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Year R

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Mrs Browne, Mr. Gillard and Miss Rhodes: Team Squirrel!

Team Squirrel, I cannot believe it is your last day in year R! What a crazy but wonderful year we have had together. You have all been truly amazing, since your first day with no transition due to Covid to all the home learning and quick changes which have happened. You have taken it all in your stride and I am so, so proud of you all.

Thank you for your wonderful cards and gifts, Miss Rhodes, Mr Gillard and I are overwhelmed by your generosity and such kinds words.

Have the BEST summer! Rest, have fun and keep being the brilliant little people you are! 

Next time I see you, you will get to meet the newest and smallest member of Team Squirrel and you will be in Year 1... :) 

Stay safe and sending you all lots of love,

Mrs Browne xxx



Keep up with your phonics - Don't forget the schools YouTube channel has stories and myself and Mr Hancox going through our phonics sounds and tricky words. (Also at the bottom of the page are the sound cards and tricky words)

Phonics play have some free phonics games.


Topmarks have some great free maths games!

Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube

White Rose Home Learning has many exciting lessons which you can watch and then have a go at. Follow the link below:

Stay safe everyone! I miss you all so much xxxx


Week 28.6.21 - 2.7.21 Fairy tales and puppets!

This week we have been planning our own stories. We have talked about different characters, settings and plots. Next week we will begin writing our stories. 

To support our character building we created puppets and used them in the puppet theatre role play. There were some brilliant stories being made up! 

In maths, we are finding out one more and one less than a given number up to 20. To do this we used dice, number lines and put numbers in order then worked out which number was one more and one less. 

A little message from Mrs Browne:

Hello to all my Squirrel friends... I just want to say how proud I am of you all for taking on new challenges this week. You have shown confidence, resilience and still look extremely happy! You have all welcomed Mr Gillard into your classroom with open arms and have shown him the ropes of how we do it in Team Squirrels! Mr Gillard has told me how amazing you are as a class and is enjoying getting to know you all. I miss you all very much but love seeing you every day in the play ground or when you come to see me in the office... Let's have a great last 3 weeks together. Even though I am not in the classroom, I am still watching you become brilliant superstars and will still be with you until the end of term (even if my bump is getting far too big!).


Week 21.6.21 – 25.6.21 All about pets!

This week we have found out all about our pets at home. We have learnt what they eat, where they sleep, their favourite toy and how many friends they have. Some of us have dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and of course Mrs Browne’s budgie Ben!

Friday Madness!!!

Unfortunately, Mrs Wright came down to tell us that her pet chameleon was missing! She asked us to make posters so people could look out for it. We had to write some important facts about her pet chameleon to spread the word…

Here is what Mrs Wright told us:

His name is Chilly.

He loves to eat bugs.

He is scared of rabbits.




We have learnt about odd and even numbers! We learnt which numbers are odd and even and why. We picked some super big numbers and remembered the rule to look at the last number to find out if it’s odd or even.

Here are other ways we explored odd and even…

We tested the question of: Can you turn  odd numbers into even numbers and can you turn even numbers into odd numbers?

Role play

Our vet surgery has been super busy looking after a variety of animals such as polar bears, lizards, cats and giraffes.

Week 14.6.21 – 18.6.21 Under the sea

This week we have found out fascinating facts about all things under the sea. We discussed what our favourite sea creature is and if we were divers what we might see.

Here is what we found out:

Octopus camouflage to their surroundings.

Jellyfish have been around for over 650 million years.

The male seahorse gives birth to their babies.

The blue whale is the largest animal on earth and makes the loudest sound by any other animal.


Some of us have written fact sheets about what we have learnt and others have wrote about what they might see if they were to go deep sea diving. 











In phonics, we are really working on our tricky words. We play a game where Mrs Browne misses a tricky word out from a sentence and the children have to figure out which word is missing and write it down. They need to make sure it makes sense and is spelt correctly before they show Mrs Browne. If they need help, they use the tricky word board to support them.

Getting wet in the role play

The children have loved exploring the water tray with all the sea creatures in.












Last week we worked on half... This week we have been doubling! The children have been amazing at finding patterns, using their fingers and resources to find double of a given number.










