to welcome you to join us for our music lesson to share our composition work from our current jazz unit.


Back stroke legs - keep your hands busy with a quick clap!
Practising our front crawl arms

Friday 1st February

Home Learning: Our algebra unit has been getting us thinking this week but the children are doing really well! If you fancy continuing with this, there's a good activity on Top Marks which gives further practice of substituting values into expressions. In English, we have revised silent letters. Perhaps you could produce a short piece of writing using some of the more ambitious words we found or continue to practise these on spellingframe - extra points for accurately including psychology or any other word not yet on our class collection!

Finally, while  many of Year 6 were off to the O2 on Tuesday for Young Voices, the rest of us had a discussion about single-use plastic using these websites to help: Surfers Against Sewage, BBC News. Take a look and see if you can create an engaging poster to encourage participation in our Single Use Plastic Free Day - remember to include enough information to educate the reader as to why this is an important issue!

Chinese New Year - Circus Skills











Friday 25th January

Healthy Bodies

In Science we have completed our unit on keeping healthy and the circulatory system by looking at the impact a balanced diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol can have on the body. The children have enjoyed making information leaflets to apply their learning and have been developing their Publisher skills in Computing to create public health flyers:

Friday 18th January

Home Learning: This week try the percentages activities in your Revision Guides along with 'Percentage Pods' on Interactive Resources and the Mangahigh challenges you have been set. Remember your new Spring Term Maths Challenges too, which should now be stuck into your Home Learning Journals. For English, why not try a piece of writing which uses some of the old 'Word Power' vocabulary from last half term to see how many you can use and spell correctly? 

Self-portrait gallery - we have begun our digital media unit by creating these 'half and half' portraits
Year 6 Dodgeball teams: these 12 represented the school superbly at TPS this week; Mrs Pruden was very proud of their sporting attitude








Friday 11th January

Cultural Days









Year 6 were great peer mentors during our Cultural Days this week; they worked beautifully alongside our younger children to encourage and support them in their different activities as they travelled Europe. Ask them about their favourite workshop and what they learned during their journey!

Friday 21st December: Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

What a busy term! Year 6 have worked so hard right up to the end with eight new Prefects being awarded in today's assembly! Over the last fortnight we have been busy solving a multitude of complex (seasonal) problems in maths, writing a variety of texts to show off our English skills, dressing up as elves to help Santa at the Christmas fair, designing and constructing moving fairground rides and programming microbits using our coding skills. Much of this work will be out for you to share with your child during our Meet the Teacher on the first Wednesday of Spring Term (see this week's Nutshell for details) so we hope to see you there! Until then, thanks for a great first term, have a wonderful holiday and a very happy start to the new year!

Moz the Monster

Ever wondered what might be lurking under your child's bed? According to last year's Christmas advert for John Lewis, it could be a monster named Moz: a friendly, playful character but where did he come from? In English, we created non-chronological reports about these monsters, trying to show our key learning from the term: selecting an appropriate level of formality, using a range of cohesive features within and across paragraphs and using punctuation for clarity and effect. Harlan's example demonstrates many of these skills - can you spot them?

Fairground Rides
















Friday 7th December: Mindfulness 

Home Learning: This week Year 6 have worked hard on their assessments and have brought these home with them today. For home learning, please share these together and use the usual resources to practise target areas.

Friday 30th November 2018: Respect through communication


What colour is light?

In science this week we were carrying out practical experiments to help us answer this question. See if you can explain what is happening in this picture to an adult and compare this experiment to our own. What key ideas did we use?

Friday 23rd November 2018: Choose Respect

Home Learning: I have set new maths challenges on Mangahigh - remember medals earnt will be rewarded with house points - and, if you haven't already done so, try completing the practice test at the beginning of your revision guide. You may find there are things we haven't yet covered this year but you should be able to have a good go at all number based questions! For English, either use Spelling Frame (Rule 37) or try the Spelling Zone games  to practise our -tious, -cious spelling pattern. Perhaps if you're already confident you could try using some of these in a piece of writing or trawl your reading book for some new words which use these endings.

For those frustrated by last week's bar model, I have included a picture of my solution to help. Here's today's problems if you fancy another go:

Chilli Challenge solution 16.11.18
Chilli Challenge







Anti-bullying Week

Audience participation in 'The B Word'

We've done all sorts this week to mark Anti-bullying week and the children have demonstrated great empathy and understanding of the issues raised. On Monday Ms Fiers launched the week with a Rights Respecting assembly around this year's message: Choose Respect. We then followed this up in class later in the week with activities which helped us to consider possible obstacles to forming new relationships and how these might be overcome. The children thought carefully about preconceptions and were able to identify where things had gone wrong in different scenarios and what could have been done differently to improve a situation. Finally, on Thursday, we enjoyed watching 'The B Word' which helped to put all fo these messages across in a lively, fun production. 


Science Masterclass

How can you make the egg float?
Which is the most dense liquid?
Using a eureka can to measure volume








Six of our class attended a density masterclass at Perins Secondary School this morning. They had a great time taking part in a range of practical activities to develop and explore their understanding. 

