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Year R Squirrels

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Team Squirrel - Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes


21.7.22 Time to say farewell and see you soon!

I cannot believe it is that time already... I just want to say a huge thank you for this year. You all welcomed me back so kindly in the Spring Term which made the transition so much smoother. Also, to your wonderful children who welcomed me back into Team Squirrels, I know change can be difficult but they took it all so well. 

It's been a pleasure having your children, teaching them new things and watching them become independent, confident risk-takers! 

Have a wonderful summer! Rest, have fun and enjoy being together as a family. I am looking forward to spending time with my new little family to. 

Lots of love Mrs Browne xx

15.7.22 "But it is too hot to do anything..."

Although it is super hot outside, that doesn’t stop us being super busy here in Team Squirrels. We are recapping on our phonics and maths independently or in small groups. We used the magnetic letters to create words and sentences, reading books on our own or with a friend, making pairs on the computers and finding the missing numbers in a sequence.


Sports day!

What a brilliant morning we had! I am so proud of all of you for joining in, taking part and working so well as a team! You all did a fantastic job! Well done Team Squirrel.


8.7.22 Under the Sea

This week has been a wonderful week full of mindfulness collaging and watching videos of coral reefs from around the world. We played a game where we were given three facts about sea creatures and we had to find out what sea creature it was from the three facts given.

To support our learning, we explored the water tray creating rock pools, coral reefs and waterfalls. Some children created their own aquarium by grouping off the different sea creatures. We also made different sea creature tangrams. The children had to carefully cut out the different shapes, making sure their shapes were the correct way around, to represent the animal.

PE – we have been extremely busy practising for sports day next week! We are  brilliant at working as a team for tunnel ball and practising our aim for javelin.

Transition has started which is super exciting. This week, the children went to the hall to play games with Mr Hancox on Thursday afternoon. They had the best time and couldn’t stop telling me all the funny things he did.


1.7.2022 Our bodies!

This week we are learning all about our bodies. We found out about the different organs, their purpose, the skeleton, muscles and our features. The children already knew a lot about the heart and told me that it pumps blood around our body. We did some test to get our heart rate moving faster and slower by doing lots of exercise then resting. We felt each other’s heart’s beating and tried to find each other’s pulse – that was proven quite tricky to find a pulse on one another…!

To support our learning, we draw and labelled our bodies and as a team. They started by drawing around someone, then began drawing the different parts of the body under the skin. Our role play area has transformed into a doctors’ surgery which has been super busy… the receptionists have been rushed off their feet with paperwork. As for the doctors, the amount of broken bones! People need to be more careful.

We have been writing independent sentences about our body and trying to use different words such as relax, calm, energy, walk, jog, knees, teeth and mouth. Also, re-building a broken skeleton.

For maths, we are recapping subtraction and addition remembering that adding means the total gets bigger and that take away means the total gets smaller.


Forest school!

We made nature pictures, where we stuck natural things we found in the forest to them using elastic bands. Look how wonderful they look…

Next week our theme is Under the Sea!


24.6.22 Special clothes

This week has been a brilliant insight to traditional clothes across the world. We talked about what we wear that’s special and what special occasions we celebrate. We discussed what people wear at weddings, on Christmas day, at the weekends, for a religion, our school uniform and what people wear in their jobs and why.

For our role play this week, we had clothes, shoe and hat shop with a variety of different clothes for different celebrations. The children loved trying the objects on and pretending to be a shopkeeper. As a challenge, we became fashion designers. We designed and made our own bags using paper and created a jumper or dress using different materials.

For maths, we are looking at measuring with our hands, centimetres and metres and with multilink. We have been comparing and estimating different lengths of objects around the classroom and outside. We also made our own number lines using rulers. 


Next week is all about our body. We will be learning about the different organs and their purpose. We will be putting out hearts to the test next week by doing slow and fast exercises to see the change in our heart rates.


17.6.22 Summer!

This week we have been reflecting on the different seasons and then focused on summer. Lucky for us the sun was shining, it felt warm and the children were in their shorts and t-shirts. What a perfect week to focus on summer…

We read the book Seren’s seasons, then drew representations on what each season means to us. Some children drew snow for winter, beautiful coloured leaves for autumn, flowers for spring and a beach for summer in lovely sunshine.

An art activity we did was using coloured sand to decorate different shaped and patterned lollies. They had to use their pincer to carefully manage the sand to go in between the lines. Our plan is now to use them as bunting to brighten up the room.