Next week:

The children have asked to learn about ‘pets’ so pets is what we will do. We would love your help! Can you bring in a picture of your pet/s so we can write about them. (Don’t worry of you do not have a pet as we can find a picture of their favourite animal) Also, our role play area is going to be a vet surgery. You can bring in one teddy/animal for the week so we can bandage up and give medicine to, to make them feel better. (Please ensure teddies are labelled with their names). Thank you.

Week 7.6.21 – 11.6.21 SPACE!

Who knew I had so many experts on space in Team Squirrel…!? Even I have learnt many facts about planets, the moon and the sun.

We wrote non-fiction books this week all about space. Here are some of the facts we learnt…

These are the planets:

  • Earth
  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Mercury
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto… HOWEVER, Pluto is not a ‘planet’ anymore and is known as a dwarf planet because it did not meet the three criteria the International Astronomical Union (IAU) uses to define a full-sized planet. When reading a non-fiction book which told us that space has 8 planets we found out it was a bit ‘out of date’, therefore it was not wrong information at the time.

The sun is a star, which is a hot gas.

The moon is a big, round lump of rock that moves around the Earth.

The planets in the Solar System move around the sun.

Never look directly at the sun as it can damage your eyes.







As well as non-fiction books, we made a list of 10 things we would take with us if we went to space. There were some funny things on their lists such as; Ice cream, skipping rope, bed, dog and even a chicken!

In maths, we have been finding half of numbers, shapes and numicon. We now know that half means two equal sides from a whole. Here is us exploring half…


Week 24.5.21 – 28.5.21 Look at our fruit and vegetable faces!

First of all, please look at our gallery of fabulous fruit and vegetables faces we painted. They are so brilliant, colourful and individual! They now put an even bigger smile on my face every day when I come to school.

This week has been a week of revisiting all the things we have learnt so far this term. I am amazed at how much we have done and how the children are accessing it independently. We have been adding, subtracting, telling the time, ordering and sequencing, recapping our phase 2 and 3 sounds, remembering our tricky words, reading, role-playing and story sequencing.

One Sunny Morning...

It was a beautiful morning so we took advantage of it and went outside to find a spot on the field to draw what we could see. When complete, we came back and used oil pastels to colour it in. It was calm, relaxing, warm and enjoyable.


After half term

The children had a choice of what they wanted to learn about and for our first week back, they have chosen to learn about… SPACE! It is very exciting, so if you know any information or facts about space do let us know so we can share it with the class!

PS: Any junk modelling to make rockets will be greatly received (kitchen roll rather than toilet roll) :) 

Have a lovely half-term everyone xx

Week 17.5.21 – 21.5.21 Where our fruit and vegetables come from

This week we are revisiting our learning on the world around us and healthy bodies and living. We are looking at our favourite fruits and vegetables and finding out how they grow and where they grow.

I began by asking this question: "Where do we get our food from?"

Harper said, “At the supermarket! We go to the shop and buy what we want.”

Alex said, “We can go the market too and other shops to get all things we need.”

We then had a look at different fruits and vegetables Mrs Browne brought from the supermarket. It tells us on their labels where the fruits or vegetables were grown. This is what we found out:

The grapes are from India.

The apples are from the UK.

The bananas are from the Dominican Republic.

The peaches are from Spain.

The carrots are from the UK.

We looked at the climates of these countries and found out that bananas grow in hot countries and apples and carrots grow in colder countries. We then discussed how these fruits and vegetables grow and found out bananas, apples, pears and oranges grow on trees and that carrots grow underground.

We have been having fun with fruits and vegetables to make funny faces with. Here are a few examples.

In our role play area this week, we have a fruit and vegetable shop with a REAL TILL! The children loved making real calculations when their customers brought different fruit and vegetables and it typed the number sums onto a receipt.

In maths this week, we have started exploring subtraction. We have found out that when we add the total gets bigger and when we subtract the total gets smaller! We have made actions to remind us what they look like. See if they can show you what we do for add, take away and equals at home.

Also spend time in the supermarket or going through the fridge and cupboards at home to find out where the different foods come from.

Week 10.5.21 – 15.5.21 The world around us.

