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Year 6 Foxes

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Miss Jones

Sports Day: Wednesday 13th July

Forest School Celebration: Thursday 14th July 

Home Learning 30.6.22

Get packing for next week!

A Taste of our Learning

Charity Day 

Year 6 had a great time on Wednesday running their Charity Fair to raise a whopping £798! This will be split equally between their 3 chosen organisations: The Red Cross, The RNLI and WWF. The various stalls were well-organised, beautifully prepared (the baked goods were incredible) and the Year 6s worked incredibly hard to support and encourage the younger pupils ensuring everyone had a great time whilst raising lots of money. 

Hampshire School Games Week

This week we've taken part in lots of activities linked to the Commonwealth Games as part of Hampshire's annual 'School Games Week'. On Monday, we thought about the qualities that we admire in a leader and those which we want to work on for ourselves, then we worked in groups to come up with some games that we can teach others. On Wednesday, we took part in a treasure hunt outside, looking for 10 different flags of the Commonwealth and their nation's traditional dishes, before returning to record these on a map of the world. While some pupils went to a bigger sporting event in Winchester on Thursday, the rest of Year 6 took part in a range of activities designed to emulate the skills needed for some of the sports that will be played in Birmingham this summer. With a bit of time for dancing, skipping challenges and designing our own school mascot, it's been a fun but busy week!

NSPCC workshop

Our workshop with Pauline from the NSPCC was a helpful reminder of the importance of 'speaking out to stay safe'. The children were excellent at responding to whether various situations were safe or unsafe and what variables might help them to make their decision. They discussed what to do (speak to a trusted adult or Childline) if they have any worries, no matter how big or small. The timing of this visit allowed the children to build on the SRE work we have been doing on healthy, loving relationships and the importance of consent.

First Aid Training

Year 6 enjoyed their visit from the Red Cross this week, thinking about the importance of not being a bystander when someone needs help and then demonstrating what they had learnt about emergency aid through some role-play scenarios. See if they can remember the key action needed for the following situations: someone having a seizure, a burn victim, head injury, significant bleeding.

Young Sports Leaders

Year 6 worked in teams of 3 to create a variety of games and challenges for Year 3 using a range of new PE equipment. They did a great job of explaining their games, encouraging participation and considering how to make the events inclusive for all. 

British Sign Language

We had a great time learning about the history of British Sign Language this week and practising some basic skills. Year 6 were challenged to sign along to the Ed Sheeran song, 'Sandman' and did a pretty good job! See if they can remember how to tell you their name or what the sign of Sandman is.

Jubilee Celebrations & Sandwiches

Having been tasked with catering for our school street party, Year 6 carried out some market research to determine what kind of sandwiches each class would enjoy. They had to come up with their own surveys and then use their results to create a plan, deciding on the proportion of each sandwich they would make. Shopping lists for Miss Jones were then prepared before lessons on hygiene and the assembly of the platters! Well done for serving up such an impressive looking afternoon tea, Year 6! In addition to this, Year 6 have also been creating group projects to show the key events in the Queen’s life, set out by decade, alongside national and global events of significance to help understand the chronology of the last 100 years. They did a great job researching and presenting these in creative ways.

SATs completed!

After a great week of focus and calmly applying their learning in their SATs tests this week, Year 6 celebrated their hard work and the end of primary assessments. What better way than with ice-cream?!

Pastel Pictures

World Faith & Philosophy: resurrection








This week we created an art gallery to communicate our thoughts on what might happen after death. This was the culmination of a day of work on the concept of resurrection, our Easter World Faith & Philosophy unit.

Mixed media portraits


We looked at the drawings of Ken Turah and then experimented with mark making in our sketch books using different media: colouring pencils, oil and chalk pastels, sketching pencils, ink pens. Working collaboratively, we then selected the paper we wanted to work on for each section of the portrait and the media we would use to complete the different sections. These were some of the finished results; which ones do you think are most effective? Can you see the different techniques used?



Petersfield Music Festival

Well done to all the Year 6s for their hard work and superb efforts preparing for the Music Festival this week. It was a pleasure to join them for their final rehearsal and performances in which they sang so beautifully. I hope you enjoyed coming to watch them; I am now truly excited about the Year 6 performance at the end of the year! 

Blackout Poetry

In English this week we have been using the book 'Survivors' to stimulate our writing; a series of stories retelling amazing real tales of human survival. On Wednesday, we had a go at using a page of text from one of the stories to create a blackout poem - selecting the key vocabulary to retell the event/portray the emotions in a more concise, poetic style.



World Book Day - The Case of the Missing Macaw

Key Stage 2 became detectives for the morning on World Book Day this week. After honing their skills in class during the first session of the day, with brain bending puzzles and detective exams, they came together in the Briefing Room at 10am. Here they were told of the despicable crime that had taken place at Langrish: the theft of a beautiful macaw. The Crime Scene Manager explained that 3 suspects had been identified, statements taken and clues catalogued. The children's job would be to make sense of the amassed information, find the culprit and justify their suspicions.

Working in mixed-year groups within their houses, the children were truly enthralled by the challenge as they made their way around the various scenes of crime and analysed the evidence. After so long working purely in class groups and missing these special days through lockdown, it was a real pleasure to see the children enjoying World Book Day and working collaboratively again.

Hatshepsut - what was her significance?