In maths, we have been recapping shape. The children were great at remembering the 2d shapes and telling me how many sides each shape has. I even tried to trick them by showing them different triangles to see if they know it was still a triangle… They did. There is no fooling them.

Our role play has been an Ice Cream shop. The children have loved pretending to give ice creams to each other asking what flavour they wanted and if they wanted it in a cone or bowl.


Next week: We are looking at special clothes and what they mean to us and others' around the world. If you wear some special clothes for a special occasions please do sent in photos. :) 


10.6.2022 Minibeasts

We have been super lucky this week as we have been heading into the forest every morning this week to explore our beautiful surroundings. We first created minibeasts using the natural resources around us. Next, we made habitats for them and then finally we went bug hunting. There were spiders, beetles and centipedes all hidden in damp, dark places.

To support our minibeasts topic, we created bugs out of toilet rolls which I have to say look brilliant. The children really thought about what they wanted their bug to look like and thought about the best resources for them.

In maths, we have been looking at half and sharing equally. Using different bugs, we shared up to 20 leaves and ensured they were shared out equally to different sized groups. I was amazed at how well the children completed this independently… I had to find a trickier one for them to do!

In phonics, we are ensuring we write clear, structured sentences which of course have to make sense! It is important that the children are able to re-read their work so they also have that understanding of what they are writing.

In PE, the children were extremely excited to get outside in the beautiful sunshine for a game of tennis, football, Frisbee and hula-hooping. 


Next week: It is all about summer. We will be reflecting on all the different seasons and reminiscing on our summer holidays abroad.


26.5.2022 Queens Jubilee

What a wonderful celebration it has been. We have learnt about the Queen, her family, looked at old and new photos, put pictures in a timeline and of course talked about what a jubilee means.

We were super busy making crowns and plates for the party, had fun in our role play street party, make repeating patterns with pictures of the queen and learnt about the Union Jack flag, linking it back to our learning from the world around us and the UK. To prepare us for the party we decorated cakes, make bunting and even learnt the national anthem.

After half-term: It's all about minibeasts! Please can you save your kitchen roll and toilet roll so we can make and decorate bugs using them. Thank you!

Have a wonderful and restful half-term! 

20.5.2022 Where our food comes from?

This week has enhanced the children’s thinking here at school and in their everyday lives! We have asked them where does our food come from?

At first our answers were,

“At the supermarket!”

“At the garden centre.”

“In a cafe or restaurant.”

We wanted to look a bit deeper so I asked, ‘but where does the supermarket get the food from?’

After a big discussion we found out that fruit grows on trees or on plants and vegetables grow underground. We looked at a variety of foods and their labels to see where the food was grown. The children were mind blown to see that the apples they were eating at snack time had been grown and picked in Portugal! This led onto our previous learning about the world around us knowing about different countries and their climates. We talked about what the different fruits and vegetables needed in order to grow. For example, why Jasper's lemons had grown in Spain and the carrots had grown in Norfolk in the UK.

I have challenged the children to look at the labels of fresh foods next time they are in the fridge or at the supermarket to find out where the food had come from.

To support our learning, we looked at an artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was an Italian painter. He created faces using different fruit and vegetables. We took inspiration from him to create our own and I must say they look FABULOUS! Pop into the classroom and see them on our working wall.


We had the best time feeding lambs, having lovely cuddles and exploring the farm on our school trip to the Farm. It has been a trip which has been missed for the past two years due to Covid restrictions so Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes were super excited to get back for cuddles with the lambs! There were even seven chickens who were being nosey in the lamb's pen. The children were super safe when walking to the farm in their high visibility jackets and enjoyed the views of 1000 sheep whilst having snack. I'm sure if you ask the children what their favourite part was they will say... "We got to go on a tractor and quad bike!" Mr Snow even challenged us to 'who did the poo?', where we had to guess which animal poo belonged to what animal. I can confirm Team Squirrels knew exactly whose animal poo was whose!. Well done Team Squirrels!


We have been recapping our phase 3 sounds by matching pictures to the words. Please continue to support your child’s reading by going over the tricky words and sound cards. Remember you child can change their books every day if they need to!


Forest school

We have been interested in bug hunting this term. The children have been expert bug finders. They have found so many beetles and spiders and catching them in bug pots. 


Next week is all about the Queens Jubilee! Hope to see you at the party!


13.5.2022 The world around us!

This is one of my favourite weeks! It’s when we focus on where we live around the world… We find out about other countries around the world, places we have visited, what the weather is like and where the different animals come from.