This week we have explored the world! A big thank you to those who brought in holiday photos, it really did support the children with understanding the different places around the world and in the UK. We discussed the weather, environment surroundings and names of different countries. We then looked at where different animals live, their habitats and survival needs.

The children were fascinated in Google Earth where we found our school and well known landmarks around the world.

To support our learning we had a travel agents role-play where children could book holidays anywhere around the world. We also wrote postcards to our friends and families, sharing where we have been on holiday and the things we saw (all made up of course).

We used the bee-bots to travel around maps of Europe and the world using different directions to move from one landmark or place to another.


Forest school

It was a beautiful morning out in the woods. We got muddy in the mud kitchen using water and the natural resources around us to create masterpieces of pies, cakes and stews. There were some beautiful creations!














Week 4.5.21 - 7.5.21 Healthy eating and living!

This week has been all about how to keep healthy. We talked about what we eat which is healthy and not healthy, we looked at what happens when we exercise and we talked about how to keep our minds active and well.

We have been super busy drawing and labelling our own healthy dinner plates, sorting out foods which are healthy and unhealthy, writing important things which keep us healthy and even been fixing our friends at the Doctors surgery. There have been all sorts of disasters happening which needed to be bandaged, such as legs, heads and arms. Luckily, we had some children writing up the reported injuries…













In maths, we are adding groups together up to 10 and writing the number sums to represent the groups. Using cards, multi-link and dominoes, we have been adding different groups together and writing the totals.












Fruit kebabs!

We made some yummy fruit kebabs with fruits of our choosing! They were super juicy and delicious!


In the hall we got out the jumping and balancing equipment. We used our super senses to carefully guide ourselves through the different obstacles.  

Next week we are looking at 'The World Around Us!' We will become travel agents in our new role-play area, designing our own maps and writing postcards to friends and families from a country of our choosing... 

Home Learning: Can you bring in some holiday photos of countries you have been to so we can share and compare the weather and environment (on the back of the photo can you let me know where you are :) Thank you!

Week 26.4.21 - 30.4.21 Life cycle of a butterfly

This week we had some special visitors… The caterpillars have arrived!

The children were so excited. We started with a non-fiction book learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Next, we read The Hungry Caterpillar storybook to see his journey and transformation into a butterfly. However, we did discuss how not all caterpillars will eat ice cream, cake, salami and pie (as much as they would like too). As part of our STEM activity we created and followed instructions on how to make the different fruits from the story out of lego. The children loved doing this and felt very proud of their achievements.

We have done some brilliant recall and writing about the life cycle of a butterfly and looked at other living life cycles such as hens, frogs and flowers.

In phonics, we have started phase 4 which are consonant clusters – meaning they are fast sounds to say and could be easily be missed when spelling different words.

In maths, we are still learning about money and are super amazing at knowing our coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p. We are now adding different coins together and writing them as number sums.

Linking back to butterflies, we have learnt about the word ‘symmetrical’ and created some beautiful, colourful and symmetrical butterflies. We had lots of fun making those.























Next week we are looking at healthy bodies and living! Time to get exercising!

Week 19.4.21 - 23.4.21 Planting and growing

This week has been all about planting and growing. We began with an information book called, ‘How to grow a seed’. It gave us lots of information about what we would need and how to care for it. We took this information to plant our own seeds. There was a choice for the children to choose what they wanted to grow.

They could choose from carrots, salad leaves, beetroot, radish, peas or cress.

Most of the children chose carrots or peas so left Mrs Browne with the cress and Miss Rhodes with the beetroot (which she was rather excited about). We have continued to care for our seed by watering it and ensuring it has enough sunlight.

We have looked at pictures of what will be happening to the seed once it starts to grow. As it is amongst the soil, we will not be able to see the first part of growth.

To continue our plant topic we wrote down instructions for Mrs Graham so she could plant her own seed if she so wished… They were brilliant!


Maths - Money

We have looked at money this week and will continue to next week. For our role-play we had a garden centre so the children can use language related to money and explore the coins without even knowing!  We focused on the coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p. We have been exploring why we have money, what the coins mean and using language such as more or less value, expensive, pennies, pence, ‘p’ and cheaper. We discussed why the coins are different sizes and noticed that even though the 2p coin is bigger than the 5p coin, it is not worth more money.  