Friday 16th November 2018: Remembrance

Home Learning: This week we have been having a go at some 'Barvember' challenges in maths - using bar models to help us see which steps are needed to solve a complex word problem. Have a go at one of the examples pictured below and see if someone at home can follow your reasoning to agree on your solution!

Chilli Challenge
Use the bars to help you!


Clear signalling
Safe manoeuvres


Year 6 have worked hard on their bicycles this week and improved their road safety and cycling skills. Congratulations to all of you for your achievements, keep practising and stay safe on the roads!





Friday 9th November: Remembrance

Home Learning: Now that we've changed our 'Word Power' wall and completed our unit on figurative language, why not see if you can use some of our vocabulary from last term in a piece of writing which incorporates similes, metaphors or personification? For bonus points, can you hit your new writing target too?!

For maths, keep playing 'Flower Power' on Mangahigh and have a go at the revision pages on adding and subtracting fractions. Next week we will be moving on to multiplication and division...

Finally, if you fancy testing out your understanding of our key ideas from science this week, why not try making a periscope out of an old cereal box?! 

Remembrance Assembly

Year 6 wrote some incredible poetry this week to share in our Remembrance Assembly on Thursday. Well done for performing this with such clarity and confidence, you led the school beautifully in an emotional reflection.








World War 1 Day








We've had a great day today commemorating the end of World War 1. Year 6 looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed creating charcoal landscapes in the style of Gunnar F J Mears, taking part in a drama workshop and writing their newspaper articles about the Christmas Day truce. Come and join us next Wednesday afternoon to see the work they have created.



NSPCC Workshops

What a busy week: the NSPCC joined us to deliver an assembly and a follow-up workshop on the theme of 'Speaking Out and Staying Safe.' The children listened carefully to these important messages and were able to contribute to class and small group discussions in a mature, appropriate manner. Although the subject matter was difficult at times, their solid understanding of how to keep themselves safe shone through and helped them to deal with this confidently. If you wish to follow-up on any of the messages given, please visit the NSPCC website. We are looking forward to raising money for this excellent charity in our upcoming Danceathon on the 20th November.

Friday 2nd November: Looking to the Future

American Art







This week we completed our art unit inspired by American artists and enjoyed looking closely at some Native American artefacts in Geography which we then sketched to illustrate our topic books



Friday 19th October: Challenges

Sharing our Learning

Open Classroom

The children enjoyed showing off their learning so far from our 'Obama's America' topic this week. It was great to see - and taste - some of the Home Learning projects that had been completed and to hear about the different approaches that had been taken. The children also had the opportunity to show off their new, hand made topic books and the work they have done in these so far. 


Have a well deserved half-term break, we look forward to welcoming you back on the 29th

Friday 12th October: Going for Goals, Aiming Higher

Think Safe

Learning how electricity reaches our homes








'We enjoyed the Police workshop the most as there was a test to see how safe we were able to keep ourselves - we didn't all pass! The Dog's Trust was also fun as we got to meet Zac and learned how to react if you come across an aggressive dog' Did you know that you can call 105 at any time to report a power cut and request assistance?


Friday 28th September: Positivity

Learning about the Air Ambulance Service
Representing circuits with circuit diagrams










Finally, the Year 6 Forest School Club is proving a great success. You might like to take a look at a video of what those who were lucky enough to get in, have been getting up to. Click here to view.


Friday 21st September: Resilience

Circuits, djembe drumming and gymnastics









We began our science unit on Wednesday afternoon and got our hands on the electricity kits! The children were challenged to show what they already knew and soon the classroom was full of the sound of buzzers going off and motors whirring! 

Also this week, we have started to get to grips with the skills fo djembe drumming, making the most of our newly updated class set of instruments. We're pretty good at keeping a steady beat, maintaining the tempo, and even changing pitch; now we just need to work on stopping in time! On Thursday we were visited by the School Nursing Team who spoke to us about the importance of eating a balanced diet, keeping hydrated and enjoying at least 60 minutes of exercise a day so we can grow healthily. In gymnastics we were very keen to get the wall bars out and had a great time turning the hall into a jungle gym although these monkeys were pretty good at balancing on command in a range of shapes! 


Friday 14th September: New beginnings

Another excellent week with Year 6 beginning to show their true colours as the curriculum has kicked in and the challenge ramped up. We have been working hard on rounding and negative number skills this week and come to the end of our unit on Place Value. 

In English the biographies we have been working on are complete and looking good! 

Fire Service Visit

'The fire service brought their van for us to visit on Wednesday and we had to spot the dangers on board in the fake apartment. They reminded us to check our smoke alarms weekly and to fasten seat belts for EVERY journey no matter how small.' Year 6








Pupil Voice

Over the last fortnight, Year 6 have discussed what they believe makes a Successful Learner and thought about how the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child supports this. As a class, they debated how they could ensure they are accessing these rights and what they would like adults to do to support them with this. The displays below show the outcome of this work:



















Our new House Captains

Friday 7th September

Welcome back! Year 6 have made a great start to their final year at Langrish this week! They have already demonstrated many of the qualities we are looking for in our Prefects and some pushed themselves even further on Thursday by standing for the position of House Captain. Congratulations to all of our candidates, you did a great job and showed real maturity and strength.


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