We found out Eloise is an expert traveller. She has been to France, New Zealand, Edinburgh and Prague. Anna has been to Thailand and Canada and Teddy has been to Spain! Thank you all for bringing in your photos, we used Google Maps to find out how far away these countries are compared to where we live in Petersfield. We found America, Africa, Egypt, Philippines and Disneyland Orlando. 

We read a brilliant book called, ‘I am here!’  It showed us a boy called Ollie who was in his living room in his house, then showed us his house, road, town, county, country, continent, planet and solar system! I made us see how small we are compared to the rest of the world!

We got straight to work to write a postcard to friends, draw and label where we live in the world, pack a suitcase to a country of our choice, thinking about the weather and environment. Then finally, designed a zoo, putting the animals in different categories.

Here we are using beebots to move around on the map, role play in the travel agents and sorting animals!

Next week we are thinking about where our food comes from… I need your help, even more… Can you look at the packaging of your foods and keep them if they share where the food is grown.

Bring them in next week so we can explain food doesn’t just come from the supermarket! 😊


6.5.2022 Life cycles

It has been a great week here in team squirrels! We have learnt the life cycle of a butterfly, frog and chicken. Anna’s Dad even challenged us to find out the life cycle of a ladybug. Did you know it takes ladybugs 50 days to become an adult ladybug?

To support our learning, we have been looking at videos and reading books about life cycles. We have also completed a writing task to draw and label a life cycle of our choice.

Our role play zoo has been in full swing this week. A huge thank you for bringing in a great variety of different animals. We had penguins, dogs, flamingos, lions, elephants and so much more. The children loved using them and pretending to be zookeepers.

In maths, we have been exploring money. We asked, what is money for? We looked at the value of different coins and attempted to add some coins together. It got tricky when we realised we were not just adding coins together as we learnt each coin has a value.

Maybe when you are out shopping, give your child a challenge to buy something worth 20p or 50p (maybe tricky in these times!) Can they find the correct coin or value using different coins?

Next week:

We need your help! We are learning about the world around us. Can you find some holiday photos and bring them in.  We want to look at the different countries and compare them to Petersfield. We will look at where different countries are in the world, the weather and investigate where different animals come from and why. Please can you write on the back where you are. Thank you  :)

25.4.22 Kindness and wellbeing week 

It has been a great week for team squirrels! We have had a different focus each day on our wellbeing and our impact around the school and within the classroom. Here is an overview on what we were up to…

Monday was all about our goals for our final term in Squirrel class and asking key questions about how we can be ‘more thoughtful’ people. The questions were:

What makes us happy?

What makes you cross that Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes does?

What makes Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes cross that you do?

I was overwhelmed with the brilliant, deep and purposeful conversation we had. From this, we now are learning to stop and think about the way we sometimes talk to Mrs Browne and Miss Rhodes and are trying really hard to not answer back. Also, Mrs Browne now gives a five-minute warning before it is time to tidy up. This way the children can understand when it is time to finish what they were doing or put it somewhere safe for the next day. To complete the day, we made clay worry monsters, planted some herbs, created a maze using Lego and had some sensory play using sand.


Tuesday was about coping with change. We talked about what changes we had been through, such as moving house, new school, new teacher, new pet or moving country. Next, we watched a clip about a hermit crab who has to change shells as he got bigger. It explained how the hermit crab felt anxious as it is a dangerous time when changing shells due to predators. We discussed when Mrs Browne came back to teach instead of Mr Gillard, sharing their feelings towards such change and how they coped.

We shared different feelings and emotion cards and reflected on times when we felt a certain way.


Wednesday was about thinking before we react and how we can manage our feelings if something was to happen. We watched a clip about a pufferfish who when scared or angry would puff out. It told us how it is uncomfortable for the pufferfish when they react and take time to go back to their normal size. We shared when we might react to things and how we can manage them well. We looked at different scenarios and discussed the best way to deal with them.


Thursday was working as a team day! We did loads of team building activities such as creating obstacle courses and communication games such as ‘pass the note’ and ‘duck, duck, goose’. In PE, we worked in small groups to work as a team to build and create an obstacle course with a variety of equipment. Once complete, they each showed the class how to course, then took turns to have a go on each one.

I am so proud of how the children have taken on such a busy thinking week! They all took on board everything we have discussed and used it with their everyday routine. The children are checking in on each other if they are sad or hurt, helping one another and being lovely little people.


Next week is all about life cycles! Don't forget your animal teddy to sell at the pet shop (just pretend!!).