Next week we will be adding coins together and writing down our number calculations – ensuring we remember our p’s!

Next week: THE CATERPILLARS ARE COMING!!! The children do not know yet so that will be extremely exciting for them Monday morning when they arrive to school… :) Please do not tell them.

Week 29.3.21 - 1.4.21 Happy Easter to you all! 

We have had the best week doing all things full of Easter fun! We have been making chicks and bunnies using our 2D shape knowledge, making beautiful Easter bonnets then parading around the field to the whole school. It was a wonderful celebration and marked the first chance to all be together in the great open space. We have also made Easter cards and decorations, then finally went on a Easter egg hunt! Yummy Yummy! :)

A huge thank you for this term, it has been challenging for all of us but we pulled though together and achieved greatness! Well done Team Squirrels!

Have a restful but chocolate eating time over Easter. I will miss you all and look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Mrs Browne xx




Week 22.3.21 – 26.3.21 Easter is coming!

We had a brilliant discussion about ‘why do some people celebrate Easter?’ Of course the children mentioned the Easter bunny, chocolate and Easter eggs… all very important reasons why some people celebrate Easter. However, some children mentioned that Jesus had died on the cross and came back to life. I was super impressed with some of the children who were about to explain why this happened mentioning key words such as ‘risen’, Judas’, ‘jealous’, ‘cross’, ‘tomb’ and, ‘disciples’, ‘Mary’. We learnt so much about the story of Easter, we looked at a picture book sharing pictures of Bethlehem and  the Last Supper.

See if your children can remember the answers these questions:

How many disciples did Jesus have? (12)

Who betrayed Jesus? Do we remember why? (Judas, he was jealous everyone loved Jesus and he was a leader)

Does everyone in the world celebrate Easter? (No)

We had a brilliant conversation about how we celebrate Easter at home. Some people have a big family feast, some go on Easter egg hunts and others go to Church.

Our super Easter Shop role play

The children have loved our new role play area, selling Easter eggs and Easter bonnets. The children are using brilliant mathematical language such as 'pounds', 'how much does it cost?'. They have also been adding different items together to make a total and writing it down as a receipt for their customer. 







Maths fun!

Last week we measured ourselves in cm so this week, we put our heights in order from shortest to tallest! We found out the most common height was 117cm, the tallest was Immy at 124cm (that’s what we all estimated!) and the shortest was George and Alex at 106.5cm!

We have also been recapping our shape knowledge by sorting them in the correct 3D shape and naming them as we sort.








15.3.21 – 19.3.21 Road safety week

This week we have been learning how to keep safe when on the streets or crossing the road. We talked about what we need to look out for and what the safe things to do are.

Here is what the children suggested to look out for:

Alathea – "We need to look out for bicycles."

Finn – "Fast cars on the roads."

Alfie – "Lots of people around."

Olivia – "Animals."

Abbie – "Not seeing things around parked cars."

Ed – "We still need to be careful of the virus!"

All extremely brilliant things to look out for... :) 

From this we set up a role play area with a zebra crossing, road signs and different scenarios for the children to act out and choose how to deal with. It was fantastic listening to what the children had learnt about road safety!

Mrs Browne then read a story about Super Cat! He is a road safety cat who helps people keep safe on the roads. We became his Super Kittens and helped Super Cat suggest what makes things unsafe and how we can make it safe.






See if your child can remember the Super Cat Rap! What were the key words from it?







We did our first piece of independent writing and Mrs Browne was, BLOWN AWAY with the quality of each child’s piece of writing!

We based it on a picture of a troll and had a great class discussion about what he looks like, what objects he has around him, what his job might be, where he lives and who he may live with. We discovered he looked like a friendly, old, calm and kind troll and he even had a pet dragon. The children came up with different suggestions on where he may live which they shared in their writing. We have sent them home with you so you can see the brilliant work they have achieved. Mrs Wright came to see the children’s work and she even gave a few Head Teacher Award stickers.













8.3.21 – 12.3.21 (Who knows what week it is now...?)

