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Year 6 Foxes

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Miss Jones & Mrs Lawry

PE Days:

Tuesdays: tag rugby                       Fridays: netball

Friday 8th: Open Classroom

Friday 1st December

Home Learning:

Class reader

Maths: Share your arithmetic test at home and practise any target areas (20 mins). 

Complete your fractions (division and multiplication) booklet given out last week and bring it in, marked, to collect your house points!

English: Share your spelling test from this week and add any words/rules to your personalised list to practise on Spelling Shed. Remember you can go back and practise lists from this term as needed (20 mins).

A taste of our learning

Cultural Afternoon

We had a great time on Monday learning all about the different cultures reflected in our Year 6 community. 


Hands on with STEM

Members of the Royal Navy visited Langrish this week to treat Year 6 to some STEM workshops. During the course of the morning, the children built on their coding skills to programme sphero robots, had a blast using the basics of pneumatics to create a mechanism to fire torpedoes and created various electrical circuits to power flying saucers around the computer suite! Everyone was buzzing with excitement and the stories they had been told about life in the navy. Click on the image above to see more photos in our gallery.

Anti-bullying Week

On Monday we enjoyed wearing our odd socks to express ourselves and celebrate our individuality. This year's theme for Anti-bullying Week is 'Make a Noise about Bullying', which we thought about during our assembly. Then on Tuesday we enjoyed participating in our Perform workshop on this theme. We re-capped the different kinds of bullying and created freeze frames to show what these might look like. We also talked about the importance of standing up for ourselves and created power poses to build confidence when speaking up, under-pinning the work we did last half term in PHSE on being assertive and respectful in our relationships.

Poetry for Remembrance

Thank you for joining us this morning for our Remembrace Assembly. We were so proud of how well the children were able to lead the school on this important occasion and it was an absolute pleasure to hear a sample of their poetry, written and performed with such maturity and emotion. The poems created were a reflection of the work we have been doing on poetic techniques, particularly using repetition of sound, words and phrases for effect. This built on the work they had done previously on figurative language and together these skills were used to excellent effect. We look forward to seeing how they apply these ideas as we move on next week to some narrative writing.

Experimenting with form

This half-term we have been inspired by the work of Edward Hopper in creating sketches, which have form. The children have experimented with different pencils, charcoal and even using rubbers to create lighter elements from a shaded area. For their final piece, they had to use their skills to draw an object or composition of their choice which demonstrated what they had learnt. Some children then also chose to add colour - which do you think is more effective?

Getting to grips with multiplication

This week we have been looking at tests of divisibility to determine whether numbers are prime - did you know numbers whose digit sum equals a multiple of 3 will be a multiple of 3 themselves? This also goes for another single digit multiple, can you remember which one? We have been playing around with different methods of multiplying larger numbers mentally, using our knowledge of times tables and factors to help but also revised the standard written method of multiplication and we're getting pretty accurate!

Horrid Hands: getting to grips with germs

This week we had some visitors from the NHS to teach us all about germs. We learnt that there are four different groups of germs, how easily these are spread (did you know how fast a sneeze travels or what the purpose of snot is?) and took part in an experiment to demonstrate the importance of handwashing with soap - those glittery hands soon turned into glittery clothes, bodies and neighbours! 


'This has been the best week ever, I have loved cycling!' - just one of the many comments overheard in Year 6 over the past couple of days. It has been a delight to see how enthusiastically the children have headed out each day, whether to develop initial skills, receive some additional coaching or put their training into practice on the roads. All of our pupils have made excellent progress and even the rather unpredictable weather couldn't dampen their spirits! 

Footballing Fun

Setting expectations

This week has been all about getting started and discussing the year ahead. An important part of this is designing and agreeing our Class Charter (above) so we know how we want ourselves and those around us to behave. This year, Year 6 were keen to display their ideas on a tree. The larger leaves display chosen articles with those on the branches highlighting the children's pledge towards it and how they would like adults to support them. Under the tree you can see the children's names, reflecting their commitment to the charter. We will use this as a reference point throughout the year.

The children were also keen to create their successful learners display themed around our class name, Foxes. After more discussions about the characteristics which would be most important this year, they worked together to create the display below.

Useful websites:

Scratch                      IXL                 Purple Mash                Spelling Shed               BBC Bitesize               Mangahigh

Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • RRSA Silver
  • Platinum Sports Mark
  • Music Mark