4.4.22 Easter time

This week we learnt about Easter and discussed how Christians use eggs as a symbol of new life. We discussed what an egg meant to them and what we do with them. We read the story ‘Baby Goz’ which was about a goose who hatched from his egg and went on a hunt to find his Mummy. Mrs Browne brought in a chicken’s egg and a chocolate Easter egg. We observed the eggs to find similarities and differences between them. From this, we created our own eggs to hang on our Easter tree, decorating them with pictures and symbols of new life.

Our Easter bonnet parade! What fun we had decorating our Easter bonnets. We got in lots of mess and made them look extremely colourful and full of Easter treats. On Thursday we paraded around on the playground to show off our bonnets to the school... Keep a look out in the 'egg' shell for photos! 


Thank you for a brilliant term Team Squirrels! Have a lovely Easter. Eat lots of chocolate, relax and go on hopefully some sunny, warm adventures. Love Mrs Browne




We've been getting excited about Spring (and snow flurries) this week, practising our cutting skills to make these animal pictures and using our phonics to write some simple sentences!

21.3.2022 Planting and finding out about Spring.

I asked the children what the word Spring meant to them… Here is what they said.

Eloise: Spring means animals come to life and there are lots of babies.

James: Its warm but still sometimes cold.

Henry R: It can also be rainy to.

Daisy: Flowers and plants start to grow

Catherine: My favourite is blossom, its so pretty.

Teddy: Bees come out and eat nectar and pollen from the plants and flowers.

Anna: You see lots of butterflies.

Teddy: I saw a butterfly at the weekend. It was black with white spots.

To enhance our understanding of Spring we have been busy planting seeds to grow for our playground. The seeds are sunflowers and also wild seeds to grow a mini meadow in the planters we have.


In maths, we have been busy recapping shape, height and weight. It's been a whirlwind of maths everywhere from making shape pictures, ordering beanstalks and using the weighing scales to balance different objects and see which are heavier and lighter.

Here are our sock puppets we made on Friday! We are super proud of them.

Next week: We are looking at new life. If you are out and about on adventures look out for bird nests, cracked open eggs or any signs of new life – it could be buds, flowers or animal fur you found on the ground.

We also have a week on kindness, feelings and empathy. We will have lots of time to talk about different feelings, what kindness means and how to show empathy to the people around us when they need it. 


14.3.2022 Fairytale and character building!

This week has been brilliant! The children have really showed me their creative side to create, design and write about a character they have made. We understood that in books and films, characters do not need to just be people. They can be anything! So, we had bears, witches, aeroplanes, Billy goats and a wolf.

The children just cannot wait to create their sock puppet characters (thank you so so much for bringing them in!) I will share a picture of them in next week's journey of our learning, so keep a look-out on the webpage!

Alongside character building we role-played the traditional tale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

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In maths, we have learnt to use our fingers as numbers. We are using our fingers to find different ways to make numbers to 10. Try it at home as its great for them to know they can use their fingers to count for help! We have also been adding numbers, multi link, counters, dots, lego and our actions to create number sentences, learning what the + and = sign means and represents.


Next week: we will be talking about Spring. We will get busy planting seeds, looking after them and hopefully take them home once they grow. 


7.3.2022 Poems, patterns and sunny spring-like days

This week has been wonderful! We have looked at rhyming and making up our own funny poems about animals. We found so many books in the library with poems and rhyme in them which inspired us to write ones ourselves.

We have used music to create patterns by making sounds with different instruments and making a rhythm and attempting to continue it as a group. The children also loved the freedom of making music with a variety of instruments.

In maths we have recapped one more and one less with numbers up to 20. We even asked the question, “What is one less than zero?” After a small discussion on negative numbers we landed ourselves into a bit of a mind field, which we quickly got out of!!

We explored repeating patterns using numicon and colour. Some children used up to 3 colours and all the numicons 1 – 10. Brilliant work amigos!

The children have loved being outside in the sunshine playing with all the PE equipment such as bats, balls, skipping ropes, cones and pompoms.


Next week we are all about fairy tales. We will be creating out own character which will lead us to write a story about. We have got all the tradition tales story sacks and will be recording ourselves creating our own versions of them. In maths, we are looking at addition and the many methods to help us add different things and numbers together. Don't forget we need socks!!! 


28.2.2022 Getting to know Mrs Browne

This week has been finding out all about Mrs Browne and her funny ways! All the children have been showing off to Mrs Browne all the things they know. She is very impressed with their counting, their phonics sounds and their fabulous story telling.