This week has been wonderful to see all the happy, excited and extremely chatty children back! The classroom is definitely a lot busier but feels complete again.

We have been extremely busy here in team Squirrel. We are recapping all the learning that took place over lockdown and I have to say I am very impressed parents! Well done to you all for all your efforts.

For some it was learning the school routine, class routine, lunch routine and home routine all over again, which in itself, is exhausting.

Now we are back together the children have just enjoyed being together, interacting, playing, talking, debating, learning new things about each other and being free outside in the sunshine.

We have had daily class discussions about our different moods and feelings and how we can look after ourselves and each other. We talked about what we can do and say if someone looks upset or worried.

Children will be bringing home library books each week for their pleasure at home. It will be a book they choose from the library. Please can these books be returned each Monday so they can be re-stocked and changed again. Thank you.


Here are videos of phonics phase 2 and 3 sounds so they children can follow my lead daily to support their sound recognition. On there also are tricky words!









Let's talk about reading...

Here is a video which you have all been sent on Target Tracker. It explains how to support your child with reading. Take a look, as reading books will start to come home next week! Let me know if you have any worries or questions on this. 




Week 14 (18.12.2020) CHRISTMAS FUN!!

Well done Team Squirrel! You made it a full term at Langrish... Miss Rhodes and I are so proud of you all. You have achieved so much in just one term. We cannot wait to see you ready for more in the Spring term. 

We wish you all a restful and Happy Christmas! See you all in the new year.

Week 13 (11.12.2020)

Christmas story

This week we talked about how and why some people celebrate Christmas. To the children’s dismay they found out it is not just about presents and receiving things they want. We read different versions of the Christmas story and discussed how different things were in those times compared to now. For example, the kings riding on donkeys and camels and not in cars and how they did not have telephones, so found other ways to communicate from afar.

We had a special visitor, Reverend Jane Ball, who shared the Christmas message and encouraged us to all give thanks this Christmas.

To consolidate our learning we ordered the story and also created our own stable outside with role play masks of Mary, Joseph, the 3 Kings, the Innkeeper and the animals.

To keep in the Christmas spirit we have written Christmas cards, wrapped presents and made pictures using 2d shapes.


We have finally finished our phase 2 phonics sounds ready to start phase 3 in the new year! To recap our sounds we have been writing sentences…




Forest school Christmas Party!

Week 12 (4.12.2020) Minibeasts!

This week has been all about minibeasts… and a slow introduction to Christmas! I have heard many stories about little cheeky elves taking over the houses getting up to all sorts of mischief!

For our minibeasts topic, we have learnt different facts about butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ants, spiders, worms, ladybirds and woodlice. Did you know that worms have nine hearts?

We have picked our favourite minibeasts and labelled the different parts of it. Here are some examples. We used our sound knowledge and a word mat for the trickier words.

Our small world minibeasts area has been great fun for the children to explore soil, create their own minibeasts world by making their different habitats and look at them in more detail.


New words learnt this week:








In maths, we are learning about 3d shapes! We have found out that 2d shapes are flat and 3d shapes are solid. We sorted a variety of shapes into different groups. One 2d and the other 3d, then we sorted them into rounded shapes and straight shapes. We created our own 3d shapes using clixi and even made our own minibeasts using 3d shapes.

To support our counting we matched the number to spots on the ladybirds!






Next week we are learning the Christmas story and the reason why Christian people celebrate Christmas. Sorry children, it is not just about presents and yummy food! We will also be writing our Christmas lists! (I will send a copy home in their book bags.)


A bit of home learning:

Could you ask your child,

"What would you say to a friend from your nursery about being in Squirrel Class?"

We are thinking about prospective parents and would love a quote from your child or/and even you(!) about why they should choose Langrish as a school but even more so what makes our reception class special.

Could you bring your notes in, on a piece of paper with your child on Monday morning. :) Thank you!

Week 11 (27.11.2020)

Anti-bullying week

This week we have talked about our emotions, different feelings and different times we have felt such emotions. We now have a feelings board in our classroom so we can express how we are feeling each day and throughout the day. At the end of the day, we would reflect on our behaviours and feelings towards different things that happened.