Last half term, Year 6 were challenged to find the answer to this question as part of their work on Ancient Egypt. For home learning, they had to research and then present their findings in whatever way they chose. We had home-made films featuring the pharaoh herself, Powerpoint presentations and numerous fact sheets along with these beautiful projects. We then read, watched and explored the various creations by creating a museum in the classroom. 

Take One Picture

This year, our Arts Council elected to use Jules Verne's painting 'A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas' as a stimulus for Take One Picture week. Year 6 enjoyed exploring art work through drama on Monday, working in groups to create a series of 3 frozen montages depicting their ideas of the stories of some of the people in the painting. Working as a class, we then asked some fo the frozen characters questions to get a better picture of the scene they had imagines for themselves. Year 6 were also keen to have a go at some 3D art so used clay, wood, wire and textiles to create their own boats inspired by the painting. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, we were joined by Mr Hancox’s dad, who shared his career as an artist with us before helping us to sketch our favoured part of Jules Verne’s contrasting painting, 'A Landscape at Sunset’. A great week and a lovely way to end the half term, thanks Mr Hancox!

Safer Internet Day

Adaptive Traits

We have been learning about how adaptations occur and thinking about the adaptive traits we can recognise in various animals. To use our desktop publishing skills, we had a go at presenting this understanding electronically, highlighting the features of the animal's habitat to which it is suited.



Mummification at the Museum

We had a great time at Haselmere Museum this week learning all about mummification. After practising the technique on 'Sami', we investigated the museum's own mummy before finally turning a selection of our toys into mummies of our own! Such a great way to bring a 5000-year-old civilization to life!

Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World

The theatre trip yesterday was a great return to some sort of normal and we enjoyed the performance immensely, although the sound levels were a bit of a shock to the system for some! Look out for our class review of the performance in more detail in this month's Nutshell. 

Estate Agents

Year 6 have been polishing their persuasive writing skills this term and this week they have played the part of Estate Agents selling properties that they have designed. See if they can explain the different techniques that have been used in this example.



Christmas Forest School

Fairground Rides

Showcase writing

Christmas Fun Run

The weather was perfect for our Christmas Fun Run this week and the competitive spirit had been building steadily as the other classes' results came in throughout the week. With some impressive totals to beat, Year 6 set off, confident that they would top them all. After 45 minutes of running we had some very tried legs but a great sense of achievement, with many members of the class completing in excess of 30 laps! Special congratulations to our top scoring boy, Jack, for his total of 47, putting him just a couple of laps ahead of Felix and Ed, and our highest girl, Lily FJ, with 38, closely followed by Millie! I can't wait to see what they manage at the end of Spring Term!! George and Dylan made a fantastic cheer squad for the whole class and their efforts were very much appreciated too, well done boys!

Maths Buddies

One Kind Word

Having thought about the different roles we might play in bullying scenarios and how our actions and words can make a positive difference, Year 6 had a go at creating some poetry on the theme of ‘One Kind Word’. Many of our discussions this week were about celebrating difference and deepening our understanding of how people may be different. We thought about positive changes we can make to create a more inclusive society, for example the evolution of fashion towards gender neutral styles and whether the secondary school EARA group’s push for same sex toilets would be positive for everyone. Year 6 were particularly interested in learning about the range of learning differences faced by their peers .

Children in Need

Dressed in their best onesies and pjs, Year 6 took part in the Children in Need workout by Joe Wicks on Friday.








Year 6 led our Remembrance Service this week, sharing some history of the event before reading out a selection of their own poetry on the theme of 'Remembrance'. It was a lovely, moving reflection for the occasion, which the children handed with a mature attitude. We then joined the BBC coverage at 11am to respect the 2 minutes silence. Earlier in the week we had thought about the symbolism behind the different coloured poppies on sale and where the money raised goes for each one. Can you remember the meaning of the different poppies?

Reading Buddies

Fab Falconry

Thank you to FoLS for funding a great session with Fab Falconry today. We loved meeting the birds and learning about their differences. Getting to hold a barn owl ourselves was a real highlight!

Art Gallery

This half term we have used birds as a stimulus for close observational drawing and a study in texture. Above is a small selection of the work created; we started with monochrome feather sketches, moved to pencil sketches of different birds and finally making clay tiles (coasters) which reflected the patterns and textures studied.

Street Dance

We have started our unit on Street Dance and this week the children worked in groups to put together a short series of dance moves. There was some great team work and serious attitude on show!

House Captains


Wow! What an incredible range of videos we were treated to by our 18 House Captain candidates this morning; I just wish I could share them all with you! Congratulations to all those who ran, you did yourselves proud, and a special congratulations to our newly elected Captains (pictured).




Rights Respecting Charter


Maths Around the World

Meet the teacher

We discussed the home learning expectations for the year (see curriculum newsletter at the bottom of the page), our focus on independence and responsibility, underpinned by the Prefect status (see inside Reading records), and shared an Internet Safety presentation (click here and scroll down), which led into our new class e-safety charter (see bottom of page).

Successful learners

Year 6 have designed their new 'Successful Learners' display for the year ahead. They thought about the qualities that would be most beneficial in preparing them for success in Year 6 and their secondary transition. They are already demonstrating many of these qualities!

Welcome to Year 6!

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and are ready and raring to start your final year at Langrish! We are looking forward to having you back and hearing all about what you have been up to. Remember to check your passport (copy attached below) to see that you have packed what you need and can start the year prepared to succeed. See you on Monday!

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