In phonics, we have been writing sentences with tricky words and learning to remember our finger spaces. We have also been reading sentences to match with the pictures.

Help at home: go on a walk around the house or outside to find signs, labels or names. Can they attempt to read it? Can they spot the digraphs (2 letters that make one sound) in the words? Then ask, what does that sign/label mean?

In maths, we have been counting, finding one more and one less and writing numbers for a purpose.

Help at home: Can you practise writing numbers 0 – 10, ensuring they are the right way round. When out and about what numbers can you see and why are they there?


Everyone loves pancake day! After lunchtime where they got pancakes for pudding!! We created our own pancakes using play dough. The children challenged themselves to flip their pancakes without dropping them on the floor!

World book day!

We had a great day making bookmarks, sequencing stories and writing our own books! In ICT we painted our favourite book front cover. There was some Gruffalo’s, ladybirds from 'What the Ladybird Heard' and bears from 'Goldilocks and the three bears'.


Next week: We are learning about poems! If you have a favourite rhyme, song or story please bring it in so we can share it with the class.


18/2/22 - Pirates Ahoy! 

This week we have based our learning activities around a painting titled "A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas" by Claude-Joseph Vernet. We shared the painting at the start of the week and our Squirrels talked about all the interpretations that they had from what they were able to see. We discussed pirates burying their treasure, sea monsters attacking ships and (coincidentally) stormy weather! During the week a cheeky pirate has been sneaking into our class and stealing toys. How rude! We have been following clues with positional language to reclaim our favourite toys from those pirate baddies. Great job ship shape Squirrels!

For home learning today, the Onedrive has been updated with a selection of pirate games and activities that you could try at home. You could ask your children what they would want to say to our mystery pirate and use the message in a bottle template to attempt to write to them. There is also an activity to design your own pirate flag. I hope that you all have a safe and happy half-term break. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support this half-term!

11/2/22 - Kings and Queens

The super Squirrels have enjoyed a lovely week as we enter the final week before half term. We have been exploring the subject of Kings, Queens and castles. We have been creating British flags and discussing the Platinum Jubilee, building castles outside and even writing about Queen Elizabeth II. Wow! In our number work we have been doing lots of sorting odd and even numbers and even used odd numbered Numicon pieces to create fabulous castle artwork. Well done Squirrels! Maybe you can show your grownups how you can check if a number is odd or even this weekend. 

4/2/22 - Gong Hei Fat Choy! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

To mark the occasion of Chinese New Year we have spent a week learning and thinking about all things Chinese! We have learned about the story of New Year and why there are 12 animals on the Chinese Zodiac. We have made some fab tiger stripes, fire breathing dragons, lucky red money wallets and even impersonated the different animals for our PE activities! In maths we have been counting and comparing groups, beginning by a tricky challenge of sorting and classifying a range of animals, using our communication and teamwork skills to help us. Well done everyone! If you would like to extend your child experience of the festival, perhaps you could try some Chinese foods this weekend as a special treat, or even find a fireworks display going on near you!

28/1/22 - Feeling Fabulous!

This week we have been thinking all about our feelings, both positive and negative and what may trigger them. The Squirrels all had a go at describing their friends with lovely, positive thoughts and surprised them with some of the ideas they had! Look out for the kind words that your child received in their reading wallets soon! In addition to this we have been working on teamwork skills by playing and sharing a range of activities, such as den building outside and making some wonderful worry dolls. We had some fabulous puppet shows too and the story of "The Crocodile who Tried to Eat the Princess" was a big hit in the role play area this week! In maths we have been trying some estimations. They had to be really brave to attempt to build perfect 30cm towers, see how tall they were with string and also play a super guessing game where they were banned from counting to find answers. How funny!

21/1/22 - Water is Wonderful!

This week we have been exploring water in a variety of different forms. We have tested different materials to explore floating and sinking, as well as designing some amazing umbrellas for Sid the Squirrel! Will Sid manage to stay dry with our designs? See if your children can tell you the results! We have also been fortunate to explore water in different contexts. The start of the week and the freezing temperatures were a great chance to explore an icy wonderland outside and even practise our names in the frost! Thursday also saw us receive a special visitor in Reverend Good who explained how water is special for Christians and demonstrated a Christening Ceremony. Wow! In our maths activities, we have also been learning about doubling and addition of doubles through creating beautiful ladybirds and butterflies! Well done Squirrels!