As a class, we talked about what it means to be friendly and unfriendly. We looked at different scenarios and debated whether it is friendly or unfriendly. Importantly, we then discussed how we could improve the behaviour to be friendlier and support our friends, if they do feel sad or angry.



We've painted our hedgehogs! The children were so excited to paint them.











Forest school

The days are getting colder and next week is all about minibeasts! We went on a bug hunt ensuring we look in dark, damp places! We also collected a variety of sticks so next week we can make our own minibeasts.



This week we have learnt the sounds ck, e, u, r. We have begun writing simple sentences, which may include a tricky word in. We try to make them as funny as we can such as, ‘the pot on the pen’ or ‘a big rock and a sock’.

Our role play was set up as a school which they loved! We had teachers, head teachers, excellent pupils and great learning taking place... I would like to say I've taught them well...even if there were some bossy teachers!?


In maths, we are recapping our 2d shapes. We have played a game of Kim’s game with shapes where the children have to guess which shape is missing. Also, we are playing what’s in the bag where the children pick a shape and have to describe it to the group so we can guess what the shape is.








Week 10 (20.11.2020)

This week our theme is 'Autumn'. We talked about seasons and how they change. We talked about experiences we have had in different seasons, like where we have been, what we do and what we did to adapt to each season.


Maths has been all about 2D shape! Using lolly sticks, elastic bands and boards we created different 2D shapes, learning the names of them along the way. We went on a shape hunt outside and recorded the shapes we saw on a clipboard. Who knew there were so many shapes outside…











To support our counting skills and recording of numbers, we completed an ‘I spy and count’ which was autumn themed. At home to support their number recognition and counting stills, could you get them counting things around them? It could be how many cars are in the car park; what number does that say; how many doors are in the house? They could even record their answers to get them writing numbers for a purpose.



Our sounds this week are g, o, c, k. The children are impressing me everyday by making simple CVC words independently! Soon we will be writing sentences! We have looked at the story, ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and the children have worked as a team to sequence the story.


We had a wonderful afternoon of 'autumness' fun! We created hedgehogs out of clay and went on an autumn hunt to create our own trees with beautiful coloured leaves. A photo will be posted next week after we have painted them.

Next week our theme is on ‘Anti Bullying Week’. We will talk about different emotions and how we feel at different times, think about Internet safety, our rights and friendships.

Week nine (13.11.2020)


This week we have found out what remembrance means, who we are remembering and why people wear poppies. We watched a brilliant virtual assembly from year 6 who shared their learning of Armistice day then completed our two minute silence to remember those who fought in the war. We have had a busy week writing, painting, cutting and sticking, creating and building our own versions of poppies and writing key words linked to Remembrance Day.

What really brought it to life was receiving pictures and information about the children’s great great grandfathers and their time in the war. There were some brilliant stories and photos. We discussed how different the houses, people, clothes and cars look in the ‘olden days’ compared to now. The children could not believe they did not have televisions or a local supermarket nearby to pick up chocolate whenever they wanted it!



In maths we have been counting with a one to one correspondence and finding out which numbers represent us. Here is what the children said:

I am 4 years old.

I am 5 years old.

I have been 3 years old but now I am 4. I will be 5 on my next birthday!

I live at number 6.

My house is number 19.

My sister is 7 years old.

I have 4 brothers and sisters.

Next week we are learning about 2d shapes. Can you find some objects around your house which are 2d? Take some pictures and bring them in next week for us to look at.

Our theme next week is Autumn! Maybe go for a walk in your local woods, park or town to find brilliantly strange and wonderful things linked to autumn. Mia brought in a corn last week, whilst on her walk with her dogs. She saw a cheeky squirrel eating it but unfortunately dropped it whilst climbing a tree.


Children in need!

We had great fun making super Pudsey masks, making a collage of Pudsey’s face and dancing along to some Pudsey moves! We talked about charity, linked it to remembrance and shared where the money collected will go to.

Week eight (6.11.2020)

This week we have found out about Diwali. We talked about it being the festival of light and learnt how people around the world celebrate it. We shared how not everybody celebrates Diwali and linked it to what we might celebrate. We talked about birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Diwali. We linked it back to a special book we read called ‘We are all different’”. This allowed us to see similarities and differences in each celebration or festival.

Here is what we've experienced this week:

We made Rangoli patterns using elastic bands and colour. We talked about symmetry and looked at a variety of different Rangoli patterns for the children to look at.

We created a dark role play area where we had candles (battery powered) and beautiful fabrics for the children to dress up in.

We read the story of Rama and Sita which the children were acting out using puppets.

We began writing and drawing key words such as Hindus, light, fireworks, Lakshmana, Rangoli and festival.

The children were extremely engaged and wanted to know more and more about the festival of light. We played Diwali music throughout the week and learnt a few dance moves along the way…


Take One Picture Week

This week we looked at a painting chosen by the Art Ambassadors and turned it to life by creating our own 3D version of the painting. We made origami boats, drew seagulls, painted and collaged the sea, sun and sky and created people out of pegs. It looks absolutely amazing! Well done to Miss Rhodes and all the children for working as a team to create it. 

Next week we will be discussing and learning about Remembrance. It would be great to get information or pictures from you if you knew anyone in the war. It really brings their learning to life and gives the children a sense of pride when they talk about their families. I will be bringing in pictures of my grandad, and my great uncle who is 94 years old and still going strong(!), who were evacuated to Wales when the war began. He has told me many stories about his life in Wales and what his parents did in the war.


Week Seven (23.10.2020)

This week we have learnt about people who help us. We made a list of who we think are people who help us. Here is what we said:

  • Police
  • Fire service
  • Ambulance
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Lollypop people.

We went through what they did to help us and if they have helped us or our families in anyway.

Ed said: My grandad is in hospital and they are looking after him there by giving him medicines.

Bodhi said: I once saw a fire on top of someone’s house. The fire people helped them put out the fire with their big hoses.

Isabelle said: I went to hospital and they helped me with my head. They put a big plaster on it.

Rosie and Alice said: We know two Charlottes and one is a doctor and one is a teacher. It is our Aunty and neighbour. 


Drawing with Rob

For a calm afternoon we sat down together and drew a picture of a monster with Rob Biddulph (he is an illustrator for many books). He talked us through step by step, how to draw a monster. The children did a brilliant job and were extremely proud of their monsters.

Our final week of letter a day... then onto the good stuff!

We have learnt the letters ‘t’, ‘u’, ‘v’, ‘w’, ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’. we have been building a train track, going under the sea, sequencing the very hungry caterpillar, making volcanoes, painting with wheels of cars to create pattern and colours, become doctors and looking at x rays, relaxing and unwinding with yoga and cutting zig zags and making zebra crossings.











After half term, we will be learning all about Diwali. If you celebrate or know anyone who does celebrate Diwali, we would love to know about it! Please share and bring things in as it all helps the children’s understanding.

Have a happy and restful half term!

Love Mrs Browne x

Week six (16.10.2020)

This week we have learnt the letters p, q, r, s, t.  

For letters 'p' and 'q', we mixed potions to make letter spells, learnt about quarters, halves and whole parts and used the correct language to support this. Also, we had fun in shaving foam to create a polar land with polar bears, penguins and whales.

For the letters 'r' and 's', we built robots, created a windy road with beebots, explored recycling, made shadows using light, got physical by stretching, doing star jumps and following instructions like start and stop!

For the letter 't', we looked at time, played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, hid in tents and of course climbed trees in forest school!

We also learnt about the  Harvest Festival. We joined together (socially distanced) as a school, for a harvest celebration walk around the school grounds. We have been learning a song called 'Autumn Harvest'. You can find it by clicking here...  








Next week we are learning all about people who help us... We would love to have photos of people you know who help us in their jobs (or just a little note for me to read about who it is and what they do...). This could be the police service, fire service, ambulance service, teacher, carer or anything else!!