14/1/22 - Recycling and Rubbish

Thank you for all the wonderful junk that you have been sending into school. The children have really enjoyed being able to explore the materials that different objects were made of and consider wether we could put them into our recycling bin or not. This week we have loved hearing stories such as Too Much Stuff, Tidy, The Messy Magpie and A Place for Plastic. We've spent a lot of time talking about how we can manage our own waste footprint and how our behaviour can help to keep our world clean. The Squirrels especially enjoyed getting creative and 'recycling' our junk by turning it into castles, racing cars, rocket ships and jet packs. Wow!

7/1/22 - Happy New Year!

 Welcome back for the Spring Term and welcome to 2022! We are so happy to have the children back again and they have come in flying, ready to start and full of wonderful ideas. This week we have been talking about our holidays, gifts we may have received and also our wishes for the new year. Please ask your children at home about what they would like to get better at in the new year. We have seen lots of great ideas from using scissors, to skipping and even gymnastics, cricket and rugby. Wow! We also explored how Inuit people stay warm in cold weather and made some super-cute mini me's! Further to my email sent previously, please send children with named wellies and waterproofs for Forest School on a Monday or they will not be able to participate. We are also still looking for lots of lovely junk for making models so please hold onto any small boxes or plastic bottles you may have at home and send them to school for us to use!


17/12/21 - Nativity Performances, Party Days and...relax!

Wow! Thank you all so much for your support in all areas this term. The Squirrels are tired but content at the end of a busy and demanding term and they all deserve huge praise and a good rest ahead of the new year. This week they wowed us with their resilience during our schedule of nativity performances, had great fun on their class party day and even had time to make some fab Christmas decorations! Also, a huge well done to those Super Squirrels who have completed our Autumn reading challenges! Cora, James, Jasper, Teddy, Anna, Theo and Pippa have all returned their challenge sheets and will receive 25 house points. Congratulations! If you have completed the reading challenge and have not yet returned the sheet, please do so as soon as possible to receive your house points!

During the holiday, it would be hugely beneficial to keep up with practising your child's rocket words. These rocket words (often called 'tricky words' or 'sight words') are words that cannot be read using a child's phonics knowledge and must be remembered and recognised by sight. We have recently changed our display of these in the classroom to illustrate the importance of them to the children. Children must be able to read these words and be able to spot them in sentences in books before they are ready to move up to the next band of reading books (pink, then red, then yellow). This is not the only requirement, and we will also look at children's comprehension skills and general independence with reading. Children do not need to be able to write them, but as they appear frequently in more challenging books, it is essential that they have a good knowledge of them.


10/12/21 - Dress Rehearsal! Places please!

This week we have really been getting excited about the upcoming holiday! The Squirrels have been hearing, performing and retelling the story of the first Christmas and having a go at straightening out a mixed up story board. I wonder if they can tell you the story of the birth of Jesus in their own words? Nativity preparations are almost complete, and we had a fabulous dress rehearsal on Friday. Thank you for all of your wonderful costumes, the class all look amazing! In other activities we have had nativity themed counting, a very tricky snowman scissor skills activity and lots of making winter themed postcards for our friends!

3/12/21 - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

What an exciting week! To kick off our learning about the first Christmas, The Squirrels were greeted by a winter wonderland on our arrival at school on Monday. Well done for wrapping up warm and getting outside to explore in the ice and snow. This week we talked about our birthdays and how they compared to the very special birthday in the story of the first Christmas. We have been illustrating birthday scenes, crafting play dough birthday cakes and thinking about how old we were last year, now and in future! At this time of year you may also be starting to make Christmas cards with your children. Although this provides an excellent chance to do some purposeful mark making, it does tend to use a lot of paper! To ensure we minimise our material consumption, we ask that you refrain from making cards for each of your children's friends and instead, make a card with your child addressed to all of the Squirrel class to be shared in circle time. We look forward to seeing them!

26/11/21 - Autumn Patterns and materials

The Squirrels have been exploring Autumn this week, and we have been taking our opportunities to get out and explore the differences we can observe in our environment. It has been a good chance to explore concepts like change, pattern and colour. We have been collecting dry leaves to make some bushy-tailed squirrels, making patterns with pegs, leaves and sticks and even finger painting nuts and berries for our hungry Sid the Squirrel. Wow!  You could explore these ideas further in the garden or if you are out getting some fresh air over the weekend!

19/11/21 - Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need fun!