Week five (9.10.2020)

This week has been all about letters k, ‘l’, ‘m’, ‘n’ and ‘o’. We made kites and flew them high in the sky (luckily it was a windy day!). We made dens and created light with torches. We learnt about lighthouses and what they are for, then painted them. We looked at maps using beebots and travelled to different destinations. We found out about magnets and searched high and low to see what was magnetic and what wasn’t. We learnt about our names and why they are different. Also who knew our Mummy’s and Daddy’s names are not really Mummy or Daddy! Some of the children could not believe it! In forest school, we read the story Owl Babies and created our own owl babies using natural resources.

"We made a lighthouse using lego. Lego starts with 'L' too."
Using the beebots to travel around Europe!





Thank you to all the families who brought in photos. It was wonderful to see the children share who was who with such pride and love! It really enhanced their learning.

Next week we will learn about the letters ‘p’, ‘q’, ‘r’, ‘s’ and ‘t’. Also our theme of the week is ‘We are all different’.


Week four 2.10.2020

This week has been all about letters ‘f’, ‘g’, ‘h’, ‘I’, ‘j’. We have been flower printing, creating still life drawings of flowers, learning about giraffes, building houses and writing about who lives in our house, following instructions and of course making jam sandwiches!

In maths we are working hard to ensure we count with a one to one correspondence. To do this we have used numicon, counters, animals and anything else we can find. Mrs Browne put challenge speakers around the room for children to listen to and follow.

One speaker said; ‘Find 5 things and show Mrs Browne.’

They did brilliantly!










Forest school

The children are loving forest school! Each session I see more children climbing trees with confidence and risk assessing their play. I see great communication between them as they show one another how to climb, what branches to go on and using which leg or arm.

We made forest crowns by using natural resources to create fabulous crowns! There were some beautiful red leaves, big green ones and sprinklings of mud so the children could make patterns on their crown.

This week due to strong winds we could not attend forest school. 


Week three 25.9.2020

This week we have started our, 'Letter of the day'! Everyday we learn new words, play listening games, begin segmenting and blending simple CVC words and do all things to do with that letter. Here is what we have been up to this week in phonics:

Monday - Letter Aa for animals, alphabet, apparatus in PE and our word of the day was: 'amazing'. The children had to try and use the word in their day to their friends.



Tuesday - Letter Bb for butterfly, ball, bridge, books, big, bugs, beebots, beads and our word of the day was 'brave'. We talked about when we have been or could be brave.











Wednesday - Letter Cc for caterpillar, cone, chimes, counting, computers and our word of the day was 'curious'.












Thursday - Letter Dd for dinosaurs, drums, dressing up and our word of the day was 'daring'.










Friday - Letter Ee for eggs, elephant, equipment, exploring, exercise and our word of the day was 'excited'.











For maths we are having fun with number songs, counting to 20 and learning about symmetry thanks to the letter 'b' for butterfly!

In PE we have been jumping, climbing, balancing and throwing and catching.

Week two 18.9.2020

This week has been full of sand, water, sunshine, role play, tea parties, painting, mask making, yoga, stories, bikes, forest school, printing, PE, letters and numbers, dancing, singing ANDDD making Christmas cards!? How funny! 









Week one 11.9.2020

Hooray for team squirrels' first week of school! I am so proud of each and every one of you! I have seen resilience, independence, high level learning already... making brilliant new friendships and being super helpers and tidy-uppers for       Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes.

There has been so much for them all to take in:

  • new environment
  • new routine
  • making friends
  • keeping safe
  • finding out where things live
  • remembering what I ordered for lunch 
  • even a fire drill!

Here are some heartfelt comments I have heard from the children...

Charlotte, "I am having the best time, I cannot wait to come back."

Alfie, "Thank you so much for my bear Mrs Browne, I really love him."

Dotty, "I love painting, its one of my favourite things to do."

Finn, "I remembered where to put my water bottle!" 

Phoebe, "I cannot wait to bring Sid home with me, I love him."

Alathea, "Is Sid real? Does he talk and stuff? He is a bit cheeky isn't he, he just keeps wondering off."

Finley, "Kayla is my new best friend, I asked her what her name was and she told me and now we play together in the sand."














Hungry Little Minds

Cosmic kids

Child line calm zone

BBC bitesize

Oxford owl

Phonics play

Our Awards

  • Arts Mark Gold
  • Music Mark
  • RRSA Silver
  • Gold Sports Mark