This week we have been observing Anti-Bullying week. In Squirrels, we have approached this tricky topic by talking about our feelings and how we show and share them with others. We have been thinking about what kinds of events and actions might make us feel happy, sad, scared or excited and used our inference skills to discuss what may have been the catalyst that affected others. All week we have also been working hard on our phonics, practising lots of our letters and linking them to the sounds that they make in words. On Friday, we had a terrific pyjama day for Children in Need, raising lots of money from our generous families and having a great time with the Joe Wicks live workout and quiz!

12/11/21 - Remembrance

This week we have been coordinating our learning and activities around the theme of remembrance. It has been a week of interesting discussions raised from Remembrance Day. We used sand timers to explore the length of a minute and what activities we could do for a whole minute, hunted for poppy numbers and made some amazing poppy wreaths. In phonics, we have been exploring the letters i, n, m and d and also practising their formation. Wow! As a reminder, we will be wearing odd socks for Monday 15th of November and that we will also be having pyjama day at the end of the week. Please be sure to read all correspondence from the school so that you don't miss out!

5/11/21 - Fireworks and Mindful Meditation

The Squirrels have made a fab return to school this week and have really enjoyed our focus on phonics and counting! In addition, we have also spent time talking about Bonfire Night and all the exciting things we might see, smell and hear this weekend. We have had great conversations about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and how we must listen to our grownups in order to do that. There were some wonderful fireworks crafts created in the classroom, from collage sparklers to painting with cardboard tubes, marbles and sponges. Wow!

We have also started adding a mindfulness meditation time into our day. The class have taken to this really well, and it has been great to see everyone getting together to have some short time to focus on breathing and relaxing after a busy breaktime in the bracing cold! If you would like to try this exercise with your child(ren) at home, the instructions we have been following this week are available here. Have a wonderful weekend!

22/10/21 - Unicorns, Underwater, Volcanoes, Vegetables, Wishes and X-cetera!

We made it! A huge thank you to all of you for your great support during what has been a really exciting first half-term for our Super Squirrels. They are all very ready for (and deserving of) a good rest over the break and have topped it off with a week of fun activities in and out of the classroom. We have been voting for our favourite vegetables, wishing for a wide range of exciting treats and exploring x-rays of our hands created with cotton buds!

To top it all off, the end of the week saw us visited by a Fab Falconry display and all the Squirrels loved seeing the birds up close. Please have a safe and restful half-term break, and we look forward to seeing you all again on the 1st of November!


15/10/21 - Queens, Rainbow Rice, Snakes, Sandcastles, Trees and Time!

As we near the end of our first half-term, the Super Squirrels are also nearing the end of their alphabet journey. This week we have looked at q, r, s and t. We made some fabulous crowns while exploring queens and castles. R was for rockets and rainbow rice, which also became a great medium to practise the letters that appear in our names. With s, we made slithering, slimy snakes and super strong sandcastles and for t we talked about time (playing lots of What's the Time Mr. (or Mrs!) Wolf and made tree artwork with the falling autumn leaves. It has been a wonderful week and all our children have worked super hard. We also had time for a very exciting PE lesson and our first time getting apparatus out for climbing and jumping. Miss Rhodes also commented that we were the best and safest children that she had ever seen. Wow! Well done Squirrels! 

8/10/21 - M is for monsters, N is for numbers, O is for Octopus and P is for Pirates, Polar, Planets, Patterns and much, much more!

Well done on another great week for the Squirrels! We have been super busy this week making some monster numbers, Numicon puzzles with our maths equipment and some very silly octopi (being careful to count the legs!). The end of the week saw us explore P and we found so many things that had that initial sound! We chose pirate maps, playing as polar explorers and were excited to look at patterns and planets. Can you find any other things in your home environment which have those initial sounds? Lets keep being sound detectives, both at home and in school! We also made our first visit to the school hall to join the Key Stage One children for an assembly with our visiting Reverend. The Squirrels took this all in their stride and continued to show great confidence in tackling these new experiences.

As a reminder, please ensure we have some welly boots in school for your child. As the weather is starting to change, the children are beginning to wear them out onto the field at lunchtime so we will keep them in school as much as possible to ensure that they don't miss out! 

At the bottom of the page, you will also find our new E-Safety charter. We talked about some ideas of how to stay safe when using computers and the Internet both at school and at home. Please have a look and be sure to follow up on the advice at home to ensure we all stay happy, healthy and safe!

1/10/21 - I is for insects, J is for jam, K is for kindness and L is for listening!

Wow! What a fun week for our Squirrels! The weather may have been wet, wild and windy, but it has not dampened any spirits at Langrish this week. Our intrepid explorers have continued their alphabet journey, using their keen eyes to explore insects for i, making some GIANT jam sandwiches for j and also thinking of acts of kindness that they can do for others for k. We ended the week by exploring some mystery sounds, playing some new games and taking a listening walk around the school to hear the clang of cutlery in the kitchen and the wind rustling through the leaves! Phew! I wonder what sounds you can hear in your home environment over the weekend? 

We have also started going to the copse on Monday afternoons for Forest School! We love the extra chance to play outside and get muddy and messy! Please help us by sending in welly boots and waterproofs on a Monday. These should also be named to avoid confusion! Have a great weekend!

24/9/21 - Continuing our alphabet journey

It's been another busy week this week for all our Super Squirrels! We have been continuing our letter a day journey, alongside learning new faces, new routines and even going to the library for the first time to choose books! We were very excited! Parents - please ensure that your child has their reading wallet (not just the record book!) with them every day in order to ensure we are able to change books as needed! 

Our letters this week were e, f, g and h. To explore them we talked about Emotions and checked our feelings every day, found fragrant flowers, gazed at giant giraffes and huffed and puffed with hopscotch! We also found the time to run restaurants outside, put on puppet shows and make... Christmas cards?! Wow! 

17/9/21 - Reading Wallets, Sid the Squirrel and A Letter a Day!

We have had another super week in Squirrels! We have started a journey through the alphabet, looking at a different letter each day and having loads of fun playing with things that start with that letter. This week has been A, B, C and D. We have enjoyed animals, babies, caterpillars, castles, dinosaurs, digging in the dirt and doctors! Maybe you can find some other toys you have at home that start with those letters? We also had our fist child to take Sid the Squirrel home for the weekend. Maybe he will be able to come and visit you soon!

In your child's reading wallet this week you will have their first reading book! There is also a list of handy questions for sharing books with Reception age children. Please ensure that reading books are sent in with the reading wallets every day to ensure that we are able to track reading happening at home and also to change books each week. As a reminder, children should be coming to school every day with their reading wallet and water bottle.

You will also have some cloud templates in the wallets. These 'Proud Clouds' are for you to record anything that has happened at home that you are feeling proud of your child for. These can then be returned to school where we can celebrate them together and display them.

As one final reminder, dogs are not allowed on the school grounds. I would advise that, for your convenience, dogs are not brought to pick up your child from school. I greatly appreciate your continued cooperation! 

13/9/21 - Meet the Teacher

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for our 'Meet the Teacher' session today. I have added the slides, as well as the home reading questions and the reading challenge sheet. These are available at the bottom of this page for anyone who was unable to make it.

10/9/21 - The First Week!

We have made it to the end of the first week! Congratulations! It has been a super great week, full of wonderful chances to play and explore. The Squirrels have really enjoyed getting into school for the first time and have shown great confidence and ability to adapt to their new environment.


We have also overheard lots of fabulous chatter during all the activity:

"I like having the tools here to help us fix everything. Is there an excavator in Squirrels?" - Monty

"I'm feeling happy to be here today!" - James

"I love playing with the construction. I'm going to fix the pirate ship to make it go faster!" - Eloise

"I have been painting Oscar and my sister and me." - Frederick

I am certain that there will be lots of exhausted Squirrels this weekend. Make no mistake, it has been a very big week for them! Make sure to get plenty of rest and recharge those batteries for another fun-filled week.

As a few urgent reminders:

  • Please put name labels on everything. We have already had some items coming to school without children's names on. It not only makes it difficult for children to manage their things, but it's harder for the teaching staff as well!
  • Children's bottles should only be filled with water please. No juices or squash.
  • If your child is joining an after school activity and will require PE kit after school, please be sure to send it in their bag on those days.

Starting school is always full of new routines and pitfalls for the unwary, but your children have been brilliant this week, and you deserve lots of credit for supporting them. I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Mr. Gillard

Welcome to Squirrels! 

I am Mr Gillard, and I am the new Year R teacher working alongside Miss Rhodes and Mrs Browning. I am so excited to get to know all of you, and I am sure that we will have a wonderful year! This page will provide updates on what is going on in school, as well as some useful information.

We will be having a Meet the Teacher session on Monday 13th of September at 2.30 p.m..

PE kit days will be Monday and Thursdays starting from the 13th of September.

Useful Websites:

Home Learning Activities Folder - OneDrive

Hungry Little Minds

Cosmic kids

Child line calm zone

BBC bitesize

Oxford owl

Phonics play

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